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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Tommy Robinson's Life Is In imminent Danger !!! (developing)

They want him dead NOW and are trying to execute him via Murder-by-Muslims

Who are "they"  ?

Raheem Kassam , an ex-Muslim and, I think, a personal friend of Tommy Robinson, tweeted this just a couple of hours ago: 

And then there is, of course,  the English copy of Angela Merkel, daughter of clergy like the second worst chancellor of Germany, and pathological Islamophile and Dhimmy just like Germany's wannabe Mother Terrorista Theresa,  the British Prime Minister, Theresa May who, on Apr 30, 2018, appointed the first Muslim, Sajid Javidas, to the second most powerful position in her government as Britain's new Home Secretary. Traditionally, this is the last stepping stone to becoming Prime Minister of this once "Great" Britain. 

If you are someone who prays, now would be the time to pray for Tommy Robinson.

Find more on this horrid horrid horrid situation at Vlad Tepes.

See also this blog's earlier postings on Tommy:

Adorno said "...To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric..."; 

Let me put a variation to this thought:

While Tommy Robinson is on Death Row, put there by the corrupt Government of Britain, the music will stop. 

Update 1
14. January 2018

An Ex Prisoner shares his reflections on Tommy's situation. 

This is the greater part of a commentary in response  to a video that has  since  been deleted (I wonder why) by 123ubuntu666, which makes a lot of sense to me: 

"...What I think will happen is they will happily give him solitary and try to break him as much as possible.

I think we are looking at him doing his full sentence now. Sends a message out. Helps to break him down more. They will probably move him every time he gets comfortable as well. Forcing him to whack someone else in the gob to get solitary. Making him look more violent than he is. Perhaps even increasing his sentence. That kind of thing.

Then, when he gets out, if he gets out, there will be so many restrictions and BS put on him that they will hope he quietly slinks away in to the sunset. Tommy has done his bit. More than most men of this country. He has nothing left to prove. If he decides he wants a quiet life when he comes out, I'll support him in that. But I think Tommy will be OK.

There is a game being played here. They don't want open revolution. They just want to keep wearing people down. Disorientating them. Demoralising them. It's too dangerous for Tommy to just get offed. But they will keep him and everyone else on the edge of believing that is a possibility.

This whole thing stinks of propaganda and provocation. It's almost like they are trying to gauge people's reactions as to what will happen. There's this thing, called the Internet, and it's a wonderful mechanism for distribution of information, for the people, but it's also a wonderful mechanism for collation of information and data mining, for the elite. Double edged sword.

If Tommy was to get hurt, there would definitely be uproar. But I don't think the houses of parliament would get burned down. But what would happen is that deeper resentments, long festering would eventually come to light. There would be a new game in town. There would be true plotting of revolution. It would be far more dangerous to the powers that be than a few street riots..."

15. June 2018

The video below and introduction was published on June 16, 2018 by:

Ex Prisoner Cody
"Tommy Robinson's police interview on 24 hours in police custody (2015ish) after being arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated common assault after he flew into Luton airport. The charge stemmed from his time as a serving prisoner at HMP Peterborough where Tommy was warned that a Muslim inmate had offered £500, half ounce of spice & a mobile phone then Tommy went after the inmate in question...."


Update 24.6.2018

This flew over the Sydney Opera House a couple of days ago: 

Update 3. July 2018

The link to this song was posted below, in the comments section:

Latest news on Tommy Robinson via a Video from Ezra Levant from Rebel Media :

Transcript of this ^^^ Rebel TV video:

Moments ago I received a shocking message from Tommy Robinson’s family.

Tommy’s legal appeal, scheduled for next week in London’s Royal Courts of Justice, has been cancelled.

The excuse? The government’s lawyers say they’re not ready.

That’s a damnable lie, of course.

Tommy has been languishing in prison since May 25th. The Crown Prosecution Service — what could be called the UK’s largest law firm — has had a month and a half to prepare. They have every legal expert at their disposal. They have unlimited resources.

But they simply want Tommy to rot in jail longer.

Every day for Tommy in prison is like a week — because he’s in solitary confinement, for his own safety from Muslim prison gangs who would kill him if they could.
Tommy is ready for his appeal.
Tommy’s lawyers are ready — and his new team have only been working on the appeal for two weeks.
The judge his ready — Lord Justice Brian Leveson, the most senior criminal judge in the UK.

But someone — somewhere — in the government wants Tommy to stay in jail just a little bit longer.

This is a “stitch-up”, as Tommy would say.

So much for the land of the Magna Carta. So much for the rule of law.

I will continue to send you news as I receive it from Tommy's family or his lawyers.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. For all of my updates on this subject, or to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign authorized by Tommy and his family, please visit www.SaveTommy.com

P.P.S. One last thought. The state says they need more time to prepare for this legal appeal. Funny: they didn’t



And here is the second version of the song, posted (with the lyrics) in the comment section by "Anonymous" whom I thank for it.


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  1. Thanks for all the other work that you quietly do.

    I heard there was a secret “court”
    Where journalists weren’t allowed to report
    But you don’t really care, for freedom, do ya?
    It goes like this with out the 5th
    The gavel falls and they cuff your wrists
    It is not ok, but this is, how they rule ya.

    How they rule ya (x4)

    Tommy has been, here before
    He’s seen this room and he has walked this floor
    Last time they tried to kill him, but he endured ya
    They need the votes for the growing state
    And won’t stop, who their voters rape
    And it is not ok that this is how they rule ya

    How they rule ya (x4)

    There was a time the press let you know
    Who’s really coming to your shores
    But now they never tell the story, true, yeah
    The Press [state] tries to say “Tommy has racial hate”
    But really it is a fear of a caliphate
    And they don’t care state says “No this is how we rule ya”
    [The state says “No Take it, that is how we rule ya”]

    How they rule ya (x4)

    Pedophiles are liberated [celebrated]
    While Tommy Robinson is incarcerated.
    But you never really care for children, do ya?
    The grooming gangs will dare on you [move in on you]
    and the kids look to you for truth
    Please don’t say
    “Baby this is now how they rule ya”

    How they rule ya (x4)

    There are a few versions, and I have put some of those alternative lyrics in [-..-]



    Get this printed up,,

    A great moving peaceful protest song ! !

    100,000 ++ would be a very moving giving this voice!
    Can we get the numbers to give voice.