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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Tommy Robinson Freed on Bail (updated)

Will be updated as news come to hand

Breaking News from London: 

Tommy is "FREE"

"free"of sorts.....meaning:

Out on Bail,


OUT !!!


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Update 2.  August 2018

To me it looked from the beginning like a blatantly attempted murder (by the State ?) of Tommy Robinson.  I have not changed my mind, au contraire!  Listen to Ezra Levant from The Rebel.media, who did very much personally to safe Tommy's life. Listen to what Ezra Levant has to say about some of the treatment, Tommy received in Prison: 

See more of Ezra's videos about the Tommy Robinson Trial at this link

What I find most shocking is that the hounding, the persecution and - yes - the repeated attempts at Tommy Robinson's life happened under the "watch" of a soi-disant "conservative" - first when she was  Minister for Immigration (or whatever they call it in Once-Great-Britain, she has now filled that position with a Muslim) and then as Prime Minister, Theresa May (whom some call "a snake in the grass" and who am I to argue with that characterisation of the Pastor's daughter ! )


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