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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

A belated Happy Easter & Happy Passover

Already for my own birth I arrived 5 days late...and that will have to do as  my excuse for being so late in wishing you all a Happy Easter and/or Happy Passover.

To start with, here is a gorgeous little French postcard with which Christine Tasin,  President of Résistance Républicaine, illustrated her Easter/Passover wishes for the patriots at her site and at Riposte Laïque.

Part of Christine Tasin's article reads:

Happy Easter to all the heirs of Western civilisation, to all those who are, nolens volens, heirs of ancient paganism and its rites of resurrection in spring... The coincidence of the calendar makes that in this year 2018 Jewish Easter ( pessa'h) also began yesterday, Friday.

Some celebrate the arrival of spring, the return of Proserpine from the underworld, the sun, the fertile and nourishing earth, the light.

The others celebrate the anniversary of the resurrection of Jesus who came to save humanity.

Others celebrate the exit from Egypt, the end of slavery, the crossing of the desert and the hope of their own land.

Finally the vast majority celebrate Easter without even knowing the ancient myths, going to collect eggs in the garden with the children, preparing the festive meal that brings together the whole family, a time of conviviality, happiness, warmth, another way to celebrate the return of warmth, light, seeds sprouting from the earth. And it doesn't matter.

What counts is the strange feeling of communion, warmth, common roots that unites us.

Can this invisible sacred union, shared by hundreds of millions of Westerners, this year or another, become this army of Proserpine, warriors ready to rise up against the obscurantism, hatred, violence embodied by Islam?

Will we soon be this underground army called to its vows and described by Zola in Germinal?


P.S. The unhappy  spirits will tell me that I forgot the Muslims in my greetings.

I haven't forgotten them. They are not concerned.

They know neither Easter nor Pessa'h, and they do not want to know them, as they do not want to know Christmas.

They do not know or want to know our myths of liberation because those who are true Muslims swear only by the Koran, which denies man's freedom, emancipation and wants to subdue him.

That is what is at stake in the war that has begun.

A war opposing Western civilisation, aspiring to freedom since biblical times, aspiring to defy God and to break free from him ( Tower of Babel), aspiring to defy the barbarians and to be freed from them ( flight from Egypt by the Hebrews), aspiring to defy dictators and to break free from them...

And Islam, which bends the necks of its own and its enemies, beheads, submits and forbids.

Muslims who are lucky enough to live in the West have no excuses if they spit on our customs, our values, let them not come and make excuses. It is up to them to choose sides, here and now: Islam or the Republic. Civilization or barbarism. Easter or Aïd. The resurrection or the slaughter.

Everyone is and will be responsible for their choices. I am not a colonialist who despises the Muslim to the point of believing him irresponsible and incapable of choosing his own path. (my bolds)

Can't you just see that, before "encouraged" to early retirement because of her criticism of Islam, Christine Tasin was a Professor of the Classics. 

Meanwhile in Germany, the country of the Red Pastor's daughter (Merkel),  it is  "Cardinal Marx" who preaches: "Whatever you do, do not what I do, but do what I say"...or words to that effect. A commentator to "Red Pill Germany"  puts it well: 

"Dante put a lot of Cardinals in the 9th circle of hell. Little has changed in 700 years. Catholicism is still the anonymous monk who dedicated his life to manual work and prayer behind the cloister walls, not these princes of the Church who are as corrupt as any secular politician."


I chose Greek Orthodox Christian Byzantine Music for a few reasons: firstly Greek Easter is yet before us, secondly, the Greek (and Russian) Orthodox Christians really know how do create atmosphere. If you have never witnessed the celebration of an Orthodox Easter I strongly recommend it, and if you have I know you will do it again. 

And to conclude this rather long post,  to someone now, who - although  (from memory) agnostic himself  - is one of the most eloquent defenders of Christianity and Catholics against the pack. 

Reflecting shortly before  Easter, Andrew Bolt, an Australian Journalist, commentator and Broadcaster compares the slain French Hero, Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame,  a Christian, and his butcher, a Muslim. Both, he suggests, have followed the example of their respective God and he wonders why so many from the self-appointed "elites"   despise Christianity,  yet promote Islam.

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