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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Austria closes Mosques France builds more of 'em

So, after the bête noire of the Left, the magnificent President Trump, yet another Leader has emerged who keeps his elections promises: Sebastian Kurz. The  Austrian Chancellor has now proved that, just because one is a young and rather handsome Leader of a country one does not have to be as intellectually and ethically challenged as Canada's Justin Trudeau, nor as dhimmified as the French Emmanuel Macron.

Let's hear what Imam Tawhidi, the "Imam of Peace" and hence another Bête Noire among his own side who send him many death threats,  thinks of it: 

Of course Adolf Erdogan has virtually declared War and Chancellor Kurz is meanwhile (sad to say not surprisingly)  also receiving serious death threats. The upside of this: the Danube has just turned from "brown" back to blue again !

The German have an expression, very fitting for many of the present "leaders" who outdo each other in cowardice:   (yes I'm looking at the two deadly daughters of clergy...Angela and Theresa  among others) In vorauseilendem Gehorsam  -  the nuance of the contempt gets a little lost in translation, but the best I can do is: "In eagerly anticipatory obedience".....

And so, in eagerly anticipatory obedience, the Mayor of Nice (remember Nice?*),  Estrosi, from memory a rather close protegé of Macron, has given yet more land etc. for the building of a mosque.  The excellent news-source FdeSouche reports: 

La mairie de Nice (06) octroie un terrain de 3000 m² pour une grande mosquée en toute discrétion.

The town hall of Nice (06) grants, very discreetly,  a plot of 3000 m² for a large mosque.

(*) Yes, we are talking of "that" Nice: 

Their report is sourced from a News Release Issued June 14, 2018 by Philippe Vardon from the "Rassemblement National" (new name for Marine Le Pen's party "Le Front National"and Marie-Christine Arnautu, French Member of the European Parliament and Nice City Councillor: 

A municipal site for the future great mosque of Nice-Ouest co-managed by the UOIF : 
thank you Estrosi !

This morning, the Estrosi municipality made official its promise: it will grant a 3000 m² plot of land for the construction of a large mosque in the Plaine du Var, and in the meantime it will provide the association with a new 500 m² municipal building. The municipality obviously does not want this to be made (too) public, faced with the presence of France 3 Christian Estrosi seems to have been replaced at the last moment by its First Deputy, Philippe Pradal.

Let us recall that the Islamists of the Union of the Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF) are part of the association which will manage the provisional mosque on the road to Grenoble, then the great mosque of the Plaine du Var! Imam Aissaoui, the head of the UOIF in the department, was present this morning alongside representatives of the municipality.

The electoral cronyism of the municipality of Estrosi led it once again into unacceptable and even irresponsible compromises. We will ensure that all residents of Nice are aware of these activities, and we will strongly oppose the City's premises and land benefiting this association. We must put an end to the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in our city... and not increase it!

Philippe Vardon
Membre du Bureau national du Rassemblement National
Vice-président du Groupe Rassemblement National - Région PACA
Responsable du Bassin niçois
Marie-Christine Arnautu
Député français au Parlement européen
Conseiller municipal et communautaire de Nice 

Just look at those eager little  "French Authorities" sweating and bowing before their bearded "rulers" in nighties....Dhimmitude assumed in "vorauseilendem Gehorsam" !!!

The planting of an olive tree (to prove that Islam is a "religion" and what's more: a "religion of PEACE" ) on the place of yet another "grande mosque" in France, Labor supplied by the French Dhimmies in "vorauseilendem Gehorsam" (eager, anticipatory obedience).  

And only one day after having been granted generously large "muslim prayer premises" usable right now right there, plus given  a huge parcel of land for their mosque, they were - derrière up, head down, occupying yet more French public space: Philippe Vardon, posted this picture and comment: 

Here is the picture again.... 

For those who read French and who want to hear what some of the bravest French patriots have to say, despite the might of the unholy trinity: Government/Justice/Media trying to silence them with all the corrupt power at their disposal, here are some links to look up: 

Whatever Macron and assorted Dhimmies say: 
Islam does not belong in France!

PS: I just learn that in the Nice Daily, Nice_Matin, an imam explained that they just HAD to organise these gigantic "prayers in the streets" of Nice, because there were not enough mosques. 

In reality, there are 18 mosques in Nice and just the previous day the mayor of Nice, Estrosi, had given them (the muslims) 3000m2 of municipal land for yet another new mosque.

19 June 2018

And here is a photo tweeted by Phillipe Vardon,  which shows these "prayers" in the streets of Nice:

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