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Thursday, 24 August 2017

An Alternative for Merkel: Dr. Alice Weidel AfD

After Julia Gillard, Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel, I have had just about enough of women in  political leadership, but - to my great relief - I have not quite turned into a fullblown misogynist yet because there are some female politicians I would like to see at the helm of a nation - in Germany all 3 of them happen to be in the relatively new Conservative Party (hence very much maligned as are all Conservatives  by those who rule the present Zeitgeist) , the AfD, Alternative f├╝r Deutschland. 

They are Beatrix von Storch, Frauke Petri and Alice Weidel, the lead candidate of the AfD. In this little video, she is reporting from Italy who, she says, "has woken up" to the illegal mass migration and is acting on it, while the German media is indulging in pursed-lips-virtue-signalling and is primarily concerned with helping the re-election of, what Dr. Alice Weidel calls "the Chancellor for Extremism". 

Left: End of election campaign 2013        /        Right: Start of election campaign 2017

Recently in Australia I met a young couple and for a short time we shared our space in a departure lounge and filled it with reciprocally friendly small talk. The 30 something man told me he was originally from Cyprus, his wife came from the Ukraine and their little boy (7 or 8) said his grandpa was Russian.  A lovely and seemingly well educated Aussie  family.  The friendly young dad told me that  "Mrs. Merkel is a very good woman, with a big heart, who cared very much for refugees and saved many lives".   Or words to that effect. The wife said nothing.  In the very brief space I had before "the last call" for my flight came I quickly jumped on my soap box and said: "No, Mrs. Merkel is not a good woman with a big heart who cares to save many lives !!!"

What kind of music can I possibly insert here....either something that compliments the theme perfectly like the German National Anthem (without the first verse, of course,) or something totally unconnected.....

........well I have chosen to show you a sexy side of my old country, enjoy ! 

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