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Saturday, 14 April 2018

War in Syria ? Tucker Carlson is against it...

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I will say more about this later...or not...watch this space. 

Here is an interesting interview with the 
Press Secretary for  the Russian Ministry of Foreign affairs , maria Sakharova,  published by Sky News on 12. April, which seems to show Russia's willingness to talk. I find Ms. Sakharova a very impressive woman: 


First Update 14.4.2018

My first thought seeing this: 
Et tu President Trump ? !  Big mistake !

Eeyore at Vlad Tepes whose opinion I value saw a different angle, he wrote: 

"Let’s hope this is a plot to defang Iran"

I’m not as optimistic and am  getting seriously nervous. What have they done to Donald Trump, what have they got on him. I mean even I understand that it is not Assad who gassed his own people…not then and not now…and I would certainly not suspect Donald Trump’s intelligence to be inferior to my modest brain arsenal !!!

To me it seems the POTUS, instead of cleaning out the Swamp is starting to drown in it. 

I know for Israel (which I support nearly unconditionally…so shoot me ! and for the Jewish people which I support unconditionally ! ) there are strategic survival questions in play, but please please please…make up with Putin and Assad – don't drive them further into the arms of corrupt regimes like Iran, Turkey and their likes...

2nd Update  15.4.2018

“Och, the puir wee bairns!”

Yesterday, the irrepressible wordsmith, Baron Boidissey from Gates of Vienna posted Paul Weston's commentary on the War in Syria with this introduction:

In the following video (which was recorded yesterday), Paul Weston talks about Donald Trump’s new war in Syria and the obvious false-flag characteristics of it. He also discusses the way the Western media’s critical faculties were utterly disabled as soon as the cry of “Och, the puir wee bairns!” was raised:


3rd Update 

The information about these chemical attacks on "women and children" came from the "White Helmets" who, although getting glowing endorsements from the left media and even from "Face book" and the soi-disant "Fact Checker"  Snoopes (both of which have, in my opinion become too political) are - at best - a rather  unreliable source. 

Here is a Syrian video-blogger named Treka Zn who publishes his videos under the category of "Comedy". While I find his humour rather a little on the heavy side,  his messages are sharp and seem credible to me. In this video, published on 8 April, he talks about the Chemical weapon attack that became the official reason for yesterday's attack on Syria by the US/France/UK.

Treka Zn asks: 

"The West and the media managed to immediately blame the Syrian government without  any evidence or investigation! Why ? "

In this second video published in December 2017, the Syrian comedian exposes the White Helmets and includes even  a description of this alleged "NGO" by President Assad. 

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  1. Trump has an important meeting coming up with the N Koreans. He needs to show the N Koreans he's a man of his word and he can do this by withdrawing from Syria as he promised he would. I'm sure the family, first lady Melania and even little Barron and big sister Ivanka will back their dad on this peaceful course. Leave the wars to others Mr Trump. You'll come shining through.