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Monday, 1 August 2016

The UN's Terrorism against Jews in Palestinian Classrooms

Here is the text with which the publishers of this video introduced it:

Published on May 29, 2016

The Center for Near East Policy Research engaged a team of senior journalists who have produced a new short film on the incitement taking place in UNRWA facilities in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

We flew over a top U.S. film director to direct the film. We engaged a team of experts to translate new PA school books used in the UNRWA schools…after the Obama administration issued falsified reports that the PA school system has been reformed:


Snippets of the war PA education curriculum now used in UNRWA schools:

We intend to screen this film at selected legislative bodies which fund UNRWA:

The U.S. Congress, The Canadian Parliament, The Swedish Parliament, The Danish Parliament, The Australian Parliament*."

(*) I bolded "The Australian Parliament", as via their "contributions" my own tax money seems to be financing the murder of Jewish Men, Women and Children. Being German-born, this actually makes me want to reach for the vomit bucket. 

But of course, one is tempted to suspect that these moneys also line the pockets of some very unsavoury people, here are a few of them: 

And here is Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, Expert on Middle Eat conflicts, shining still some more light on the "real" motivations of the Palestinian leadership: 

Quote from one of my favorite writers: 

"…The world as a whole, not just the occasional liberal brat, will continue being disappointed in Israel for not having magically and non-violently resolved the dilemma of people shooting at it no matter what it does. After all there's already a book titled, "How to Make Peace in the Middle East in Six Months or Less" on the shelf. Why not just read it and do what it says?"

Daniel Greenfield (aka Sultan Knish)



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