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Friday, 31 May 2013

What do an "Australian" Bookshop and a Burka have in common?

They both  hide what is behind and under  them.

h/t vlad

Choosing the next "naughty" piece of music, I was reflecting on the fact that quite a few  of our local hate-preachers  have arrived on our shores illegally, many on  boats as "refugees". This warning came in 2010:

Yet, our present government (a coalition of the extreme left Greens and the leftist  union-affiliated Labor Party) has very much neglected  securing our borders and, since they came to power in 2007, we have had thousands and thousands of illegal boat arrivals. At the moment, there are, on average, about  3 boats per day  (holding sometimes up to and more than 100 illegal immigrants each). These are paying "people smugglers" thousands of dollars and are depriving genuine refugees who don't have that kind of  money their rightful place.

Under the previous conservative government we did have a very generous  refugee policy. Yet when our then Prime Minister, John Howard, said this during  his re-election campaign:

"...This campaign more than any other that I have been involved in, is very much about the future of the Australia we know and the Australia we love so much.
It is also about having an uncompromising view about the fundamental right of this country to protect its borders.
It’s about this nation saying to the world we are a generous open hearted people taking more refugees on a per capita basis than any country except Canada. We have a proud record of welcoming people from 140 different nations.
But we will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come...."

he was savagely set upon by the snouts at the trough of the multi-billion dollar  immigration industry, and the first thing the present government did after coming to power was to dismantle a system which had worked well, except for the dubious vested interests.

You may sing along ;)

Update 2.6.2013:

From the latest Press Release:
  • "The latest arrival of two vessels carrying 157 people takes the total number of illegal boats that have arrived on Labor’s watch past 700.
    Over 42,000 people have arrived on 701 boats since the Rudd-Gillard Government dismantled the Howard Government’s border protection regime.
    Labor’s decision to dismantle the Howard Government’s policies has put our country’s security at risk. 
    It has cost hundreds of lives lost at sea and resulted in thousands of people entering our communities without rigorous security checks.

    ...Labor’s mismanagement has also included the detention of a convicted jihadist terrorist in low security family accommodation at Inverbrackie in South Australia. This jihadist was a member of the terrorist organisation Egyptian Islamic Jihad, which merged with al Qaeda in 2001, many years before his arrival by boat..."

    Update 12.06.2013

    Here is that "religious bookshop" in the news again. (see beginning of this post).

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Muslims are NOT the "New Jews"

Eeyore introduces this video like so:

"It is refreshing to see Jewish people who are not ‘suicide Jews’ determined to preserve the narrative that muslims are the new Jews when in fact, muslims are just the new Nazis. Jews, are the new Jews. They need to learn from history, not repeat it."

I have nothing to add, except: I agree!

Melbourne Australia

Addal-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a key Nazi collaborator with  Hitler

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

THAT Girls, is true Courage

 Three  women of the feminist group FEMEN disrobed in front of the Justice Ministry  in TUNIS yesterday to protest against the jailing of  their  Tunisian colleague  "Amina".

The trio, one German and two French, approached the entrance to the ministry wearing coats which they took off, revealing naked torsos scrawled with "Breasts Feed Revolution." Wearing just jean shorts, the women chanted in English "Free Amina" and "Women's spring is coming" as people in the crowd attempted to cover them. Full story here

There are moments e.g. when they storm the  Notre Dame de Paris  as they have done a couple of times lately,  when I loathe their actions (objectivity never was among my vices) - but what they did here took enormous courage. As my friend, Eeyore,  put it: "Whatever else this is, it took more balls than anyone had who was passing by the slaughter of the British Soldier last week"

Yes, this was true courage, and true solidarity! BRAVO GIRLS!

Tommy Robinson v. BBC

Even if I felt inclined to be objective, I would still think of  this  condescending piece of typical BBC "journalist" as a "loser". Having become, (since the butchering of Lee Rigby) an unashamed fan of the courageous, articulate and telling-it-as-it-is  Tommy Robinson, my verdict is:

Tommy Robinson 1+   BBC -0

h/t Vladtepes

Quote of the day: 

"The days of walking on pins and needles are over, 
the days of worrying about feelings have ended. 
It's time to step on some toes."

(Tommy Robinson on twitter)

Sunday, 26 May 2013

" Nothing to do with Islam? "

I have just seen the name of the British Prime Minister spelled like this:  "CAMORON" and, without any undue respect, I think it suits him.

David Wood writes:
"British soldier Lee Rigby was murdered and beheaded on a London street by two Muslims. Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson have assured the world that the attack had nothing to do with Islam... "

That these two politicians are mistaken seems obvious, but are they pretending to be thick or are they thick? Colour me cynical for I am with the man who said:

"When the consequences of ignorance become indistinguishable from 
the consequences of malice, it is wiser and safer to assume malice."

In creative writing classes experienced writers tell you "when in doubt, leave out". Well I am very much  in doubt if  I should post the following video on the subject, not because I don't agree with the points  it makes, but (if I may indulge in a little mixing of metaphors)  because it shoots its arrows without any mercy for  the target nor for polite parlance. Less convolutedly  expressed:  the LANGUAGE IS VERY VERY BAD.

Well, on reflection I will go against the wisdom of those who know better and post the video, because I am so really really really angry at that smelly  mantra of  "this has nothing to do with Islam".

h/t Pat Condell

Update: 29.5.2013 (h/t vladtepes)

About that "backlashophobia": 
“What we need is a muslim backlash, and we need it now”
says Pat Condel

Update 20.6.2013 Lest we forget!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Georges Moustaki

 I lift my glass
 to George Moustaki,
one of my all-time favorite chansoniers;
and the writer/singer of one of my all-time favorite songs:

Avec ma gueule de métèque

De Juif errant, de pâtre grec

Et mes cheveux aux quatre vents
Avec mes yeux tout délavés
Qui me donnent l'air de rêver
Moi qui ne rêve plus souvent
Avec mes mains de maraudeur
De musicien et de rôdeur
Qui ont pillé tant de jardins
Avec ma bouche qui a bu

Qui a embrassé et mordu

Sans jamais assouvir sa faim

Avec ma gueule de métèque
De Juif errant, de pâtre grec
De voleur et de vagabond
Avec ma peau qui s'est frottée
Au soleil de tous les étés
Et tout ce qui portait jupon
Avec mon coeur qui a su faire
Souffrir autant qu'il a souffert
Sans pour cela faire d'histoires
Avec mon âme qui n'a plus

La moindre chance de salut

Pour éviter le purgatoire

Avec ma gueule de métèque
De Juif errant, de pâtre grec
Et mes cheveux aux quatre vents
Je viendrai, ma douce captive
Mon âme soeur, ma source vive
Je viendrai boire tes vingt ans
Et je serai prince de sang
Rêveur ou bien adolescent
Comme il te plaira de choisir
Et nous ferons de chaque jour
Toute une éternité d'amour
Que nous vivrons à en mourir...
(the bolded words are the ones that make me tick).

Edith Piaf  discovered him, and  I think they were lovers. (Is it  ok to be posthumously jealous of  a woman who lived before one's own time?)  Milord was the song he wrote for her:

And then, he wrote this most tender poem against ageism and prejudices,
interpreted here by Serge Reggiani
with the "Prelude by Charles Baudelaire:

Si vous la rencontrez bizarrement parée
Traînant dans le ruisseau un talon déchaussé
Et la tête et l'oeil bas comme un pigeon blessé
Monsieur, ne crachez pas de juron ni d'ordure
Au visage fardé de cette pauvre impure
Que déesse famine a par un soir d'hiver
Contraint à relever ses jupons en plein air
Cette bohème-là, c'est mon bien, ma richesse
Ma perle, mon bijou, ma reine, ma duchesse...
(Charles Baudelaire)

La femme qui est dans mon lit
N'a plus vingt ans depuis longtemps
Les yeux cernés
Par les années
Par les amours
Au jour le jour
La bouche usée
Par les baisers
Trop souvent, mais...
Trop mal donnés
Le teint blafard
Malgré le fard
Plus pâle qu'une
Tâche de lune.

La femme qui est dans mon lit
N'a plus vingt ans depuis longtemps
Les seins si lourds
De trop d'amour
Ne portent pas
Le nom d'appâts
Le corps lassé
Trop caressé
Trop souvent, mais...
Trop mal aimé
Le dos voûté
Semble porter
Des souvenirs
Qu'elle a dû fuir.

La femme qui est dans mon lit
N'a plus vingt ans depuis longtemps
Ne riez pas
N'y touchez pas
Gardez vos larmes
Et vos sarcasmes
Lorsque la nuit
Nous réunit
Son corps, ses mains
S'offrent aux miens
Et c'est son coeur
Couvert de pleurs
Et de blessures...
Qui me rassure!

For Barbara he wrote this and then he sang it with her::

Georges  Moustaki
 died yesterday

Il est trop tard....

Good night, sweet dreams, thank you.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Tommy Robinson

I don't usually post loooong interviews since these days our attention span is probably comparable to that of a humming bird on speed, but when I started listening to this interview - intending to throw  just a quick glance at "that Tommy Robinson of  EDL fame", I could not stop.

So THIS was the "extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeme rrrrright wing faaaaaaaaaaschist" the chattering classes described? THIS was the "English Defence League Nazi", so sneered at by those who have hijacked today's narrative?

Well now, after having listened to this man,  my respect for him is direct inverse proportion to the low one I have for his defamers. If one can be brave and wise at the same time, then this man is it. He has my unashamed admiration...listen and see what you think:

This documentary is made in Luton, the town in which Tommy Robinson lives. 

Update 1:
Thousand attended today. Thank you all for staying peaceful 

via twitter on 28.6.2013

some videos seem to have been deleted -  someone getting nervous perhaps?

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Islam 102: beheadings in the West


It's not as if the West had not been warned, and yet, after this butchering and beheading of  the young British father Lee Rigby  in broad daylight  in a London street, our media will still not spell out the cause. Yesterday  the ABC, an antipodean wannabe clone of the BBC actually mentioned  "muslim" in one context and one context only - the one that will probably finish up by designating the perpetrator as the "victim", it would not be the first time. Here is how they articulated their fears:  

"There is fear of  a backlash against muslims by the faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar  rrrrright..."

 ...they worried. 

It is this kind of  cowardly and/or deliberate  obscuring of the obvious which enables - and perhaps even causes horrors like that. 

It starts 'small'...
Muslim "protests" against "that" mooffie in Sydney last year

From this:

to this: 
Muslim riots in Sydney last year

to this: 

 SDAMatt2a  who posted this video with koranic references writes and transcribes the words of this -deleted- : 

For some inexplicable reason the mainstream media by and large have edited the video to exclude the hacker's references to the Koran. But we put it back in for you here.
(hat tip http://www.jihadwatch.org/)
The only reason we have killed this man today is because Muslims are dying daily by British soldiers. And this British soldier is one. It is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. By Allah, we swear by the almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone. So what if we want to live by the Shari'a in Muslim lands? Why does that mean you must follow us and chase us and call us extremists and kill us? Rather you lot are extreme. You are the ones that when you drop a bomb you think it hits one person? Or rather your bomb wipes out a whole family? This is the reality. By Allah if I saw your mother today with a buggy I would help her up the stairs. This is my nature. But we are forced by the Qur'an, in Sura At-Tawba, through many ayah in the Qu'ran, we must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I apologise that women had to witness this today but in our lands women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your governments, they don't care about you. You think David Cameron is going to get caught in the street when we start busting our guns? You think politicians are going to die? No, it's going to be the average guy, like you and your children. So get rid of them. Tell them to bring our troops back so can all live in peace. So leave our lands and we can all live in peace. That's all I have to say. [in Arabic:] Allah's peace and blessings be upon you.

And our media and our politicians tell us that 
this has nothing to do with Islam?

The islamist murderer

(The victim's family - video)

Drummer Lee Rigby

 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers


Rest in Peace

Here is an article by Daniel Pipes 
who does not shrink cowardly away 
from calling the beast by its name: 

"Muslim Acts of Beheading in the West"

The gruesome murder yesterday of a soldier outside London by a Muslim convert, Michael Adebolajo, brings to mind that throat slitting and beheading are Islamically sanctioned forms of execution. Although these occur particularly often in the course of family-related crimes – think, for example, of the case of Aasiya Hassan in suburban Buffalo, N.Y., killed by her husband in 2009, stabbed with two hunting knives more than forty times in the face, back and chest, then beheaded – this monstrous form of violence is also used in non-family instances. Some of those that took place over the past decade in the West in chronological order include:

This gruesome list (to be updated as needed) is only part of the story: other characteristically Muslim crimes taking place in Western countries include honor killings, female genital mutilation, and slave holding. These, sadly, are among Islam's contributions to the lands of immigration. (May 23, 2013)

Update 1.6.2013 Daniel Greenfield in Frontpage Magazin

After two Muslim terrorists beheading a British soldier in London, cops arrested an 85-year-old woman for shouting “Go back to your own country” at mosquegoers. Not only did they arrest her, but they even handcuffed her.  

Update: May 2015 - some videos have mysteriously disappeared, when, for some reason, I come across some of the posts from the past. Here is an Ersatz video, of the one that seems to have  "disappeared". I think it relevant to post, since it contradicts the mantra increasingly often repeated by our cowardly politicians: "thishasnothingtodowithislam". 

Friday, 17 May 2013

A lesson on immigration from an American Indian

If anyone would know about "immigration", it's American Indians...

h/t vlad tepes

Quote:                "What could be more racist
 than a genocidal immigration programme?
(Source: unknown)

Monday, 13 May 2013

A Dark Side of Australia

 H/T to Thomas Holm and vladtepes.


Update: 1.6.2013 (Memry)

And another one the Australian Taxpayer probably supports:

"The Qataris are Jews"

...at least so says this moustached  man with the  typical  neo-Swedish name Yahya Abu Zakariya. I really don't know how serious this MEMRI  video is, but I can't stop giggling, since I came across it.

Is it just me, or is this "interview" really really really funny? I do feel a little sorry for the interviewer who  does not say much...could it be the collagen which  prevents her from moving the lips?

Here are the bits which tickle my funny bones:

“No Arab, unless he is Jewish, can harbor such vicious hatred toward another Arab…”
Am I missing something here? "No Arab, unless he is Jewish..." ?

“The secret ties between Qatar and the “Hebrew entity” are as “warm”…as can be.."
Must be the translation.

“By Allah, his moustache will be shaved of before he...."  
can say  Allah-u-Akbar?  teehee

"..“they”  have nothing  but sword dances "

Does he mean these ones?:

"They have even sold our horses... these Arabian horses will be cross bred with Jewish horses…." 
A love that dare not speak its name?

And the fruit of their loins will become (I’m sad to say) "HEBREW " !!!  
The horror the horror!!

"The (emirs) buy airplanes from them (the Americans) without knowing how to use them."
I will never fly with Emirates, or  Qantas…for that matter!

"They ride up to the airplane on a camel’s back …".   

"They have an F-25 here and a camel race there..."   
multi-tasking or parallel universes?

"I say onto Saudi Arabia:  “Beware of the Emir of Qatar”"

"My friend, Robert Fisk..."  (THAT  Robert Fisk??) "...wrote an article about the establishment of Palestine:

"By 2050 half  the European population will be Muslim,"
I think he might be a bit on the conservative side there 

If  I understand the born-again Swede's  florid conclusion  correctly I think he suggests  that, in order to prevent this islamisation,  the Jews created Extreeeme Islam to  scare the Westerners and this creation of Extreeeme Islam is, he asserts,  the most creative Mossad Bomb today.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Mother's Day

My mother was pretty bad, but nothing like that:

That "mother" is not alone....

A different kind of mother:

Israeli Mother shielding her child from HAMAS rockets.

Update 20.5.2013
Mother Mother of grooming gang rapists blames SCHOOLGIRLS for the horrific ordeal they suffered as she claims 'they were having sex at the age of ten instead of playing with toys'

Ahmadinejad shows off his wife

A rare photo of  Adolf Ahmadinedschad with his wife. We see the Iranian president (51) at a conference in Tehran with his wife. Well we don't see much of her: She wears the Tschador, sunglasses cover her eyes...we don't know anything much about her, not even her name...

Looking at this grotesquely clad, sad and submissive figure: is it me or does she have a really big nose?

Can anyone, half-way civilised, look at this photo and think this is okay?

Friday, 10 May 2013

Stephen Hawking: Idiot Savant or Jew-Hater?

"When the consequences of idiocy
 become indistinguishable from
 the consequences of malice, 
it is wiser and safer to assume malice."

I am so incensed by the anti-semitism displayed by Stephen Hawking, that I dont trust my own prose to be moderate enough. So I copied this article  from Geofffff's Joint:

Israel is a leader in adult stem cell research  for the treatment of the neurological disease ALS or Lou-Gehrig's Disease. Research is at the clinical trial stage. This is the disease that Stephen Hawking has.
The equipment that Hawking uses to communicate with the world has at its core technology developed by Intel Israel.
To accept an invitation from the president of Israel to a scientific conference and then to publicly cancel and join a boycott is more than just boorish manners and ignorance.
Zionist Conspiracy has a suggestion that should relieve Hawking of any pending moral dilemma now that he has used Israeli equipment to add his voice to the racist and morally repugnant BDS campaign. Harsh but fair...

"... I would like to propose that if Israeli researchers discover a cure for the disease, it should be refused to Stephen Hawking.   After all, we would not want to compromise his strong moral stand on behalf of the "suffering Palestinians"!   And boycott for the goose is also boycott for the gander.  Let us not put Hawking into any uncomfortable ethical position now that he has decided to join the BDS terrorists and boycott Israel.  So let us help him avoid compromising his principles and simply let him know in advance that he will be denied any cure for ALS that ever comes out of any Israeli institution or research."

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, this one, collected from the wickedly spot-on Sheik Yermami gives us 4000 words:

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Islam 101

Nassim Ben Iman  is one of the best known apostates of Islam in Germany.
He has written a book of his own experiences with the title: “Der wahre Feind…warum ich kein Terrorist geworden bin"  ("The true enemy…why I did not become a terrorist”). In view of the present Islamic terror threat  in Germany, his statements about the danger of Islam are more topical than ever.
This ex-Muslim of Arab origin has a lot to tell and offers us a deep insight into this most peaceful of all religions. As one of only a very small number, he managed to extract himself from the strict Islamic indoctrination. He tells brutal truths such as “Every Muslim is a potential terrorist”.
We have distilled the most important points of an extensive interview which we conducted in Mai of this year with this courageous man, into a 10 minute video, because of the acute terrorism danger. Warning: this video is not recommended for “do-gooders” whose carefully constructed worldview could, in viewing this film, disintegrate.

This was subtitled by the indefatigable  VladTepes  and the introduction to the video as written by the German site Politically INcorrect:

Recently in Germany,  there was an assassination attempt on the conservative politician and outspoken Islam critic, Markus Beisicht. Like in similar cases (e.g. Geert Wilders, Lars Hedegaard etc.)  the so-called "progressive media" describe him as "extreeeeeeme right-wing" going  as far as blaming him, and he now has to live under 24/7 police protection,  like others who dared criticising Islam.

So, as  Germany seems to be  finally moving towards wagging a finger at the most extreme islamists in their midst, I wonder: is that too little too late? Has Voltaire's dictum already been proven true in which he warned:

"If you want to know who rules over you,
 simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

Monday, 6 May 2013

Germany now, Germany then

"Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht,
Dann bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht..."(*)

Germany now: 

The average German family struggles financially with large tax burdens and as a result have only 1.3 children per family, one of the lowest rates in Europe.
 Meanwhile Muslim immigrants have as many as 3-4 wives, perhaps 6-7 children from each wife; all of this is funded by welfare as none of these wives work. 35 % of Muslims living in Germany have multiple wives, nearly all of them live on welfare funded by German taxpayers. 
Germany is not alone though, nearly all of Europe faces the same situation, including the U.K: Muslim men take overseas trips to pick up multiple wives, marry them and bring them back to the U.K as legal citizens who then go on permanent tax payer funded welfare for themselves and their future children. source

Germany then... 
the Germany of Heinrich Heine's "Lorelei"

(*) "When I think of Germany in the night
     Sleep is taken from me.."
    (from Heinrich Heine's poem "Nachtgedanken")

Update: 28.6.2013
Islamic Calls to prayers are starting to drown out the beautiful sound of our Church Bells.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

I love Paris because...

....there is a merry-go-round for children and other adults at every street corner
...this one is at the Place de l'Hotel de Ville de Paris...

there is Rodin's view of himself,
from a different perspective (*)

.....Because of  "their" grafftti in the snow.

....because these hands leave Albrecht Duerer's praying ones for dead....(*)

...because they have P.O. boxes on the quais de la Seine for barge dwellers...

...because of joyous flute players in the Jardin du Luxembourg in winter...

...because they use Mona Lisa to to check
 if you remember your French grammar.

....because books grow on trees in Paris
(these ones hang from trees near the Place de l'Odeon
in front of a bistro called "Maison de l'Edition" 
go and check it out.

...because it lets me take photos like this one

...Because people stop and look and reflect at the "Mur des Justes" (Wall of Righteous) on which 2,693 names of French people who protected or saved Jews during WWII are engraved.

...because of hats like that in shop windows  like that ..

...because this is right next to No. 3 Place de Vosges,
one of the most expensive addresses in Paris.
("liberté, égalité, fraternité"........ and all that)

here, outside the gates of the Jardin du Luxembourg
 that lady sells the best, piping hot chestnuts in winter
and the most delicious ice cream in a cone in summer

.....because of Shakespeare and Co.

...because of  policemen rollerscating down l'Avenue de l'Opera

of cabbages put on the grave of   Serge Gainsbourgh
reminding us that he sprouted "cauliflour ears" in life

of the Sunday and Thursday morning markets, Place de la Bastille, come hail, rain or shine

...because of love-locks being fixed to the Pont des Arts 
by lovers who come from everywhere, except from Paris. 

 of the longing, Parisians have for every little ray of sunshine coming their way in early spring...

...Because of No. 3 Place des Vosges..., 
formerly residence of Mr. et Mme Strauss-Kahn, 
now residence of Madame Strauss-Kahn alone.