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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Some light Hanukkah candles, some burn Jewish flags

H/t for this song go to the on line magazine Jews Down Under, whose  Israel correspondent, Arlene Kushner, introduces it like so:

Chanukah Sameach to all who are celebrating.
A traditional Maoz Tzur, sung after the candles are lit:

And while a-hunting for things Hanukkah, I came across this pearl on Gates of Vienna posted on December 12, 2017 by Dymphna

"On the First Night of Hanukkah…

A Merry Hanukkah to those lighting candles tonight. I’m a sucker for anything a capella. And for latkes – how could any Irishwoman resist latkes, for heaven’s sake?

Our menorah’s all set. Now if I could just find my Advent wreath, we’d be ready to go."

You will find more information about the writers, composers etc. at the site of "The Maccabeats", here are the lyrics for the song:

In a Judean province ruled by pompous king Antiochus, Under pressure, grow up to be a hero and commander? When the king came around, we said “this decree’s insane, man We could not observe our laws while living in our own land! Fight back like your father, don't forget from whence you came, And we’ll call you by a brand new name What’s your name, sir? Call him Judah Maccabee The hammer whose aim is true And we’re ready to show the king We don’t owe him a single thing The world will never be the same! You’ll be Greek Soon you’ll see You will pray to Zeus the same as me You’ll be Greek No need to fight Our Hellenism serves you right You won’t miss your Shabbat Or circumcision for your tots And if you don’t comply I will send my great Selucid army and you’ll tell history goodbye We are not gonna betray our God We are not gonna betray our God Hey yo, we don’t need permission To keep our great traditions And we’re not gonna betray our God We been here since Abraham and mom Sarah And now we’d never vow to bow to a statue of Hera Our teacher Moses passed down the book that is good It said we pray just to one God And not an effigy of stone or of wood Two thousand years and while the world’s still turnin’ Traditions givin’ us the teachin’ and learnin’ We keep (on) readin’ ‘n yearnin’ We want to keep the Sabbath and the days that are holy Can we uphold our Temple ceremony? We’re past patiently waitin’. we’re passionately Smashin the invasion Taking action on rededication! And though this story has its fair share of sorrow Today we’re gonna fight for tomorrow And we are not betray our God! Although we may not live forever We can be glad we won the fight When our descendants come together They’ll tell our story for eight nights Celebrate our freedom Something they can never take a way No matter what they tell you (Let’s have a festival of light) Celebrate our victory And how we changed history And tell the story of eight nights They’ll the story of the lights They’ll tell the story for eight nights

A random thought:

During this Hanukkah and Christmas season we, of the Judeo/Christian tradition light candles:

Jews light the Hanukkah candles

Christians light the Advent candles

while Muslims "light" Jewish flags and more...

I am always  taken aback when I hear the cliché of the "THREE Great Religions" and think that Buddhism should definitely replace Islam in that trinity since Buddhists also show a love for lighting candles...while all that Muslims (yes yes, not ALL muslims of course) seem to "light" are cars and Israeli Flags. 

The photo below  was taken in Berlin a couple of days ago, and while the German Mainstream Media (die Lügenpresse) waxed lyrical about that  "firm disapproval of Anti-Semitism from the Merkel politicians" they hardly reported on  those Turkish/Arab/Muslims who screamed  for the "death of Jews" on the streets of Malmö (Sweden) and Berlin, and if they "reported" on it at all,  then in the same tone that some blame rape victims for the rape simply because President Trump kept an election promise and actually called the Capital of Israel the Capital of Israel. 


Merkel Muslims in Berlin December 2017

P.S.: I am sick to my stomach and to my soul  
when I see what filth  roams in the streets
 of  my native Germany these days. 

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