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Friday, 24 May 2019

The War is Over ! Syria needs you ! Go Home !

If Muslim-Mother-Merkel does not get it, the young Germans from the Generation Identitaire  (Die Identitären) do, after all, it's their country, their future, this child-less Chancellor (the second worst Germany ever had) is selling out, cheaply - and if nothing is done - irretrievably. 

Here, in their typical, non-violent, fashion "die Identitären" spread out their message, via Poster Action: 

Go Home! 
The War is Over ! 
Syria Needs You ! 

I recommend Dr. Ludwig's site 
for delightful German songs, most of them translated.

I will add this little video from Denmark via VladTepes as soon as I find a way to do it. 

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Likes and Dislikes for May 2019

May 2019

May, the first month without an "r" in it. Traditionally in Europe the months without an "r" are the warmer months. In the Bavarian Mountain regions, the children were allowed to walk barefeet. In France, before refrigeration, they were the months where Oysters were not consumed. In Catholic regions, it was the month of the Virgin Mary. 

Der Mai ist gekommen....
May has come
a popular German Volkssong.


Meanwhile in Australia

This may be Australia's new PM tomorrow ! 
The horror the horror ! 

PS: he did not - Australia dodged a bullet !!!

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Spot the Greenie

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Leftist Hate

Meanwhile in Iran
only the very brave.....

In Merkel-Land

Meanwhile in Londonistan: 

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