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Friday, 19 August 2016

They exploit AND behead children, dont they...

And so the exploitation of children continues, unabashed and unashamed. Little Aylan Kurdi has served his purpose, so the media and certain vested interests  need new fodder...

h/t Eeyore

...have they even  given a name to this little boy yet?


23. August 2016 Australian Time

Having been hectored as to my "unworthy" cynicism which must have been the cause to make  me  post the above picture with "that" caption, I was going to post....not quite an apology, but an explanation for this post, stressing that, in no way did I want to take away from the horror faced by this child, but that I had only wanted to explicitly disapprove of the exploitation by the media of children and that, if any child photo screamed out: "EXPLOITATION" this one did to me. That was  confirmed even further when,  watching the video I saw the person, deposing the child on the chair, was surrounded by cameras and by cries of "allah-u-akbar" forming the background of what, by then, had undoubtedly become a photo/video opportunity heavily pregnant with propagandist possibilities. 

And then I  saw this video chez Vlad Tepes


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