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Saturday, 4 November 2017

"Killing Jewish Children is ok" says Mother of Mohamed Merah

We reported about the murdering rampage by islamist Mohamed Merah in 2012 here. 

Recently the older brother of Mohamed Merah, said to be the "mastermind" behind the killing of little Jewish children in their school, their father, a school principal and 3 French soldiers, was on trial for, among other things, "complicity" which should have resulted in life-long imprisonment. The "complicity" was found by the judges not to be proven and the trial went to appeal. 

This brought the "Mohamed Merah Affair" back into the limelight.

Mohamed Sifaoui, an expert on islamic terrorism, is interviewed here by Canal + in France. He is co-author of the book "Mon Frère ce terroriste" (My Brother, the Terrorist) by the brother of Mohamed Merah, Abdelghani Merah who seems to be the only decent member of this muslim killer-family. 

The "mother" of the clan, according to Mr. Sifaoui sees nothing wrong with the killing of Jewish Children, because her "prophet" said "it was okay to kill Jewish children". 

And these are the Jewish children, massacred by the progeny of this  muslim "mother" - killing which she fully approved obviously. 

Yaffa Monsonego is the grieving mother of Myriam, that little 7 y.o. girl who was one of the 3 children murdered by Mohamed Merah in their school because they were Jewish. In this interview by the French TV Station BFM, she has spoken for the first time publicly. The interview was conducted on the eve of the verdict in the trial of Abdelkader Merah. The brother of the terrorist was on trial  for "complicity" in the murders perpetrated by his brother in Toulouse, 2012

Yaffa Monsonego, little Myriam's mum

But O for the touch of a vanished hand,
And the sound of a voice that is still !
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Gustav Mahler


Oft denk' ich, sie sind nur ausgegangen! 
Bald werden sie wieder nach Hause gelangen! 
Der Tag ist schön! 
O sei nicht bang! 
Sie machen nur einen weiten Gang! 

Jawohl, sie sind nur ausgegangen 
Und werden jetzt nach Hause gelangen! 
O, sei nicht bang, der Tag is schön! 
Sie machen nur den Gang zu jenen Höh'n! 

Sie sind uns nur vorausgegangen 
Und werden nicht wieder nach Hause verlangen! 
Wir holen sie ein auf jenen Höh'n Im Sonnenschein! 
Der Tag is schön auf jenen Höh'n!


Often I think that they have only stepped out - 
and that soon they will come home again! 
The day is lovely- 
O don't be afraid! 
They are only taking a long walk. 

Yes: they have only stepped out 
and will now return home! 
O don't be anxious - the day is lovely! 
They are only taking a walk to those hills. 

They have simply gone on ahead of us: 
they will not wish to return home. 
We'll catch up to them on those hills in the sunshine! 
The day is beautyful on those hills.

(the translation is not mine)


All the victims of the Islamic Terrorist Mohamed Merah


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