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Monday, 16 October 2017

Breast Enhancements, Imams & Veiled Captains in the ADF

So, according to this little exchange between the feisty Senator Pauline Hanson (One Nation)  and the buxom  Australian Defence Minister, small breasts on soldiers are an "illness", and their  enhancement will have to be paid by the Australian Tax Payer. 

In addition to the emasculation of the Australian Defence Forces, great efforts seem to be made under this Minister and her immediate  predecessors, to islamise the force.  You and I  may not agree with everything former Soldier of the ADF, Bernard Gaynor stands for, but he has certainly courage and staying power.  

On his blog Bernard Gaynor presents himself as "conservative Catholic who will speak up when politically-correct totalitarianism demands silence".

With a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture (including three deployments to Iraq with the Australian Army) is quick to defend Australia’s way of life.

A married father of seven children, he is an advocate for family values that work; the protection of children and all life; and the preservation of Australian society from those who would replace its Christian heritage.

There was the "Defence Imam" who was said to be close to Hizbut Tahrir: 

Gone, but the present Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has refused to guarantee that he will not be replaced.

Then there is Mona Shindy, by her dress obviously a muslim of the Salafist (fundamentalist to which ISIS subscribes too) persuasion.   One of Australia's more courageous Senators, Malcolm Roberts, questions those who are supposed to assure the security of Australia.

This is the "Captain" they are speaking about in the Senate Hearings below:

Unfortunately, the Left have set their slings and arrows onto this courageous Senator, and he is likely to  lose is post, we will know in the next few days.  (He still held a British Passport for a few days past his election. If the Australian High Court decides that due to this administrative oversight, Senator Robert's election was not valid, it would be great loss to the Senate, which is basically just an Echo Chamber for the assembled PC choirs.)

Personally, I would feel much safer if the Village People were in charge of Australia's Navy...


"The Australian Defence Force has lost the plot: 


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