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Friday, 13 April 2018

Rampant Proselytism in French Kindergartens

Some wicked wit once gave the shortest ever synopsis of Nabokov's "Lolita""get there before the hair", said he. The same idea seems to be at work when it comes to indoctrinating the children of France. 

Here is the translation of a letter addressed to Riposte Laique by a justifiably worried young father: 

" As a young father of two children aged 3 and 5, and a regular reader of your "blog", I would like to share with you a bitter experience confirming the complicity between the national education system and the Islamic lobby.

Indeed, this Monday, my five-year-old son, currently in the large section at the nursery school Jean Rostand in Angers, told me about his day and especially the learning of a certain nursery rhyme... Intrigued and recognising neither the air, nor the lyrics, I undertook to find on the "net" the intelligible version of this song. I was amazed when my son confirmed to me that they had indeed learned the following song at school:

The author of the letter posted the duly sub-titled French version of this toxic candy floss. Here is the English version - "they" obviously intend to cast their nets very wide.....

"...So I decided to express my indignation to the director of the establishment the next day. The latter justified this aberration with aplomb by the usual speech on "openness to foreign cultures" (sic) and denied the obvious proselytism of such an act.

Strangely enough, I am not surprised that we can reach this level of propaganda in view of the proliferation of Islamic veils in our city, and in particular at the exit of my son's school, in front of which the children are unwittingly getting used to the spectacle of the oppression of women proper to Islam.

Of course, I will take the necessary steps to place my son in a healthy environment, where he will be taught the traditional nursery rhymes of our childhood that everyone knows. I would also be delighted if, by chance, you knew of a private school, if possible without a contract, in the city of Angers and its surroundings.

If you chose to broadcast this testimony, I would prefer, along with their mother, that the anonymity of my children be respected. I thank you for that.

Thank you for your consideration and for your daily and unfailing commitment to the service of re-information in this France sclerosed by lies, creeping Islam and the culture of death."

Well, the proselytisers seem to have made some "progress"  since little French children were taught - in a FRENCH school, in FRANCE - that listening to or making any music at all would turn them into pigs and apes. Toxic fairy floss may work better than the stick with those little Europeans. 

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