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Monday, 13 May 2013

"The Qataris are Jews"

...at least so says this moustached  man with the  typical  neo-Swedish name Yahya Abu Zakariya. I really don't know how serious this MEMRI  video is, but I can't stop giggling, since I came across it.

Is it just me, or is this "interview" really really really funny? I do feel a little sorry for the interviewer who  does not say much...could it be the collagen which  prevents her from moving the lips?

Here are the bits which tickle my funny bones:

“No Arab, unless he is Jewish, can harbor such vicious hatred toward another Arab…”
Am I missing something here? "No Arab, unless he is Jewish..." ?

“The secret ties between Qatar and the “Hebrew entity” are as “warm”…as can be.."
Must be the translation.

“By Allah, his moustache will be shaved of before he...."  
can say  Allah-u-Akbar?  teehee

"..“they”  have nothing  but sword dances "

Does he mean these ones?:

"They have even sold our horses... these Arabian horses will be cross bred with Jewish horses…." 
A love that dare not speak its name?

And the fruit of their loins will become (I’m sad to say) "HEBREW " !!!  
The horror the horror!!

"The (emirs) buy airplanes from them (the Americans) without knowing how to use them."
I will never fly with Emirates, or  Qantas…for that matter!

"They ride up to the airplane on a camel’s back …".   

"They have an F-25 here and a camel race there..."   
multi-tasking or parallel universes?

"I say onto Saudi Arabia:  “Beware of the Emir of Qatar”"

"My friend, Robert Fisk..."  (THAT  Robert Fisk??) "...wrote an article about the establishment of Palestine:

"By 2050 half  the European population will be Muslim,"
I think he might be a bit on the conservative side there 

If  I understand the born-again Swede's  florid conclusion  correctly I think he suggests  that, in order to prevent this islamisation,  the Jews created Extreeeme Islam to  scare the Westerners and this creation of Extreeeme Islam is, he asserts,  the most creative Mossad Bomb today.

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