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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

"Trump is the Jew among Politicians"...

...so says Henryk Marcin Broder, who calls himself  Henryk "Modest" Broder with this charming self-deprecating humour. Mr. Broder is a Polish-born German journalist, author and (in my opinion) one of the wittiest commentators in Germany. His often seemingly flippant comments hide (I think) a deep humanity and (I know)  a sharp wit. Surprisingly, he seems to sail relatively unscathed, through the minefields of political correctness and the  Stasi-like control of the German media, in which others who, like him,  dared to swim against the effluent have lost their voice and sometimes more. 

You can find more of Henrik Broder and other interesting German articles and videos here at  Die Achse des Guten. 

Transcript of the video

Mirror mirror on the wall, what's happening in this land.

Trump is the poor bastard, of course. He drew the arse card.

No matter what he does, he always has the choice between wrong and wrong.

And he's doing exactly what he promised during his election campaign. That's all he does.

But I believe there is no greater sin in Germany than to do what one promised during the election campaign.

A proper politician wouldn't do that. At least, that's not usual anymore. 

And that's exactly what Trump does, and that's why everyone is terribly angry. 

I follow this every evening in the news on the topics of the day and they say: 

Trump destroys confidence, and Trump destroys the last chance for peace, and if there is a widespread fire now, it is because of Trump...

Trump cannot, per se, because he is Trump do anything right.

If he gets involved in a meeting with the North Korean fatty, the little Rocket man, then he lets himself be played by him, so to speak, and the newspapers write "how could he". 

If he has doubts about the meeting because little Rocket man does not want to accept certain conditions, then he refuses the dialogue.

I mean, what do you want, Trump just can't do anything right, it's incredible. 

And I don't want to overuse the comparison, but this is classical resentment, it's not prejudice.

Someone who feels resentment gives the victim of that resentment no chance, no matter what it does, it does it wrong.

By the way, that was the classical motive, so to speak the intellectual backbone of anti-Semitism:

Jews, when they were rich, they were exploiters, when they were poor, they were parasites. 

When they were patriots, they only wanted to creep in, when they were not patriots, they were traitors. 

"The Jew" could not do anything right. He was doomed to be "always guilty.

And exactly this number, I'm sorry dear comrades, exactly this number is now played on Trump. 

He does everything wrong.

So, to use a bold metaphor, I could say now: 

Trump is the Jew among politicians.

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