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Friday, 3 August 2018

WHO ordered the TORTURE of Tommy Robinson?

You will not need a canine sense of smell to follow the stench which leads all the way to 10 Downing St, the HQ of the UK Government that by now can be safely assumed to rule under Sharia  - enforcing Islamic  Blasphemy Laws, throwing Islam-Critics into prisons (in some cases, a death sentence) and - in the case of Tommy Robinson facilitating (if not ordering directly) the Torture of those to whom it owes a duty of care,  in blatant disregard of all Human Rights. 

The following J'ACCUSE, by the courageous and erudite Paul Weston is one of the best I have seen since the famous letter to the President by  Émile Zola:

see my earlier posts about Tommy Robinson: 


Initially I hesitated to add this video, I felt like "intruding". It is  the first time Tommy spoke on camera after having just come home 2 hours before. 

It's a "chat" of sorts between him  and Ezra Levant who had arranged for the crowd-funding of Tommy's appeal and had flown  from Canada to the U.K. to do the job that the sharia-compliant  Mainstream Media would not do, i.e. report rather than  defame.  

But I have changed my mind and, on reflection, I post the video because it illustrates so well, what Paul Weston articulates so brilliantly above. 

Updated 5. August 2018

I am pleased that this information has been taken up in France by Résistance Républicaine.

Despite France being on her knees, (actually moribund according to   Aldo Sterone) there are still some resistants and freedom fighters of  Tommy Robinson's calibre in that country, to mention but two:  Christine Tasin, director of Résistance Républicaine and Pierre Cassens, founder of Riposte Laïque.

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