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Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Paul Joseph Watson gets Finland

Back again, for a little while until I find a safer parking place...

The reason for my recent extended absence: "I have been to Germany" and that could be the new euphemism for "I've been sick".....REALLY..... have you seen what they have done to Germany ?

I will not restart my little blog though with a dirge on my old country  (Germany is not the only sick country in Europe - although the most afflicted one thanks, mainly,  to Frau Merkel) but with a take on "Finland" by  Paul Joseph Watson, the man with the sharpest Galgenhumor his side of the Thames: 

Finland tells you "how not to get raped"

My friend, Vlad remarked recently "ah yes, playing some music after your posts is your Schtick", and yes, it is. But I don't have anything Norvegian on hand, nor anyhing feminist-3rd-wave, so these sounds from my childhood will have to do: