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Sunday, 1 October 2017

AfD Alice Weidel on the indecent Media (Lügenpresse)

In this part of her last speech before  the German Federal Election last Sunday (24.9.2017) Dr. Alice Weidel speaks about the 4th Estate, which - in my opinion - has long since become the 5th Column. To call the media who covered the "Alternative für Deutschland"  the Lügenpresse is absolutely warranted. They have long since given up their duty of objectivity and have degenerated into (often quite nasty) 'militants'. Alice Weidel calls this moral decline of the Media rightly "indecent". (And that does not only go for the German Media, but has infected journalists globally).  

Correction: The at approx. Minute 0.54: the AfD is already  in 13 (not 3) Landtägen. 

Quote of the speech for me is: 

"The Fascists of yesterday are the do-gooders and anti-fascists of today ! "

To see the 2nd part of her speech (sub-titled), "Who is Dr. Alice Weidel?" click hereAnd to see the full speech (not yet completely sub-titled, the first part is about the economy) click here. 

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