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Friday, 5 May 2017

French Police Hierarchy protects extreme Left Cop Killers

I have to thank Sébastien Jallamion for the video and information below.  You have met Sébastien Jallamion before: here and here. He now writes quite often for Riposte Laique

In his latest article he tells of the shock testimony from a CRS who was among the 6 policemen hurt during the violent leftist  demonstrations on the 1st May in the streets of Paris. This testimony proves that the Police hierarchy protects the violent left-wing militias, while it prevents the police from defending themselves - even from thugs who mean to kill them, also known as "Cop Killers".  

From memory, this disempowerment of the police started under the Hollande-appointed Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira, whose sympathies were never with the victims nor the police, but with the violent thugs from France's  no-go zones. As an alarming aside: should Emmanuel Macron become Président on Sunday, that extreme leftist woman will, no doubt, be back at the Elysees, she is already coming out of the shadows again, slagging off at Marine Le Pen and the recent judicial persecution of the 2 conservative candidates looked a lot like the "griffe" of Taubira who still has "her" people in the halls of "Justice". 

And now to Sébastien's article: 

"An edifying testimony of one of the CRS wounded during the urban violence committed on May 1 in Paris was broadcast today by BFMTV. Régis Debord, union delegate at the UNSA Police, took advantage of the freedom of expression conferred on him by his statute to reveal a real scandal: the orders that would have enabled the neutralising  of what he rightly calls "Cop Killers" were not given!

Wounded around the neck, the CRS explains that the 150 individuals who came to battle with the security forces were separated from the rest of the protesters, facing the policemen whom they targeted with projectiles including incendiary bombs. During this confrontation, the CRS had a water cannon machine and defense bullet launchers. The order to use these weapons, non-lethal but effective in this kind of situation, was simply not given.

The result was that the whole of France was able to discover the shocking images of this CRS in flames which his colleagues had to extinguish with their bare hands. He was severely burned on his face and hands. Only 4 arrests were ordered.

The CRS told of  the anger of the police officers faced with this serious dysfunction of the hierarchical chain, denouncing the obvious will not to challenge those whom the Minister of the Interior had called himself "professional hoons". Professionals? A qualifier that should immediately call to the question: Who pays them? 

It should be remembered  that during the urban violence committed by the same "ultras"on the margins of  protests against new Labor laws  in Nantes and Rennes, the CRS had already denounced the same absence of instructions with the immediate effect of exposing them to serious injuries, to the point of clearly risking their lives.

This complacency and laxity are unacceptable, as it is clear that the police hierarchy directly challenged by the security forces receive their instructions from the highest summit of the state.

For the record, when they are in a consolidated unit, both the CRS and the mobile gendarmes can not act on their own initiative and are therefore dependent on the instructions given to them or, as in this case, not given to them. 

The lack of adequate and firm response does not only seriously expose police officers who pay a heavy price faced with  these organized and determined hordes, but it will lead to an escalation of violence among those individuals who feel galvanized by the laxity of which they profit.

If the police hierarchy persists in bending over backwards because of their own professional ambitions  to the point of jeopardizing the lives of their  subordinates, it is to be feared that in  future, when facing  these "cop killers",  a policeman will use his service weapon to save his skin. 

He should then not be assailed.


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