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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Barbarians WITHIN the Gates of France

I am an unashamed admirer of Pierre Cassen founder of Riposte Laïque  and am proud to call  this courageous French man my friend. He is part of that rapidly disappearing  France I so love.  In his speech below he points out, like so often, all the important hits France will take from these barbarians who will destroy her culture, her history and her freedom to love. 

On the week-end after  the first Islamic (euphemistically often referred to as "nothing-to-do-with-islam") decapitation of a Frenchman on French soil, Riposte Laïque and Résistance Républicaine organised a rally in Paris.  Below is the  video of the closing speech by Pierre Cassen,  published on the 30 June 2015.

Although the Frenchman was decapitated by a Muslim in the name of Allah, and everyone knows that the cancer eating France is  her gang rape by- and submission to Islam (facilitated by the virulently socialist government of François Hollande, which is fully subservient to Qatar and assorted Islamic bullies), it is now verboten for French patriots to hold any rally explicitly against “Islam”  (one wouldn't want to frighten the horses, errr camels) that is why they gave it the official title :
"Rally asking for the resignation of the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls 
and the Minister of Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve. Paris 30. June 2015."

Full transcript of this video (and more)  at the Gates of Vienna and thanks, once again,  to the tireless Vlad Tepes for the subtitling

Incidentally, Riposte Laïque is now being prosecuted before the Courts for defamation,  by the best promoter  Qatar ever had, the Mayor of Paris, Mme Hidalgo. This Madame "Je Suis Charlie" was very offended by the freedom of speech when used by Riposte Laique  to post a little carricature  of herself: No more hypocritical   "Je Suis Charlie", now she goes for: "Je POUR-SUIS Charlie". (I'm indulging in a little word-play here: je suis = I am, je poursuis = I hunt)


A few days after this event the Minister of Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve (the physically and otherwise very small man didn't want to be left behind) also lodged a complaint against Riposte Laique for defamation because they had accused him of "collaborating with Islam" (truth is no defence). Here are a couple of his pronouncements: 

1st picture caption reads:
"It's not an offence to praise Jihad"
2nd picture caption reads:
"Evoking the Christian  roots of France is contaminating history and making France gradually more nauseating."

AND:  shortly after that the Police Chief of France who emasculates his police force to a point where the incidence of suicide among the French Police is increasing alarmingly) joined those nostalgic for a modern Trial of the Witches of Salem by accusing them also of — you guessed it — defamation.

Have a look of how the French Police are treated by the "protegés of the socialist government of France": In this video they tried to stop some illegal migrants (refugees) from hawking goods to tourists, in the Jardin des Tuilleries in the centre of Paris. These 4 outnumbered, powerless and  battered police will get no support from their Minister for Justice, Taubira, nor from the police Minister who is busy suing French patriots: 


Only a few  years ago, also on a sunny Parisian afternoon, I took this photo in the forecourt of the Louvre, and I wonder if these delightful young gendarmes of yesteryear were  the battered police of yesterday, defeated by Hollande, Cazeneuve, Taubira and the rest of the gang. 

Et pour finir, une petite  cerise sur le gateau;)



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