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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

AfD: The Last Hope for Germany, Beatrix von Storch

Last weekend the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) held their 8th Party Congress in Hannover. 

Beatrix von Storch, MP, is one of my favourite AfP members. As always, she takes no prisoners and packs quite a few punches into even short speeches, like this one:

"Islam belongs as little to Germany as Merkel belongs in the Chancellery"

I like Beatrix von Storch for her courage, her direct speech but also for her wicked sense of humour. In this little speech she puts forward her candidature for a position in the leader team and so has to go through some routine questions. The first one of those is if she had a clean Police Record. In answering that, no, because she had been a member of the FdP (Free Democrat Party) for 2 years, she quite confuses the poor - seemingly very comme il faut questioner who takes some time to realise she is teasing him.

And yes, she got the vote and is in the leadership team which proves to me yet again, that the AfD is as good as any political party in Germany gets.

More to follow on this 
and the present political situation in Germany

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