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Friday, 29 June 2018

Blacks kill Whites in South Africa

I have posted "excerpts" of this documentary before on my blog, but I have not seen this full version of it  yet myself. However, when I looked up "Lauren Southern", the maker of this movie, on the "Internet" what came up, not only first, but second and third and so-on were describers like : "faaaaaar right", "alt right",  "extreeeeeme right" and so on; the kindliest epithet given to this brilliant young journalist was simply an unqualified  "of the rrrrright".

So, in the tone of Clive James who once responded  to an  accusation  by some woman that he would "have her only for sex" quipped "what is so only" about sex", I would ask, (rhetorically in my case), what's so bad about the "rrrright" ? 

Anyway, I have not seen this whole documentary yet, but I trust Lauren Southern enough to post it, without "checking" because that young journalist has more integrity in her little pinkie, than the hypocritical lot on the other side have in their whole....(insert  what you think is the relevant bodypart - no brains involved - here) ...........

And then there are the songs like this fairy-tale by a politically correct guy who sings well yet who would never risk to go against the politically correct, but truth-wise incorrect narrative. I like his songs, I like his voice so I forgive him his lies, because he really, really  sounds sooooooo  good:

Update 28. 8. 2018

Found this today on Twitter: 



  1. Thank you. I watched it right through. It's a bad situation.

    Perfectly normal, sane, rational, law-abiding, intelligent, peaceful, hard working, people are today being labelled 'far right'. It's insane.

    The latest I heard about was Austrian leader Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP). I understand he was so described in the Financial Times.

  2. @ Gwil W:
    my apologies for publishing this so late. (some new software I'm not familier with yet).
    I like your blog name "zenmyas" :)