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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Why we will win the war against Islam, or not.

Julien Louis Rochedy, who was the National Director of Youth at the Front National from 2012-2014, but has left the party meanwhile, recorded the Original video on the 15. July 2016, the day after the islamic massacre in Nice, France. He explains why "we will lose the war against Islam".

And now to the more optimistic view as to why we will win the war against Islam: 

Nous allons gagner la guerre contre eux pour ces 14 raisons / we will win the war against them for those 14 reasons, writes  Albert Nollet from Riposte Laïque

Le bréviaire du Résistant occidental face à l’islam
The breviary of the Western Resistance to Islam:

L’Éducation c’est nous - La Sauvagerie, c’est eux
We are Education: - they are savagery

La Science, c’est nous -  L’Obscurantisme, c’est eux
We are Science: - they are obscurantism

Le Développement, c’est nous -  Le Chaos, c’est eux
We are Development:  - they are Chaos

La Liberté, c’est nous  -  L’Esclavage, c’est eux
We are Freedom:  - they are Slavery

La Laïcité, c’est nous -  Le Mensonge, c’est eux
We are secularity:  - they are falsehood

La Pluralité, c’est nous  - La Soumission, c’est eux
We are Plurality: -  they are Submission

Le Respect, c’est nous -  Le Mépris, c’est eux
We are Respect: - they are revilement

La Tolérance, c’est nous -  L’Intolérance, c’est eux
We are Tolerance:  - they are Intolerance

L’Humour, c’est nous -  La Tristesse, c’est eux
We are Humour:  - they are misery

La Démocratie, c’est nous -  La Dictature, c’est eux
We are democracy:  - they are Dictatorship

La Vie, c’est nous La Mort, c’est eux
We are Life:  - they are Death

L’Intelligence, c’est nous La Bêtise, c’est eux
We are Intelligence:  - they are fatuity

Le Progrès c’est nous La Régression, c’est eux
We are Progress:  - they are Regression

L’Amour, c’est nous La Haine, c’est eux
We are Love:  - they are Hate

C’est pour ça que nous gagnerons.
That is why we will win. 

Albert Nollet

And what do I think? It may be a little on the "wishful thinking" side, but I'm with this picture.  

Caption reads: "Hurt but not dead ! "


My friend JLH from  Gates of Vienna sent in this interesting observation: 

"When I saw this, my mind went immediately to the Roman sculpture in tribute to a fallen enemy: The Dying Gaul:

Just as the West has overcome Islam with superior technology and training, and now does not see the danger from being unprotected by a religion of its own, so the Romans believed in their own innate superiority to the ”barbarians”.  After beating up on the Celtic barbarians everywhere, they invited the Germanic barbarians in to staff their armies.  Not exactly PC, but close enough to make you believe in history repeating itself."


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