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Monday, 31 July 2017

Australian Women to be "fertilised" by Muslims

Now, that  the Egyptian-born Arab-Muslim Halal ThChief has taken Millions of Australian  Dollars via his Halal-Certification-Caper, he wants Australia's women and girls for his Muslim brothers and for Islam: 

‘Australian women need us (Muslims) to fertilise them’

THE head of the Halal Certification Authority says Australian women need Muslim men to fertilise them to “keep them surrounded by Muslim babies”, declaring that the “white race will be extinct” in 40 years.

Mohamed Elmouelhy made the comments on Facebook in response to a study by researchers from the Hebrew University, published in the journal Human Reproduction Update, which found declining fertility rates among men in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

“According to the Hebrew University, Australian men [sic] sperm count has declined by 52 per cent over the last 40 years so your men are a dying breed, Australian women need us to fertilise them and keep them surrounded by Muslim babies while beer swilling, cigarette smoking, drug injecting can only dream of what Muslim men are capable of,” Mr Elmouelhy wrote in a Facebook comment, which was first reported by The Daily Mail and has since been deleted.

“If the country is left to the bigots the white race will be extinct in another 40 years. Muslims have a duty to make your women happy because you are declining, better go chose [sic] a plot for yourself at your local cemetery. If you can’t afford it, commit suicide it is a cheaper alternative for bigots.”

In an email to news.com.au, Mr Elmouelhy said the post was intended to “stir the bigots” who had now descended on his Facebook page “using all manner of expletives and attacks possible including promises of physical attacks etc.”

“Last night Facelessbook deleted the post, yet venomous messages devoid of any humour addressed to me about Islam remain published,” he wrote. “You can see other messages from the bigots on other posts I have.”

He attached a longer version of the original Facebook post, which continued the theme. “It will [sic] mandatory for all women to wear hijab or burka if they prefer, bikinis will be displayed in Museums but not on nubile bodies anymore,” he wrote.

“When that happens everything in Australia will be Halal certified. Bigots and pigs will be declared Haram and must not be approached or touched, they can live together in reserves. There will be a Halal butcher on every corner, all other butchers will be offered to convert to Halal or given [sic] a passage back to where their ancestors came from.

“Mr Dutton (Australian Immigration Minister) will be exiled on Manus Island never to set foot in Australia again. Mosques will be everywhere, and the religious police will make sure all businesses are closed at the time of prayers. The call to prayer will be announced from loud speakers at dawn everyday to make sure the lazy good for nothing dole bludgers can start looking for jobs early.

“Jackie [sic] Lambie (islam-critical Australian Senator) will be appointed keeper of the Sharia law and Poorleen (the r is silent) (Pauline Hanson, Leader of Australia's One Nation Party, also islam-critical) will be appointed emigration Minister to stop all the impotent whites [sic] male bigots from coming to our country girthed by sea!” [Source]

This rant of the Halal Certification Racket Supremo sounds to me very much like an invitation to rape, especially when I look at Mohamed Elmouelhy who would obviously volunteer to replace the white, non-muslim Australian men and  some of the other "offerings" from that petri dish of Arabia. Very few, if any,  of the strapping, beautiful, independent Australian girls would go  to that kind of  peculiar sperm bank of their free will.... 

One of our more courageous Politicians, Senator Cory Bernardi got it right, when he said that Mohamed Elmouelhy was “the perfect example of why our immigration system needs reform... Frankly, I don’t want him, his halal racket or his extremist poison in our country,”  he said.

. . .

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Pinned Post: Remembering Ilan Halimi

11 years ago, Ilan Halimi, a 23 year old French Jew was abducted by a Parisian Muslim gang who called themselves "Le Gang des Barbares". During the next 24 days, the handsome and charismatic young man was slowly tortured to death. 

I promised to write a post for everyone of these 24 days in his memory. But, less important things intervened and I have not finished it yet, but I promise: I will. Meanwhile this is how far I've come.

ast Day

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Mommie MERKEL, Dearest !

After a new, deadly knife jihad attack in Hamburg a couple of days ago, a Persian woman who has lived in Germany for 31 years recorded this video message to Chancellor Angela Merkel. In it the former Iranian Refugee expresses her bitter anger with- and fear of- Merkel’s destructive, out-of-control "open borders" policy, which is flooding Germany with exactly the same Islamic violence and persecution that she fled from all those decades ago.

Here is a song that, in Merkel's Germany, seems rather over-optimistic. I'm tempted to say: If Only!!!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Media lies about the Slaughter of Jews by Arab/Muslims

"This week a lot of people died in Israel..." is like Daniel Pomerantz from "HonestReporting" introduces  this must-watch video. I reported on this (yet another!!!) arab/muslim massacre of a Jewish family while in their home, celebrating Sabbath and the birth of a son. 

How did it all happen? What critical facts did the media leave out? And why do some headlines make it look like there's no moral difference between the victims and the attackers who killed them? Honest Reporting breaks down the events, the facts and the media failures.

hat tip  JewsDownUnder

Daniel Greenfield from Frontpage Magazin writes yet another must-read article, on the same subject, from another angle; this one accusing those who will call themselves "Pro-Israel" but are into appeasement,  have "a bet each way" and even finance this islamic terrorism: 

"...So much of pro-Israel advocacy consists of meaningless lip service. Israel is an abstraction for many of them. Chaya Salomon was a real person. She bled out on a white kitchen floor on Shabbat.

And so I offer a counterproposal. Instead of being pro-Israel, let’s be pro-Chaya.....


.......Pro-Israel is a meaningless metric. Obama claimed to be pro-Israel while funding the terrorist murder of Jews from the West Bank to Iran. “I am 100 percent pro-Israel," Bernie Sanders insisted after pushing for an anti-Israel platform, falsely accusing Israel of killing 10,000 “innocent” people in Gaza and putting a BDS activist in charge of his Jewish outreach. If that’s pro-Israel, what exactly is anti-Israel?

It’s easier to understand what it is to be pro-Chaya than to be pro-Israel. If you want to be pro-Chaya, don’t fund her killers. And not just pro-Chaya, but pro-Hallel. Hallel-Yaffa Ariel was a 13-year-old girl who came home from a dance recital and was stabbed to death by a Muslim terrorist in her bedroom. Or pro-Michael. Rabbi Michael Mark was driving home with his wife and children when he was murdered. Or Pro-Taylor. Taylor Force was a veteran of two wars who was stabbed to death in Tel Aviv.


...And so let’s take a step back from the hall of mirrors.

Let’s consider instead what is pro-Sarah.

Sarah will be the next victim of Islamic terrorism. Somewhere she is getting on a bus or cooking dinner for her family. And the next Muslim terrorist, let’s call him Mohammed, is plotting to kill her.

Mohammed has been listening to the calls by Fatah to kill Jews. He has seen crowds cheer the murderer of Chaya, Yosef and Elad. He has been told by the preacher on Palestinian Authority television that if he kills a Jew, he will go to heaven. He sees Fatah's Facebook message, "If I fall I will not be the first to die, and not the last to die #Rage!" And he knows that he will receive $2,000 a month if he succeeds.

What is the pro-Sarah policy?

Is it to pour millions more into the war chest of the terrorists so that they can pay Mohammed for her murder? Is it the continuing championing of the Palestinian Islamic State that Mohammed is killing for?

Let us break through the intellectual abstractions because Sarah and Mohammed are real. In a week or two from now, Sarah will be bleeding out on the living room floor while her children scream. Or she will lie dying on the back seat of her car with blood and broken glass surrounding her head. It’s happened before and it will go on happening until the pro-Israel position becomes the pro-Sarah position.


...Israel is not an abstract idea. It is a nation of millions of individuals. And these individuals are being killed, one by one, by the genocidal imperative of Islamic Supremacism. If Israel, its geopolitical role, its complex political and religious institutions, its history of thousands of years, its relationship to the Jews of the diaspora is too much to take in, it may be easier to focus on the lives of those individuals..."

And just in case you feel a little on the smug side and  think "only in Israel".........

Vale Gurrumul Yunupingu

22 January 1971   –   25 July 2017


Monday, 24 July 2017

Arab Muslim Terrorist slaughters Families, it's what they do

Arab Terrorist 
Slaughters Jewish Family 
Friday Night


Scene of massacre where family was celebrating Shalom Zachar on Friday evening in Jewish community of Neve Tsuf (Halamish), July 21 2017

"A Sabbath celebration to mark the Friday night prior to the circumcision ceremony for a newborn male grandchild became a fountain of blood and terror Friday night when an Arab terrorist broke into a private family home in the Jewish community of Neve Tsuf (Halamish).
Armed with a Koran and a large knife, 19-year-old Omar al-Abed hopped the town’s fence, and within 15 minutes stabbed to death the 70-year-old grandfather and his son and daughter. Meanwhile, the wife of the son being stabbed to death managed to quickly race to another part of the house, hiding five other children with her. The grandmother who was seriously wounded in the attack was rushed to Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center.
A neighbour serving in an elite IDF unit heard the screaming and raced over with his weapon and aimed through the window of the home. He shot and wounded the terrorist, who is still alive, according to a report on Channel 2 news.

“The woman with her five children was hiding in one room to call for help. When the United Hatzolah volunteer got there he saw three people in critical condition and another one who was in a serious condition. He and other volunteers started CPR on the wounded in a very difficult situation while the terrorist was still alive,” said Raphael Poch, United Hatzolah spokesperson spokesperson.

“The family had been celebration the birth of a grandson — a ‘shalom zachar’ – and the bris (circumcision) is this week. Three people ended up murdered and one seriously injured, but the woman with her five children are safe.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed “deep sorrow” over the murder in a statement to media. 

“This was an act of terrorism committed by a beast incited by wild hatred,” he said. “The security forces are doing their utmost to maintain security and, to this end, will take all necessary measures.”
Three children survive the couple, including the mother of the newborn. No names have yet been released, pending notification of other family members.
Baruch Dayan HaEmet. May their blood be avenged."

"Aussi Dave's" excellent blog Israellycool has an extensive article about it including: The vile Reactions of Palestinians, Their Supporters, And MSM To Brutal Terror Attack On Israeli Family

And here now a video which shows, better than anything else I have seen, the difference between the savage Arabs, euphemistically referred to as "Palestinians", and the Jews. At this very moment, the Arab terrorist is being looked after in an Israeli Hospital, a generosity which, emotionally,  I cannot understand. 

I found this ^^^ video on the blog of Pamela Geller who simply commented: "A Perfect Example of What Good Men Do. I don't know who this mensch, this hero, is, but I am totally in love".

The original video was posted by Ben Goldstein on his Face book Page

Just a thought: 

Good! But what is that murdering vermin doing in an Israeli Hospital, being looked after by those he wants (and will yet again) kill ? 

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Class Photos in Merkel's Veiled Germany

Celal Cakar and Markus Kaminski published the following article on 15. July 2017 in Bild

"This HSC photo is a German success story. The high school graduates of the Duisburg Theodor-König-Gesamtschule are the proof that everyone in our country has the opportunity to education and success - if he uses them. (Note to self: dont say:  "except native Germans!")

Caption by "Bild Zeitung": 
"Passed! The 42 high-school graduates of the Duisburger Theodor-König-Gesamtschule proudly hold their final degrees in their hands"

"Duisburg - Their school has 80 percent of foreigners, its neighborhood is a social hotspot, but despite all difficulties, these 42 students of the Theodor-König-Gesamtschule in Duisburg-Beeck passed their high school diploma with bravura!
This class photo is a German success story!

"We stand for justice, respect, tolerance and acceptance of all people," says Dirk Winkelmann (62). He is proud of his students, who have probably met for the last time in their schoolyard. After 13 years of school, they have their HSC in their pockets, many plan to study."

I found this article on Resistance Republicaine who added: 

"This is proof that the neighbourhood has not yet completely toppled over into sharia, because once  it does, there will be only males in the picture, the veiled "bécasses" (*) being in their kitchens."

(*) I don't really have a good translation for this word ;)

And a propos the Islamic veil:

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A WARNING to Germany

I have become a fan of this outspoken member of the "Alternative für Germany" (AfD) - a slim ray of hope in the straight jacket that the Germans are kept in when it comes to information or freedom of speech (if I may mix my metaphors). Beatrix von Storch, apart from her courageous and intelligent voice has also a rather impressive family tree  and has been attacked for it (guess for which part of it !)

Thanks for the editing go to Gates of Vienna

Am Brunnen vor dem Tore

Da steht ein Lindenbaum;

Ich träumt' in seinem Schatten

So manchen süßen Traum.

Ich schnitt in seine Rinde

So manches liebe Wort;

Es zog in Freud' und Leide

Zu ihm mich immer fort.

Ich mußt' auch heute wandern

Vorbei in tiefer Nacht,

Da hab' ich noch im Dunkeln

Die Augen zugemacht.

Und seine Zweige rauschten,

Als riefen sie mir zu:

Komm her zu mir, Geselle,

Hier find'st du deine Ruh' !

Die kalten Winde bliesen

Mir grad' ins Angesicht;

Der Hut flog mir vom Kopfe,

Ich wendete mich nicht.

Nun bin ich manche Stunde

Entfernt von jenem Ort,

Und immer hör' ich's rauschen:

du fändest Ruhe dort ! 


REAL Political Leaders

Found this on my daily shopping trip to VladTepes, a real treasure trove.  Bibi welcomed to Budapest !  A meeting of two real men , (yes I know it's sexist ! ) and two real political leaders (yes I know its political ! ) 

And while I'm at it: Politicians I have in mind, when I say : "real leaders" are - at random: 

Prime Minister Orban 
Prime Minister Netanyahu
President of Egypt: Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi
President Donald Trump
President Vladimir Putin

and, at the risk of offending some of my Jewish friends, who DO have a reason to dislike him: 

Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria. 

Why him ?  Because he never gassed the children of Syria, nor would he !   And he survived against an onslaught deadlier even than the one waged against Donald Trump right now. 

Looking at this delightfully old-fashioned (and when I say 'old-fashioned' it's a compliment) hand kiss, (@ min.0.06)  exactly the way it is supposed to be done, just an elegant hint, without even really touching........ ahhhh....nice, very nice.....I could get quite romantic .....:) 

You knew, of course, that "ich küsse ihre Hand Madame" means "I kiss your hand, Madame" and that, as usual, I try to match my musical choices with the "message" of the post, less or more successfully...;) 


h/t to Vlad Tepesblog


Génération Identitaire: DEFEND EUROPE (updated)

Updates will be posted at the end of this post
 for the duration of their Odyssey.

Being the Queen of Procrastination I have a long line of videos and posts lined up to be "sorted" . This video below should have been posted quite some time ago, and may have a little beard by now. I thank The Gates of Vienna for the editing and posting it in time. 

I’m a great fan of this young group (founded in France “Les Identitaires” and now with branches in Germany, Austria, Italy) but with their relatively “innocent” youthful enthusiasm, I am quite afraid for them – the enemy is nasty and potentially deadly. 

In German the word for Character Assassination is “Rufmord”, and the corrupt Merkel-Mob have done a great hatchet job on them. “Extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme Rrrrrrrright” is one of the milder names they get, “Nazi” is the favourite. 

Their “non-violence” as compared to the fake “we-are-love-and-peaceness” of the assorted Left groups is REAL. And, unlike, for example, the “Antifa”, they are not financed by corrupt Governments and Soros – quite to the contrary: for their latest action “Defend Europe”, Banks and other financial organisations (even pay pal seems to dhimmify their services lately) have put every imaginable obstacle in their way – yet they prevailed. 

It’s THEIR future the corrupt politicians (and NGOs) are selling out.

Links to: 

Update 20.7.2017:

Update: August 2017

In English avec des sous-tîtres français

UPDATE: 14 August 2017

UPDATE 22. August 2017

UPDATE 23. August 2017

!!! SUCCESS !!!

These brave European Patriots deserve our thanks and our help (*). Most of the so-called Non-Government-Organisations (NGO) were financed by some rather dubious sources with a vested interest in flooding Europe with millions of people (not refugees) from the third world, such as Soros, the EU, and the UN. And yes, despite their claims of being "NON" Government Organisations, some "Governments" did help with these large scale people smuggling operations in one way or another. Looking at you Merkel et al !

In this video, our brave young Identitaires are sending these fake "refugee rescuers" on their way with the words of the Captain of the Libyan Coast Guards: 


(*) Published on Aug 23, 2017  by "Defend Europe"

🇬🇧 Report on the successes of the Defend Europe mission, by the crew who led it. 
You can still support our campaign here: https://www.wesearchr.com/…/defend-eu...

🇫🇷 Bilan des succès de la mission Defend Europe par l'équipage qui l'a menée.
Vous pouvez toujours soutenir notre action ici : https://www.wesearchr.com/…/defend-eu...

🇩🇪 Bericht der Crew von Defend Europe über den Erfolg der Mission. 
Du kannst unsere Mission immer noch unter folgendem Link unterstützen: https://www.wesearchr.com/…/defend-eu...

🇮🇹 Resoconto dei successi della missione Defend Europe da parte dell'equipaggio che l'ha condotta. 
Potete ancora supportare la nostra campagna qui: https://www.wesearchr.com/…/defend-eu...

Incidentally, the above links for donations to this courageous "Defend Europe" group seem to be broken. Is it the dirty work of the vested interest behind the people smugglers? They seem to have eager helpers in the Finance branches like Pay Pal etc. who are at the moment closing sites that fight for the preservation of our Western Culture and against Fake News and Jihad. Targets included Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch and the excellent German site: Politically Incorrect, to mention but 2 of the bigger ones. 


"The C-Star returned from her mission to disembark the crew in Malta. This island has become the HQ of the NGOs, funnelling thousands of illegals to Europe. But for us they suddenly closed their ports, denying Europeans repatriation. On top of that, they denied us any drinking water. But brave Maltese patriots broke this crazy embargo of their prime minister ! "

The people of Malta, at least the Patriots who helped our men are good folk. However it will come as no surprise that their Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat,   is a Leftist and so probably wishes the death of conservatives and patriots as is the want of the modern Left who gave us the violent Antifa, the racist "BlackLivesMatter" and Democrat-voting thugs who march through the streets of New York calling for the murder of Police, and more. 


This Post will be updated for as long as these brave young men are at sea. Yes I said "MEN" because they have not yet been emasculated into one of the 50 + genders invented by bored bullies in academe  and  they are  intelligent enough to know, that their action of defending Europe would be doubly dangerous for women, seeing into which stormy seas they sail (if I may use a  slightly purple metaphor). 


Saturday, 15 July 2017

Israel won ! Now get over it !

This is the cover of a book that most influenced my outlook. I have read it years ago, but am sure it holds true today. Melanie Phillips is very much like the "Cassandra" of Greek Mythology. 

And now I will let Melanie Phillips have the word.

"The Middle East Forum held a meeting in Jerusalem last night to discuss Daniel Pipes’s “Victory Caucus“, his project for breaking the Arab-Israel impasse. He urges that the conflict should be reframed as a war which Israel has won and the Arabs have lost rather than a never-ending impasse with demands upon Israel for negotiations, peace processes and compromises. I spoke briefly at this meeting. You can watch my comments on this clip from the Facebook Live video below. You can also watch the video of the whole meeting here. A transcript of my remarks follows beneath the clip."


This is a very much-needed initiative. There is an urgent need to recalibrate the whole issue of the Arab war against Israel; to recalibrate it as one of war and victory; and to recalibrate it not just for the benefit of the Palestinians but also for the west and also for Israel.

We have to ask ourselves, surely, why do the Palestinians think the war is still on. Well, I think there are a number of reasons for that. One reason is that, unfortunately, if you are a religious Muslim you believe that any land conquered by Islam is then consecrated to Islam and nobody else can ever have sovereignty over it. So from that point of view there can be no victory over that kind of fanatical religious mindset.

But the main reason why the Palestinians think the war is still on is because they are encouraged to think that by the west. By Britain, by Europe and also by Israel’s great ally and friend, America.

The Palestinian story has been accepted by the west to the extent that the west believes there is a Palestinian people which has a historic, national and legitimate claim to the land. There never was a Palestinian people, there is not, and it does not now have any legitimate claim to the land.

Even if it did have a claim to the land it would be forfeit because of nearly a century of exterminatory aggression. In every other conflict in the world, that sort of exterminatory aggression means that the aggressors are treated as pariahs. Uniquely in this conflict the aggressors have been treated over the best part of a century – because of their aggression – as statesmen-in-waiting.

It’s not rocket science. If you treat aggressors as statesmen-in-waiting, you do not get peace and harmony. You get more aggression.

Now why has the west rewarded aggression in this way – uniquely – in this region? Many reasons. One is ignorance. One is malice. One is realpolitik – the desire to appease the Arabs over the oil weapon. Another is simply that people in the west believe – and I’ve heard this so many times – that there is no alternative.

But I would suggest there’s a deeper problem here. The prevalent view in the west is that it no longer does war and victory. This is seen as uncivilised. War is seen as brutal, uncivilised and must never be undertaken. If the Palestinians or the Arabs or the developing world are waging war, well we “expect that of them”, don’t we, because they are basically “uncivilised” people. We in the west do not apparently expect them to accord with our own values of respect for human life, democracy and all the rest of it. In other words, the west has a deeply racist attitude towards the developing world.

And it believes in itself that it doesn’t do war any more because war is uncivilised. Instead of war it does conflict resolution; it does law, not war.

And so as a result the war that’s been taking place in this region by the Arabs against the Jewish homeland means that the west thinks that a compromise is essential. You have a war of extermination? Put the two sides in the same room, bang their heads together until they reach a compromise. Because both sides, according to this view, have a legitimate claim to the same piece of land.

In other words the west has, for nearly a century, mistaken this whole conflict as a fight over land boundaries whereas in fact it is a war of extermination. And where the west wants to press Israel to make compromise, every compromise Israel has ever made is seen by the Arabs as a sign of weakness and an incentive to further aggression.

In conclusion, I would say that the west’s mistake – its conceptual, its fundamental mistake – perpetuates this conflict; indeed it is a signal reason, possibly the main reason, why this conflict got under way in the first place. in the 1930s, Britain responded to the pogroms being committed by the Arabs of this land against the returning Jews – and responded to the Arabs’ violence against the then-ruling British under the Palestine Mandate – Britain responded to this aggression by saying to the Arabs: “Have part of the land which we have undertaken by solemn agreement under international treaty obligation to give to the Jews”.

In other words, the original “two-state solution” was proposed in 1936 as a reward for exterminatory aggression and terror; and that continues to be the case today.

My final point is that the west needs to understand this – but, my goodness, Israel needs to understand that this narrative has to change. Israel is most reluctant to say to the free world, to the west, what it should be saying: 

“Are you crazy? 
Why do you treat this conflict 
differently from all other conflicts?” 

And until the west and until Israel actually understand that this conflict has to be reframed as one of war and victory, we’re not going to get anywhere.