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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Resistance Républicaine: "J'ACCUSE"

I consider the Presidente of Résistance Républicaine, Christine Tasin,  one of the most courageous Women alive in France  today.

So, of course,  she is defamed by the Me(r)dia, prosecuted by cowardly politicians and  threatened with death  by those who claim that their religion  is a "religion of peace". Islam  is neither "just" a Religion nor one of "Peace". It is a  totalitarian regime which dictates everything down to and including the way you wipe your bottom after kaka (forgive my scientific vocabulary, I feel wicked today), and the "Peace" part came about via a spelling mistake: Instead of "Peace" it should read: "Pieces": a  religion of PIECES - one piece of you here, another piece of you over there. 

Here Christine Tasin speaks at  a rally held in Paris immediately after the first decapitation of a French man on French soil, organised by  Resistance Républicaine   and  Riposte Laïque:

h/t to vladesblog for the subtitling

See also the speech by the founder of Riposte Laïque, Pierre Cassens, at that rally, here:  

Update 30.8.2015

As you may or may not know, France quasi closes down  during the months of July and August (except for the tourists) but now, that the traditional summer holidays are over, the workers are coming back. And so are France's politicians, the most attractive among them, Marine Le Pen, leader of Le Front National:  Here is her first shot of the season, once more unto the breach, dear friends....

h/t for this video to Vlad

Friday, 28 August 2015

A Jewish Oscar Schindler

Meet Steve Maman, the  "Jewish Oskar Schindler". He rescues Christian and Yazidi women and children from the Islamic Nazis who torture, rape and kill in the name of Allah and refer to themselves as "the Islamic State". 


subtitles: vlad


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Hamas Rockets, Terror Tunnels and Israel's children

Ten years after Israel's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, rocket launch pads and terror training camps replaced once-thriving Israeli communities.

Terrorism is to Hamas and their ilk what the Gas chambers were to the Nazis - but I think that this time too, good will win over evil.......eventually. Have a look at how Israelis help their children to deal with terror so that they learn "to love live more than their Arab enemies love death".

If you are pressed for time, just listen to the last 1-1/2 minutes of this video.


Children II : Theirs and Ours

Yes, Virginia, 
there IS 
"Them and Us" 
"Theirs and Ours". 




                                            "Let the children come to me"



Massoud two and a half  years old  from Gaza pride 
pays homage to al-qassam brigades 

Theirs AND Ours


To end  on a more optimistic note, here is an unedited  letter by "Don Laird",  a poster who  comments, often very eloquently, on several blogs I follow; I found this one on Sheik Yermami's "Winds of Jihad"

"Hello there……its me again…….Don Laird… 

Here in the West civilized men have a different relationship with their daughters. 

Here in the West we don’t sell toddlers off to grunting, drooling 50 and 60 year old Muslim males who then obey the commandments of the paedophile false prophet and rape and sodomize these same toddlers.  

Here in the West we don’t spread the legs of little girls and mutilate their vaginas to satisfy the poisonous commandments of the Koran. 

Here in the West we don’t bounce rocks off the skulls of little girls and women because of some perceived insult to a savage 7th century lunatic.

No, here in the West we embrace little girls, we emancipate them, we encourage them, we educate them, we engage them and……….we take them flying………..and instill in them a love of flight which one day, one fine day they will…..hopefully…..take with them as they honour the spirit of Mankind, as they honour the spirit of Western culture and civilization…….as they journey into the blackness of space and, as the poet said…..as they “slip the surly bonds of earth, dance on laughter silvered wings and touch the face of God”……

Meet little Lea and her father Raphael……. 

Regards, Don Laird

Dogtown Bastard

Alberta, Canada"


Friday, 21 August 2015

Islamic Republic of Iran: NAKED

This is an OFFICIAL video (h/t Vlad) from the Islamic Republic of Iran, in which this errr..."government" does away with all its veils and stands before us, shameless, naked, its full blood lust for all to see. Quite a few  of the many  Iran-sponsored terrorist groups are openly featured via their insignias, including Hezbollah, Hamas and  a Palestinian Jihadist shown in a PLO scarf.

This blatant threat to annihilate Israel is made by the very people who have become Obama's and Kerry's (*) "bestest friends". And this very regime has just been given the green light by the Obama administration to carry out these deadly threats within a generation.

Why is this threat, more obvious and explicit than any warning Adolf Hitler has ever given,  not all over the Media?

I don't suspect the present main media to have any sense of shame, so where does the motivation come from to keep this video more or less under wraps in the the West? The Ayatollahs have certainly never been hiding their murderous intention towards Israel  and I suspect them to be rather proud of this islamised wannabe Spielberg  version of their 'ambitions'.

I am told that the translation was made with the assistance of TWO ex muslim Iranians. 

I forgot who said it, but it's worth repeating: 

“The truth is, we are all living in Israel. 

It is just some of us have not realised it yet.”


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A requiem for French Justice and a chanson for Taubira

What chance has France got with a Minister for Justice like Christiane Taubira !

Caption reads:
"I use my ministry to get my revenge against  France and the French"

And she  certainly does  settle "her accounts" with the French...Hell hath no fury like  a Taubira scorned. 

Here is just one example:  A poor, not all that well educated native  white French girl whose crime was, in my view, more against good taste than  really evil, posted the following little picture of Christine Taubira, the Minister of Justice for France, on her face book page.

at 18 months                                   now

Of course, this little picture might well have been racist and the young woman having posted it might well be a little racist, but in my opinion she is  not even half as racist as Taubira herself. More significantly though,  she has two serious handicaps going against her: She was a member of Marine Le Pen's party, the Front National and she is French AND white. 

Anne-Sophie Leclerc

The result for the hapless young French woman, Anne-Sophie Leclerc: 

She was  tried , in the district court of Cayenne, many flight hours from France,  the (native island of Taubira who without much doubt was behind this  Kangaroo Court as the complaint was lodged by a "society" created by someone called 'Taubira'.) . The young French woman, unlike Madame Taubira not financed by the French taxpayer, could of course not afford a voyage to French Guinea, so she was tried in absentia and sentenced to  9 months in prison. 

As if that was not over the top enough, the girl,  as well as being banned from standing for any public office for something like a  1000 years had to pay 50,000 Euros damages to the repeat victim of raaaaaaaaaaaaacism, Christiane Taubira. 

Le Front National was also sentenced  to pay 30,000 Euros to her Majesty  Taubira. From memory, a family member of Taubira was sitting on that Kangaroo court in judgement over this hapless young  French woman, but Taubira, the grotesque Minister for Justice vehemently denied that she had "anything to do with all that" declaring  that she was the "veeeeekhteeeeeeem" of "raaaaaaaaacism" yet again.

Here is a 'before' picture, of the French  Minister of Justice who really doesn't seem to like France, nor the French. While she made it her mantra to accuse the bad whiteys of slave trading, she forbids anyone to even "mention" the slave-trade perpetrated by blacks against blacks and even more so the slave trade practised by Arabs (a trade that  continues via the IS to this day). 

Here she is now, thanks to the French Tax Payer's generosity who does not only pay her lots and lots of Euros, but, allededgly  also feeds her  "partner" whom, I hear,  she has installed in a rather comfy  Government position, to mention but one of her direct beneficiaries.  I believe face lifts and "Elle" photo shopping don't come cheap either....


I deserve the "Miau" I'm hearing in the background:)

I heard that the Queen of England carries her own umbrella as do quite a few other classy "dignitaries", but not Madame Taubira.

France is such a rich country that one can afford to pay public umbrella carriers...

A little fetching chanson for Madame la Ministre de la Justice "Francaise" 

(And yes,  you guessed right, I don't like her at all. )

LOL: bottoms & boots

Do I have to apologise for finding this seriously funny? 



h/t Jeff & Eeyore

And now, a few boots, high stiletto-ed ones to walk over this lot...


Barbarians WITHIN the Gates of France

I am an unashamed admirer of Pierre Cassen founder of Riposte Laïque  and am proud to call  this courageous French man my friend. He is part of that rapidly disappearing  France I so love.  In his speech below he points out, like so often, all the important hits France will take from these barbarians who will destroy her culture, her history and her freedom to love. 

On the week-end after  the first Islamic (euphemistically often referred to as "nothing-to-do-with-islam") decapitation of a Frenchman on French soil, Riposte Laïque and Résistance Républicaine organised a rally in Paris.  Below is the  video of the closing speech by Pierre Cassen,  published on the 30 June 2015.

Although the Frenchman was decapitated by a Muslim in the name of Allah, and everyone knows that the cancer eating France is  her gang rape by- and submission to Islam (facilitated by the virulently socialist government of François Hollande, which is fully subservient to Qatar and assorted Islamic bullies), it is now verboten for French patriots to hold any rally explicitly against “Islam”  (one wouldn't want to frighten the horses, errr camels) that is why they gave it the official title :
"Rally asking for the resignation of the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls 
and the Minister of Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve. Paris 30. June 2015."

Full transcript of this video (and more)  at the Gates of Vienna and thanks, once again,  to the tireless Vlad Tepes for the subtitling

Incidentally, Riposte Laïque is now being prosecuted before the Courts for defamation,  by the best promoter  Qatar ever had, the Mayor of Paris, Mme Hidalgo. This Madame "Je Suis Charlie" was very offended by the freedom of speech when used by Riposte Laique  to post a little carricature  of herself: No more hypocritical   "Je Suis Charlie", now she goes for: "Je POUR-SUIS Charlie". (I'm indulging in a little word-play here: je suis = I am, je poursuis = I hunt)


A few days after this event the Minister of Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve (the physically and otherwise very small man didn't want to be left behind) also lodged a complaint against Riposte Laique for defamation because they had accused him of "collaborating with Islam" (truth is no defence). Here are a couple of his pronouncements: 

1st picture caption reads:
"It's not an offence to praise Jihad"
2nd picture caption reads:
"Evoking the Christian  roots of France is contaminating history and making France gradually more nauseating."

AND:  shortly after that the Police Chief of France who emasculates his police force to a point where the incidence of suicide among the French Police is increasing alarmingly) joined those nostalgic for a modern Trial of the Witches of Salem by accusing them also of — you guessed it — defamation.

Have a look of how the French Police are treated by the "protegés of the socialist government of France": In this video they tried to stop some illegal migrants (refugees) from hawking goods to tourists, in the Jardin des Tuilleries in the centre of Paris. These 4 outnumbered, powerless and  battered police will get no support from their Minister for Justice, Taubira, nor from the police Minister who is busy suing French patriots: 


Only a few  years ago, also on a sunny Parisian afternoon, I took this photo in the forecourt of the Louvre, and I wonder if these delightful young gendarmes of yesteryear were  the battered police of yesterday, defeated by Hollande, Cazeneuve, Taubira and the rest of the gang. 

Et pour finir, une petite  cerise sur le gateau;)


Friday, 14 August 2015

Letter from Iran: READ IT !

"One great exposé of why the world is melting down is explained beautifully in this comment by an expat Middle Easterner on a comment at Gates of Vienna here."

Thus spoke  Eeyore from VladTepes. And whenever Eeyore recommends a reading, I know that I am in for a treat. 

I don't know anything about  the author of this stunningly limpid piece of writing, but I know that I would just love to personally hand it to all our cowardly, ill-educated, wilfully blind so-called "Western Leaders" and push their faces into it, physically and otherwise!

If, as I suspect, there is a fundamental difference between being "Persian" and being  a member of the "Islamic Republic of Iran" (vague memories ring a bell here*)  I strongly suspect that ritamalik is  "Persian" and so, in the old "Persian tradition" I give you his/her comment without correcting any little linguistic or punctuation  mistakes, be they deliberate or not. 

"...First let me say that I am an Iranian ex-pat and I want to tell you my perspective on these issues as an outsider to Western culture:

As I have observed, you, Westerners now for close to 20 year that I have lived amongst you, I have learned that you are a people that think you are responsible for all the things that go on in the world. 

You are obsessively solution oriented people, which means you think for any problem that we have in this world, there must be a solution and you implement various solutions to international problems that you see around you. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.

You also are a highly responsible people and when even the slightest thing goes wrong you are very angry and indignant about it and you quickly want to find the one responsible for it and punish him. You quickly look for someone to sue.

Being a guilt oriented culture (as oppose to shame and honour oriented) also you are very quick to take responsibility when you feel (real or imagined) that you did something wrong and quickly start to beat your chests in a public mea culpa and engage in a proverbial self-flagellation.

All of the above make you incapable of understanding people from my neck of the woods and yours and our tendencies have made a really toxic combination on the world stage.

Why? Because we in the Middle East are a very irresponsible and fatal lot. When things go wrong for us (as they often do) we never fuss over why they went wrong too much. We expect things to go wrong all the time as part of the natural process of things and when they do we don’t try to find the guilty party to sue him. Analysis and self reflection and making sure it will never happen again and stuff like that are highly alien activities to us.

Unless of course what went wrong causes us shame and embarrassment, in which case we will do anything possible to deflect blame from ourselves, especially if we have a hunch that it actually was our fault. We will make a lot of noise, give lots of excuses and engage in a lot of blame shifting. We role up in fetal position and pretend that we are actually the prime victims of what went wrong, all the while knowing full well that we have caused the damn thing to go wrong ourselves!

All of that dysfunctional behaviour is highly exacerbated if there is a willing person (or country or culture) who is gladly taking all the blame for our behaviour on himself and has the peculiar tendency to totally disregard our role in what went wrong.

Now this toxic mix applies to the politics and wars in the Middle East and in the 3rd world in general in this following way:

We in the Middle East have a problem for example we have a brutal dictator like Saddam.Then you see that we are suffering and people are being tortured in his prison and you wonder how you could help. Then Saddam invades Kuwait. You decide, enough is enough and attack and free Kuwait, but you decide not to go all the way in and remove Saddam. Then Saddam, angrier than ever lashes out even more at his own people and kills2 lots of dissidents and gases the Kurds.

Now all of this becomes your fault, because you didn’t finish the job and didn’t remove Saddam.

Then Saddam continues his bad behaviour and now he is even trying to develop WMDs. This time you say, enough is enough and you go in and remove him. You offer democracy and financial aid on a plater to the Iraqis.

Now in post Saddam Iraq Shias and Sunnis start to fight and chaos starts to reign and no matter how much you try you cannot properly pacify the country. So now all of this chaos becomes your fault. Everybody says that you should not have intervened and removed Saddam because even though he was brutal, he was keeping everyone in line and preventing Shias and Sunnis from killing each other. So now what do you do? You say OK! Enough is enough, we leave and won’t intervene again because we just made a mess. So you pull out your troops, and now what? The Shia vs. Sunni fight exacerbates and even war and chaos spreads to the rest of the region. 

In Syria you decided not to intervene and now ISIS has taken over. So now you assume that the rise of ISIS was somehow your fault as well. But had you actually intervened and tried to put a regime that was a bit more manageable than ISIS, you would have been blaming yourself for having installed a puppet regime who would predictably torture everyone and make people miserable and want to leave their country. Damed if you do, damned if you don’t seems to be the destiny of any policy that you pursue in the 3rd World.

People are still blaming the West for not having intervened in Rwanda in the 90s when 800 thousand people where killed, while simultaneously blaming the West for intervening in Iraq, Somalia and elsewhere.

In all of these blame and regrets one thing is missing, assigning responsibility to the people of the 3rd world themselves, who are actually the primary causes of the chaos and mayhem in their own countries, as if we are passive objects that if you push the wrong button in us we will inevitably act in a certain way. 

West was NOT at fault for the genocide in Rwanda! The Rwandans were! West is not at fault for the chaos in the Middle East, we Middle Easterners are! We are the one’s who have a bloodlust and long to shed each other’s blood for silly reasons. Your “failure” to stop us from destroying ourselves IS NOT YOUR FAULT!!!!! We are a confusing and hard to deal with lot! Please get that!!!

In dealing with us, people of the Middle East, you have had, and will have one long series of lose-lose options. There are no win-lose options! None! When dealing with irresponsible and bloodthirsty cultures you cannot have good outcomes, no matter how much you wreck your heads and try to come up with a policy that would work and bring peace and prosperity to us! It will not happen! We are the ones who have to change and do some self-reflection and soul-searching in order to maybe,… just maybe, learn to be a bit more civilised!

Meanwhile, all that I ask of you is that, whether you decide to intervene or not in our affairs, keep your expectation of the outcome low, accept no responsibility for the outcome, put the blame for the negative outcome of what ever policy you pursued where it belongs (on us!) so that we won’t have the chance to save our face despite our countries being in an embarrassing mess, and feel like victims when we should be soul-searching, and for the sake of anything that you hold holy and dear, please don’t wreck your nice and orderly and civilised societies and advanced cultures, by taking millions of refugees, in order to save us from the mess thad has nothing to do with you and came about despite your best efforts, that we have caused with our own hands, and given half the chance, we will cause in your countries as well as soon as we settle down here, or even sooner!

Thank you!


Thank you Gates of Vienna
Thank you Eeyore and Vlad

(*) According to this article (h/t Vlad) "Iran" seems to be  an  attempt at  onomatopoeically  "sucking up" to Hitler's "Ayrian" nightmare.


P.S.: I couldn't find any Arab orchestra to play the "Persian March" ...fancy that ! ;)  ... LOL as they say. 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Bacchus-u-Akbar à la Mozart

You can find the introduction to this little Mozart Gem at Gates of Vienna, always elegant, always relevant.