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Monday, 11 June 2018

Susanna F. is dead: J'Accuse !

After the torture, gang rape and brutal murder of yet another young German girl, Susanna Feldmann, 14 years young and Jewish, by Iraqi and Turkish "Merkel Refugees" the Co-Leader of the AfD (Alternative for Germany), Dr. Alice Weidel addressed her "J'Accuse" to Chancellor Angela Merkel. 

It was Merkel's disastrous abandon of German border control and the invitation she extended to (so far) 1.5 million illegal (mostly muslim) migrants that have brought these alleged killers and their families to Germany.


Suzanna is dead. A rejected asylum seeker from Iraq and his Turkish crony, who also lived in an asylum shelter, abused, raped for hours and gruesomely murdered the 14-year-old girl. 

A brutal crime that must deeply shake every thinking and feeling person. 

Maria from Freiburg, Mia from Kandel, Mireille from Flensburg and now Susanna from Mainz. Anyone who has children of his own, perhaps even a daughter of this age, knows the fear for his loved ones, which increases anew with every one of these crimes. 

Susanna's parents, her friends, her relatives and schoolmates - they mourn the young life that has been torn from their midst and I mourn with them, and I accuse, because Susanna's death is not an indiscriminate stroke of fate, Susanna's death is the result of years of organised irresponsibility and a blatant political failure of the asylum and immigration policy. 

Susanna is the victim of a left-wing multicultural ideology that tramples over the dead to stage her own moral superiority. Susanna is another victim of Chancellor Angela Merkel's hypocritical and selfish welcome policy. 

Ali Pasha, Susanna's suspected Iraqi rapist came into the country with the 2015 asylum onslaught... According to law and order, he should not only never have entered Germany, but should have left the country long ago, because his application for asylum was rejected. 

Ali Basha was known to the police for assault, robbery, attacks on police officers, illegal possession of weapons. Already in March he was suspected of raping an 11-year-old girl in a refugee home. According to law and order, he should have left Germany long ago or should have been arrested. 

His application for asylum was rejected two years ago. Yet he was allowed to stay because he lodged a complaint against it: an absurd right to asylum and a grotesque asylum policy that is as lenient with asylum fraudsters and criminals as it ignores the legitimate concerns of its own citizens make this possible. 

Ali Basha, his parents and 5 siblings lived here at our expense, they could not be deported, but after his crime they were able to flee, board an air plane with fake papers and go underground in Iraq, plane ticket, false passports, all no problem in the Germany of open borders in which obviously anyone who does not want to abide by law and order can enter and leave at will. 

On the very day Susanna's body was found, Chancellor Merkel claimed, in reply to the accusations of my colleague Gottfried Curio in the Bundestag that she had acted "responsibly and legally in the refugee crisis". 

Dare you tell that to Susanna's parents, Mrs. Merkel? 

But no, your hard-heartedness and self-righteousness of your entire cabinet do not allow you to honour the relatives of the victims of your policy with a personal word. 

But we citizens will not accept this, you must at long last take responsibility, Mrs Merkel, resign !!!, you and your entire cabinet !!!, and clear the way for another asylum policy based on law and order, so that the fathers and mothers in our country no longer have to be afraid for their children. 

The AfD ("Alternative for Germany") Dr. Alice Weidel's young conservative party, wanted to use their speech time in the Bundestag (Parliament) to honour the little girl with one minute of silence. The Greens Deputy leader and speaker of the house, one Claudia Roth, would have none of it and rudely interrupted this modest sign of respect for a victim of Merkel's immigration policies. 

Her cronies among the Members of Parliament from the Left/Greens, but also members of the fake "conservative" Merkel-Government broke the respectful silence with applause and loud chatter. 

Some months earlier, this extreme left and pro-illegal-immigration, Green politician actually initiated a minute silence in the same parliament for some illegal migrants that had drowned in the Mediterranean while following the siren call of Angela Merkel. 

Some people are asking themselves (I among them) if this decision by the militantly islamophile Miss Roth had something to do with the fact, that the young murdered girl was Jewish.......

An Article by Daniel Greenfield

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