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Pinned Post: Remembering Ilan Halimi

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Pinned Post: Remembering Ilan Halimi

11 years ago, Ilan Halimi, a 23 year old French Jew was abducted by a Parisian Muslim gang who called themselves "Le Gang des Barbares". During the next 24 days, the handsome and charismatic young man was slowly tortured to death. 

I promised to write a post for everyone of these 24 days in his memory. But, less important things intervened and I have not finished it yet, but I promise: I will. Meanwhile this is how far I've come.

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  1. How many days have I left, until the next "anniversary" comes around ?
    There was the event of a Jewish Lady, and yes, I say "Lady" because she was, being tortured by a Muslim, for 3 hours, in a building, "watched" by a totally passive police. (Orders? ) He then, after torturing the 60 y.o. Lady, threw her off the balcony, 3 stories up... his family had called the Jewish Lady a "Sale Juive" (dirty Jew) recently. She had lived in this building for 30 years, the Killer's family (Arab Muslims) had arrived 10 years ago.....the name of the victim was "Hillani".