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Friday, 6 April 2018

Sadiq Khan AND Anne Hidalgo Should Step Down

I have a dear friend who happens to be Jewish.  His son went to Germany, met a German girl of the "Refugees Welcome" mentality, a passionate atheist who suggests that "being Christian is even worse than being Jewish" and married her. His daughter moved to London with her new  husband, who's only marginally to the left of the Jew-hating Jeremy Corbyn; both voted for Sadiq Khan. 

I will not send them this video.  Not because  they deeply disapprove of my "extreeeeeeeme right-wingness" (which they do) but because their father - who knows them well - says : "no use, you would be talking to a brainwashed wall".  

These lovely young people are intelligent, educated, with a good work ethic and more, and yet  they believe that Donald Trump is "Stupid Evil Incarnate", Merkel is a tolerant Conservative, the present Pope is a "good" man and Sadiq Khan is not a "jihadist" and means well for London. 

One of the first to eagerly worship at the feet of this symbol of inclusiveness was no other than the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo,  a woman who fellated every available microphone and camera in the aftermath of the  Charlie Hebdo Massacre, in which  French journalists died for caricaturing Mohamed. She was then (and still is)  demonstrating eagerly that she too was a "Je Suis Charlie". A  few weeks later she was  taking islam-critical French Patriots to court for having posted caricatures of her islamophilia. 

And  here she is, being the first to eagerly worship at the feet of Sadiq Khan, something like 1 milli-second after he had usurped that throne.


And, in parting, just a little image of what this media floozy and "Bestest" of Sadiq Kahn has done to Paris: 

And yes, Paris 2018, after a couple of years with   Anne Hidalgo in charge, is invested...err infested with rats, literally. Google it ! 

Paris before Anne Hidalgo


  1. Excellent post. Shared it on Fb. Mayor Hildago..."a woman who fellated every available microphone and camera in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo Massacre..." HILARIOUS!! I'm not sure I could get away with saying that. ;)

    1. Hi Neighborhood Bully,
      I have also very much enjoyed your 2nd comment regarding the challenges of fellating a camera, but will, of course, respect your "nfp" request.:)

  2. I like the pig.

    Is she saying Yahhh Rita?

    1. Hi geofff...sorry for the delay in publishing this - only came across it today. Yes I also like that little pick ;) lol