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Friday, 29 June 2018

Blacks kill Whites in South Africa

I have posted "excerpts" of this documentary before on my blog, but I have not seen this full version of it  yet myself. However, when I looked up "Lauren Southern", the maker of this movie, on the "Internet" what came up, not only first, but second and third and so-on were describers like : "faaaaaar right", "alt right",  "extreeeeeme right" and so on; the kindliest epithet given to this brilliant young journalist was simply an unqualified  "of the rrrrright".

So, in the tone of Clive James who once responded  to an  accusation  by some woman that he would "have her only for sex" quipped "what is so only" about sex", I would ask, (rhetorically in my case), what's so bad about the "rrrright" ? 

Anyway, I have not seen this whole documentary yet, but I trust Lauren Southern enough to post it, without "checking" because that young journalist has more integrity in her little pinkie, than the hypocritical lot on the other side have in their whole....(insert  what you think is the relevant bodypart - no brains involved - here) ...........

And then there are the songs like this fairy-tale by a politically correct guy who sings well yet who would never risk to go against the politically correct, but truth-wise incorrect narrative. I like his songs, I like his voice so I forgive him his lies, because he really, really  sounds sooooooo  good:

Update 28. 8. 2018

Found this today on Twitter: 


Saturday, 16 June 2018

Austria closes Mosques France builds more of 'em

So, after the bête noire of the Left, the magnificent President Trump, yet another Leader has emerged who keeps his elections promises: Sebastian Kurz. The  Austrian Chancellor has now proved that, just because one is a young and rather handsome Leader of a country one does not have to be as intellectually and ethically challenged as Canada's Justin Trudeau, nor as dhimmified as the French Emmanuel Macron.

Let's hear what Imam Tawhidi, the "Imam of Peace" and hence another Bête Noire among his own side who send him many death threats,  thinks of it: 

Of course Adolf Erdogan has virtually declared War and Chancellor Kurz is meanwhile (sad to say not surprisingly)  also receiving serious death threats. The upside of this: the Danube has just turned from "brown" back to blue again !

The German have an expression, very fitting for many of the present "leaders" who outdo each other in cowardice:   (yes I'm looking at the two deadly daughters of clergy...Angela and Theresa  among others) In vorauseilendem Gehorsam  -  the nuance of the contempt gets a little lost in translation, but the best I can do is: "In eagerly anticipatory obedience".....

And so, in eagerly anticipatory obedience, the Mayor of Nice (remember Nice?*),  Estrosi, from memory a rather close protegé of Macron, has given yet more land etc. for the building of a mosque.  The excellent news-source FdeSouche reports: 

La mairie de Nice (06) octroie un terrain de 3000 m² pour une grande mosquée en toute discrétion.

The town hall of Nice (06) grants, very discreetly,  a plot of 3000 m² for a large mosque.

(*) Yes, we are talking of "that" Nice: 

Their report is sourced from a News Release Issued June 14, 2018 by Philippe Vardon from the "Rassemblement National" (new name for Marine Le Pen's party "Le Front National"and Marie-Christine Arnautu, French Member of the European Parliament and Nice City Councillor: 

A municipal site for the future great mosque of Nice-Ouest co-managed by the UOIF : 
thank you Estrosi !

This morning, the Estrosi municipality made official its promise: it will grant a 3000 m² plot of land for the construction of a large mosque in the Plaine du Var, and in the meantime it will provide the association with a new 500 m² municipal building. The municipality obviously does not want this to be made (too) public, faced with the presence of France 3 Christian Estrosi seems to have been replaced at the last moment by its First Deputy, Philippe Pradal.

Let us recall that the Islamists of the Union of the Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF) are part of the association which will manage the provisional mosque on the road to Grenoble, then the great mosque of the Plaine du Var! Imam Aissaoui, the head of the UOIF in the department, was present this morning alongside representatives of the municipality.

The electoral cronyism of the municipality of Estrosi led it once again into unacceptable and even irresponsible compromises. We will ensure that all residents of Nice are aware of these activities, and we will strongly oppose the City's premises and land benefiting this association. We must put an end to the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in our city... and not increase it!

Philippe Vardon
Membre du Bureau national du Rassemblement National
Vice-président du Groupe Rassemblement National - Région PACA
Responsable du Bassin niçois
Marie-Christine Arnautu
Député français au Parlement européen
Conseiller municipal et communautaire de Nice 

Just look at those eager little  "French Authorities" sweating and bowing before their bearded "rulers" in nighties....Dhimmitude assumed in "vorauseilendem Gehorsam" !!!

The planting of an olive tree (to prove that Islam is a "religion" and what's more: a "religion of PEACE" ) on the place of yet another "grande mosque" in France, Labor supplied by the French Dhimmies in "vorauseilendem Gehorsam" (eager, anticipatory obedience).  

And only one day after having been granted generously large "muslim prayer premises" usable right now right there, plus given  a huge parcel of land for their mosque, they were - derrière up, head down, occupying yet more French public space: Philippe Vardon, posted this picture and comment: 

Here is the picture again.... 

For those who read French and who want to hear what some of the bravest French patriots have to say, despite the might of the unholy trinity: Government/Justice/Media trying to silence them with all the corrupt power at their disposal, here are some links to look up: 

Whatever Macron and assorted Dhimmies say: 
Islam does not belong in France!

PS: I just learn that in the Nice Daily, Nice_Matin, an imam explained that they just HAD to organise these gigantic "prayers in the streets" of Nice, because there were not enough mosques. 

In reality, there are 18 mosques in Nice and just the previous day the mayor of Nice, Estrosi, had given them (the muslims) 3000m2 of municipal land for yet another new mosque.

19 June 2018

And here is a photo tweeted by Phillipe Vardon,  which shows these "prayers" in the streets of Nice:

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Tommy Robinson's Life Is In imminent Danger !!! (developing)

They want him dead NOW and are trying to execute him via Murder-by-Muslims

Who are "they"  ?

Raheem Kassam , an ex-Muslim and, I think, a personal friend of Tommy Robinson, tweeted this just a couple of hours ago: 

And then there is, of course,  the English copy of Angela Merkel, daughter of clergy like the second worst chancellor of Germany, and pathological Islamophile and Dhimmy just like Germany's wannabe Mother Terrorista Theresa,  the British Prime Minister, Theresa May who, on Apr 30, 2018, appointed the first Muslim, Sajid Javidas, to the second most powerful position in her government as Britain's new Home Secretary. Traditionally, this is the last stepping stone to becoming Prime Minister of this once "Great" Britain. 

If you are someone who prays, now would be the time to pray for Tommy Robinson.

Find more on this horrid horrid horrid situation at Vlad Tepes.

See also this blog's earlier postings on Tommy:

Adorno said "...To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric..."; 

Let me put a variation to this thought:

While Tommy Robinson is on Death Row, put there by the corrupt Government of Britain, the music will stop. 

Update 1
14. January 2018

An Ex Prisoner shares his reflections on Tommy's situation. 

This is the greater part of a commentary in response  to a video that has  since  been deleted (I wonder why) by 123ubuntu666, which makes a lot of sense to me: 

"...What I think will happen is they will happily give him solitary and try to break him as much as possible.

I think we are looking at him doing his full sentence now. Sends a message out. Helps to break him down more. They will probably move him every time he gets comfortable as well. Forcing him to whack someone else in the gob to get solitary. Making him look more violent than he is. Perhaps even increasing his sentence. That kind of thing.

Then, when he gets out, if he gets out, there will be so many restrictions and BS put on him that they will hope he quietly slinks away in to the sunset. Tommy has done his bit. More than most men of this country. He has nothing left to prove. If he decides he wants a quiet life when he comes out, I'll support him in that. But I think Tommy will be OK.

There is a game being played here. They don't want open revolution. They just want to keep wearing people down. Disorientating them. Demoralising them. It's too dangerous for Tommy to just get offed. But they will keep him and everyone else on the edge of believing that is a possibility.

This whole thing stinks of propaganda and provocation. It's almost like they are trying to gauge people's reactions as to what will happen. There's this thing, called the Internet, and it's a wonderful mechanism for distribution of information, for the people, but it's also a wonderful mechanism for collation of information and data mining, for the elite. Double edged sword.

If Tommy was to get hurt, there would definitely be uproar. But I don't think the houses of parliament would get burned down. But what would happen is that deeper resentments, long festering would eventually come to light. There would be a new game in town. There would be true plotting of revolution. It would be far more dangerous to the powers that be than a few street riots..."

15. June 2018

The video below and introduction was published on June 16, 2018 by:

Ex Prisoner Cody
"Tommy Robinson's police interview on 24 hours in police custody (2015ish) after being arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated common assault after he flew into Luton airport. The charge stemmed from his time as a serving prisoner at HMP Peterborough where Tommy was warned that a Muslim inmate had offered £500, half ounce of spice & a mobile phone then Tommy went after the inmate in question...."


Update 24.6.2018

This flew over the Sydney Opera House a couple of days ago: 

Update 3. July 2018

The link to this song was posted below, in the comments section:

Latest news on Tommy Robinson via a Video from Ezra Levant from Rebel Media :

Transcript of this ^^^ Rebel TV video:

Moments ago I received a shocking message from Tommy Robinson’s family.

Tommy’s legal appeal, scheduled for next week in London’s Royal Courts of Justice, has been cancelled.

The excuse? The government’s lawyers say they’re not ready.

That’s a damnable lie, of course.

Tommy has been languishing in prison since May 25th. The Crown Prosecution Service — what could be called the UK’s largest law firm — has had a month and a half to prepare. They have every legal expert at their disposal. They have unlimited resources.

But they simply want Tommy to rot in jail longer.

Every day for Tommy in prison is like a week — because he’s in solitary confinement, for his own safety from Muslim prison gangs who would kill him if they could.
Tommy is ready for his appeal.
Tommy’s lawyers are ready — and his new team have only been working on the appeal for two weeks.
The judge his ready — Lord Justice Brian Leveson, the most senior criminal judge in the UK.

But someone — somewhere — in the government wants Tommy to stay in jail just a little bit longer.

This is a “stitch-up”, as Tommy would say.

So much for the land of the Magna Carta. So much for the rule of law.

I will continue to send you news as I receive it from Tommy's family or his lawyers.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. For all of my updates on this subject, or to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign authorized by Tommy and his family, please visit www.SaveTommy.com

P.P.S. One last thought. The state says they need more time to prepare for this legal appeal. Funny: they didn’t



And here is the second version of the song, posted (with the lyrics) in the comment section by "Anonymous" whom I thank for it.


Tuesday, 12 June 2018

"Trump is the Jew among Politicians"...

...so says Henryk Marcin Broder, who calls himself  Henryk "Modest" Broder with this charming self-deprecating humour. Mr. Broder is a Polish-born German journalist, author and (in my opinion) one of the wittiest commentators in Germany. His often seemingly flippant comments hide (I think) a deep humanity and (I know)  a sharp wit. Surprisingly, he seems to sail relatively unscathed, through the minefields of political correctness and the  Stasi-like control of the German media, in which others who, like him,  dared to swim against the effluent have lost their voice and sometimes more. 

You can find more of Henrik Broder and other interesting German articles and videos here at  Die Achse des Guten. 

Transcript of the video

Mirror mirror on the wall, what's happening in this land.

Trump is the poor bastard, of course. He drew the arse card.

No matter what he does, he always has the choice between wrong and wrong.

And he's doing exactly what he promised during his election campaign. That's all he does.

But I believe there is no greater sin in Germany than to do what one promised during the election campaign.

A proper politician wouldn't do that. At least, that's not usual anymore. 

And that's exactly what Trump does, and that's why everyone is terribly angry. 

I follow this every evening in the news on the topics of the day and they say: 

Trump destroys confidence, and Trump destroys the last chance for peace, and if there is a widespread fire now, it is because of Trump...

Trump cannot, per se, because he is Trump do anything right.

If he gets involved in a meeting with the North Korean fatty, the little Rocket man, then he lets himself be played by him, so to speak, and the newspapers write "how could he". 

If he has doubts about the meeting because little Rocket man does not want to accept certain conditions, then he refuses the dialogue.

I mean, what do you want, Trump just can't do anything right, it's incredible. 

And I don't want to overuse the comparison, but this is classical resentment, it's not prejudice.

Someone who feels resentment gives the victim of that resentment no chance, no matter what it does, it does it wrong.

By the way, that was the classical motive, so to speak the intellectual backbone of anti-Semitism:

Jews, when they were rich, they were exploiters, when they were poor, they were parasites. 

When they were patriots, they only wanted to creep in, when they were not patriots, they were traitors. 

"The Jew" could not do anything right. He was doomed to be "always guilty.

And exactly this number, I'm sorry dear comrades, exactly this number is now played on Trump. 

He does everything wrong.

So, to use a bold metaphor, I could say now: 

Trump is the Jew among politicians.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Susanna F. is dead: J'Accuse !

After the torture, gang rape and brutal murder of yet another young German girl, Susanna Feldmann, 14 years young and Jewish, by Iraqi and Turkish "Merkel Refugees" the Co-Leader of the AfD (Alternative for Germany), Dr. Alice Weidel addressed her "J'Accuse" to Chancellor Angela Merkel. 

It was Merkel's disastrous abandon of German border control and the invitation she extended to (so far) 1.5 million illegal (mostly muslim) migrants that have brought these alleged killers and their families to Germany.


Suzanna is dead. A rejected asylum seeker from Iraq and his Turkish crony, who also lived in an asylum shelter, abused, raped for hours and gruesomely murdered the 14-year-old girl. 

A brutal crime that must deeply shake every thinking and feeling person. 

Maria from Freiburg, Mia from Kandel, Mireille from Flensburg and now Susanna from Mainz. Anyone who has children of his own, perhaps even a daughter of this age, knows the fear for his loved ones, which increases anew with every one of these crimes. 

Susanna's parents, her friends, her relatives and schoolmates - they mourn the young life that has been torn from their midst and I mourn with them, and I accuse, because Susanna's death is not an indiscriminate stroke of fate, Susanna's death is the result of years of organised irresponsibility and a blatant political failure of the asylum and immigration policy. 

Susanna is the victim of a left-wing multicultural ideology that tramples over the dead to stage her own moral superiority. Susanna is another victim of Chancellor Angela Merkel's hypocritical and selfish welcome policy. 

Ali Pasha, Susanna's suspected Iraqi rapist came into the country with the 2015 asylum onslaught... According to law and order, he should not only never have entered Germany, but should have left the country long ago, because his application for asylum was rejected. 

Ali Basha was known to the police for assault, robbery, attacks on police officers, illegal possession of weapons. Already in March he was suspected of raping an 11-year-old girl in a refugee home. According to law and order, he should have left Germany long ago or should have been arrested. 

His application for asylum was rejected two years ago. Yet he was allowed to stay because he lodged a complaint against it: an absurd right to asylum and a grotesque asylum policy that is as lenient with asylum fraudsters and criminals as it ignores the legitimate concerns of its own citizens make this possible. 

Ali Basha, his parents and 5 siblings lived here at our expense, they could not be deported, but after his crime they were able to flee, board an air plane with fake papers and go underground in Iraq, plane ticket, false passports, all no problem in the Germany of open borders in which obviously anyone who does not want to abide by law and order can enter and leave at will. 

On the very day Susanna's body was found, Chancellor Merkel claimed, in reply to the accusations of my colleague Gottfried Curio in the Bundestag that she had acted "responsibly and legally in the refugee crisis". 

Dare you tell that to Susanna's parents, Mrs. Merkel? 

But no, your hard-heartedness and self-righteousness of your entire cabinet do not allow you to honour the relatives of the victims of your policy with a personal word. 

But we citizens will not accept this, you must at long last take responsibility, Mrs Merkel, resign !!!, you and your entire cabinet !!!, and clear the way for another asylum policy based on law and order, so that the fathers and mothers in our country no longer have to be afraid for their children. 

The AfD ("Alternative for Germany") Dr. Alice Weidel's young conservative party, wanted to use their speech time in the Bundestag (Parliament) to honour the little girl with one minute of silence. The Greens Deputy leader and speaker of the house, one Claudia Roth, would have none of it and rudely interrupted this modest sign of respect for a victim of Merkel's immigration policies. 

Her cronies among the Members of Parliament from the Left/Greens, but also members of the fake "conservative" Merkel-Government broke the respectful silence with applause and loud chatter. 

Some months earlier, this extreme left and pro-illegal-immigration, Green politician actually initiated a minute silence in the same parliament for some illegal migrants that had drowned in the Mediterranean while following the siren call of Angela Merkel. 

Some people are asking themselves (I among them) if this decision by the militantly islamophile Miss Roth had something to do with the fact, that the young murdered girl was Jewish.......

An Article by Daniel Greenfield

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Likes and Dislikes for June 2018

Will be updated as I come across interesting titbits
during June 2018

These are the "unaccompanied children" among the Merkel Rapefugees. Look at the T-shirt the "Merkel-Child-Refugee" wears and the message on it ! "How's it going, bitches" !

Found this today  -  shortest day of the year in Australia - at Riposte Laïque:

Une évidence injustement oubliée. Et cela fait des siècles.

An unjustly forgotten evidence. Yet it has been centuries. 

Death wears a Burka 

Your protegés, Merkel and Pope Francis: are they Refugees or invaders ? 

This tweet needs no explanation, other than it came with a WARNING, that the "media in this tweet may offend" and I had to push an extra button to venture in to the big bad world of Riposte Laïque, one of the most informative and fearless Re-Information sites of France. To tell the truth, however, Riposte Laïque, unlike these brave sheep, do not cross within protected zones, nor do they walk within the herd. 

H/T yucki @ Vladtepes blog

The Poster's short Twitter bio of the following little video reads:
Darko Crncevic 🇵🇱

"Father. Immigrant. Swedish. Fighter. Specialist and former black hat. Recently fled Sweden for Poland."

He introduces the video below: 

"When Stina Dabrowski came with her "Swedish superiority" and was thoroughly lectured by Margaret Thatcher. Full crusher.

If you think about it properly, what comes up in this clip says a lot about why Sweden is as it is today.f you think about it properly, what comes up in this clip says a lot about why Sweden is as it is today."



Sunday, 3 June 2018

Last Interview with Tommy Robinson before his arrest

Elsa, who did this interview just 2 days before Tommy Robinson got wrenched off the street by 7 police, who were unable to clearly articulate their reason for doing so, put into a Paddy waggon and driven away, destination unknown and not divulged for what seemed an eternity. (See my previous post)

Elsa introduces her wonderful talk with Tommy:

"Interview with Tommy Robinson:

On people who say it's too late, on himself at 18, on the many lessons he's learned, on some people saying he has the making of a great Prime Minister, on laughing though the situation is desperate, and on the huge change that has happened for him over the past 2 years, because he now can feel the massive support he has. 

Two days after the interview, on May 25th, he was arrested again. This time, it was for (supposedly) disturbing the peace. He was going about his business of being a reporter - not on the side of those in power. 

His arrest brings up thoughts of people like Gandhi and Mandela. Gandhi was arrested over and over. Mandela (unlike Tommy, a true danger) spent 27 years in prison. Both spoke out against those in power, and both demanded change. 

There are major differences between Gandhi, Mandela and Tommy:

Gandhi was a lawyer - well educated. Mandela was the son of a tribal leader - a prince, one might say. Tommy is working class. In fact, the mainstream media has smeared him for his class background, for instance as a football hooligan. 

Unlike Mandela and Gandhi, from the beginning Tommy has always been for peaceful protest. He has also always been openly and strongly against racism as well as homophobia - against discrimination against individuals. 

His protest has always been against an ideology, Islamic ideology, and against behaviours that violate human rights - like the "grooming" of indigenous British girls by largely Islamic rape gangs, and like the inaction, for decades, of the police, social workers and government officials. 

Tommy Robinson, a man with the courage to keep speaking out, and with an amazing capacity to lead. 

Within a couple of days of the arrest, over half a million people worldwide had signed the petition asking for his release. Protests erupted worldwide - Australia, Canada, Israel, France, Germany, as well as Great Britain, of course. 

Perhaps Tommy will be the next great leader of Great Britain."


To sign the petition:   https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-... 

To support Tommy: https://tommyrobinson.online 

To subscribe to updates: http://WorldTruthSummit.com


Update: 24. June 2018

A few days ago at the Sydney Opera House: