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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Berlin: AfD voters treated like Jews under Nazism

The Friedrichstadt Palast in Berlin has become a no-go zone for Germans who have voted for the new conservative Party, the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland). The "Director" of this establishment, whose name is really "Schmidt", does not want to see these Germans in "his house", nor does he want their money. 


Without any intended irony, the Wikipedia Page of the less discerning than discriminating  Herr Schmidt describes his main aims like so: 

"...With his directorship, Schmidt pursues three main objectives: the modernisation of the revue art form  in the 21st century, the maintenance of the palace as a testimony to historic buildings and the Theatre's defence  of  freedom and tolerance..." (my bolds)

"...Mit seiner Intendanz verfolgt Schmidt im Wesentlichen drei Ziele: die Modernisierung der Kunstform der Revue im 21. Jahrhundert, die Pflege des Palastes als historisches Bauzeugnis und das Einstehen der Bühne für Freiheit und Toleranz..."

I don't know about you, but the actions of Herr Schmidt don't strike me as very tolerant........

Captions read: 
Jews will not be served here
Anyone of you Leftwingers note anything ? 
AfD voters and their sympathisers 
will no longer be served in this establishment
and have NO ACCESS to our premises!

"Die Faschisten von gestern
sind die Gutleute und Antifaschisten von heute !"

"The fascists of yesterday 

are the do-gooders and Antifascists of today ! "

Dr. Alice Weidel, AfD. 


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