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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Merkel's Germany - Parable of an Invasion

I do not know the name of this speaker, but assume that he is a member of the AfD, Alternative für Deutschland. This young party is  the main, if not the only hope in Merkel's Germany which from here looks like being euthanized yet again, this time  by Stasi Executives taking Islamic dictation. 

P.S.: I know that, at least visually, my sub-titles leave not only "room", but vast regions for improvement. It will come, I'm learning ;)

A typical 'fraternisation scene' in  Merkel's Germany 

One of many get-to-know-you meetings between "unaccompanied refugee children" and welcome-refugees-German girls, organised by school/town officials. 

Update from "Volksentscheid in Deutschland" who tell me that the name of the speaker is Kionoski and the place where he spoke was in Baden-Württemberg. 

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