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Friday, 25 May 2018

Killing Tommy Robinson (updated 3.6.2018)

I am too angry and too upset right now to trust myself with an elaborate commentary, so I will let these videos speak instead. 

Please share them as  widely as possible, as my possibility to do so is rather limited at the moment, having  been booted from Twitter for accusing the British Government of attempted murder of Tommy Robinson  and for  wondering aloud if all that would make Sadiq Kahn (the Muslim mayor of London and 'former' defender of ISIS members) happy. I also asked, not rhetorically,  if the new Muslim Minister of the Interior had already started on his new, powerful  job. 

Tragedy or Terrorism?

 Tommy Robinsons poignant cris du coeur

Ezra Levant - a Lawyer 

H/T VladTepes Blog

Stefan Molineux - a Philosopher

H/T VladTepes Blog

A British  Ex-Police Officer

While the mainstream media would probably only report defamatorily about Tommy Robinson anyway, they have received official permission - even an 'order' -  from his "Honour" [sic] Judge Marson QC himself to kill  the story of this attempted murder by silence. The Germans have a word for this media device:  "totschweigen". 

If you are in the UK this might interest you: 

Demos planned for:
tomorrow (May26) at Downing Street, 3 PM local time ~ 
and Sunday (May 27) at Speakers’ Corner, 1 PM local time.


Resistance Républicaine and Riposte Laïque stand in solidarity for those who read French. 

Update 1: 

This is Tommy's life feed 1 hr 15 minutes  up to his arrest. I highly recommend it, it is an eye-opening hour, well worth your time. 

Of course, these "modern" English police persons were "following orders" but their courage seems to increase proportionally to the decreasing number  of their targets, i.e. 5 +  against 1 English man sees them more "assertive" than when they have to "control" a more substantial number of Muslims....remember this scene in London from a few years ago ? 

An image, conjured up on April 7, 2016,  by a post from  Dymphna - Gates of Vienna when Tommy Robinson was thrown into prison two years ago was this one:

"....It wasn’t just boiling water they’d set up to pour over him. It was boiling water with sugar in it which would have made his burns that much more serious. That mixture is called “napalm” by prisoners: 

No wonder Tommy is scared. A horrible way to die, an awful death to contemplate when you were almost a victim once and they want to send you back to the same environment..."

I will never forget this image, and fear for him, like do many around the world.

Update 2.

Pierre Cassens, the founder of Riposte Laïque has sent the following letter to the British Ambassador: 

Monsieur l’ambassadeur,

Nous sommes très inquiets, suite à l’arrestation honteuse par vos policiers de Tommy Robinson, et à sa condamnation immédiate à 13 mois de prison.

Il est, de manière grotesque, accusé de trouble à l’ordre public pour avoir filmé, à l’extérieur du tribunal, le procès du gang de Pakistanais qui ont multiplié les viols et les actes d’esclavage sexuel contre plusieurs centaines de jeunes Anglaises.

Vous savez que les musulmans qui peuplent les prisons anglaises (et françaises) ont juré sa mort. La place de Tommy, qui est un héros, pour nombre de Français, n’est certainement pas dans une prison. C’est l’image de tout votre pays qui est écornée, dans le monde entier, et en France, par ces pratiques dignes des pires dictatures.

Je vous remercie d’intercéder auprès du gouvernement anglais pour mettre fin au plus vite à ce scandale.

Merci d’avance, bonne journée.

Pierre Cassen

Fondateur de Riposte Laïque

Mr. Ambassador,

We are very concerned, following the shameful arrest by your police officers of Tommy Robinson, and his immediate sentence to 13 months in prison.

He is, in the most grotesque way, accused of disturbing the public order for having filmed, outside the courthouse, the trial of the Pakistani gang who multiplied the rapes and acts of sexual slavery against several hundred young English girls.

You know that the Muslims who populate English (and French) prisons have sworn his death. The place of Tommy, who is a hero to many French people, is certainly not in a prison. It is the image of your country as a whole that is being blighted, throughout the world and in France, by these practices worthy of the worst dictatorships.

I thank you for interceding with the British Government to urgently put an end to  this scandal.

Thank you in advance. Have a nice day.

Pierre Cassen

Founder of Riposte Laïque

If you can, please sign this petition: 

This "rant" from Tommy  is a little self-indulgence on my part; I share his loathing of Sadiq Kahn, said so on twitter and got suspended for it. The islamist Mayor of London might be short, but he seems to have very long arms......

Update 3

Some scenes from London's demonstrations against the summary imprisonment of Tommy Robinson: 


Update 4

Where does the buck stop ? 

One possible answer to this question in the Aussie vernacular was posted May 27, 2018 at 7:22 am  by Anne Smith on Robert Spencer's Site with the comment: 

"This is why he has been arrested. She must go."

I learned that one could continue to vomit for quite a long time after thinking one had finished.

And now from the grotesque to the sublime: 

With Black Pigeon Speaks you are sure to always get quality, he published this video on 27. May, 2018 and at the end of the video he shows us how we can help Tommy Robinson. 

Below are details to contact Tommy if you wish to send messages of support, money for postage stamps, phone calls and food/toiletries are always appreciated. 

A2084CG Stephen Lennon 
HMP Hull Prison 
Hedon Rd, 
Hull HU9 5LS 

✅You can also use this service to email Tommy, https://www.emailaprisoner.com/ 

✅If you wish to help Tommy’s legal fund you can do so by going to tommyrobinson.online/support

Update 5

Proud to be on the same side as Geert Wilders


Update 6

Postcard from Tel Aviv 

On May 28, 2018, Brian of London published this video from a protest outside the UK's Embassy in Tel Aviv. He writes: 

"There's a bit of Hebrew at 5 min until 6m40s, you can skip to after that"

Update 7
30. May 2018

Gag Order of British Media is lifted and so the "Fake Media" is already going to town  with Tommy-Bashing that goes from "heavy" to "manipulative". Lets start with the voice of someone who is ethical  and decent, Raheem Kassam:

More to follow as the tale of  "Two Justices" unfolds.

"Tommy Robinson broke the rules designed to stop him revealing the true scale of Jihad rape gangs in the U.K...." 

...is how Brian of London (now of Tel Aviv) introduces this fascinating video in which he not only goes into the details of Tommy Robinson's arrest, conviction and rapid incarceration on 25.5. 2018, but also lays out the bigger picture of why the UK State and their entire Criminal Justice system is so terrified of Tommy, that they have created conditions very likely to send only him to prison.

Towards the end of the video, Brian of London also gives you a short Islam101 lecture. While this is a 30 minutes long video, I think it's worth every second of your time, and, as Brian of London does not intersperse it with visual artifacts, you can just listen to it while you continue with your other activities.

I'd like to mention a few specific points which may be of interest to you: 

From Min. 5:50 
An explanation of the methodology used by these Jihad Rape Gangs and the euphemism of "grooming". 

From Min. 24.24: 
Al-Hijrah (Immigration to found an Islamic State)

Genesis of Judaism/Christianity/Islam: 

Year Zero for Jews 
is the creation of the universe

Year Zero for Christians 
is the birth as an innocent young baby in a manger in Bethlehem of Jesus Christ

Year Zero for Islam 
is something called Al-Hijrah:

Al-Hijrah  was the movement of Mohamed from Mecca to a Jewish town which is known today as Medina , Mecca to Medina. Year Zero was Mohamed moving because he was basically thrown out (of Mecca) and he went to Medina to found an Islamic State, the first Islamic State . And that is where he transitioned from peaceful follow-me-prophet into a "lets go hit some people and steal some stuff warlord". That is where he developed his big following and he took 10,000 men back to Mecca and that is the genesis of the point where Muslims say "Year Zero, Al-Hijrah, AH".

From Min. 27:20   
About Dhimmitude

From Min. 27:40 
Theresa May - as "Home Secretary"  banned Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from visiting the U.K.  Do you know who invited them ?....  Oh..BINGO, Tommy Robinson !!!
Follows the description  of the slaughter of British Soldier, Lee Rigby.

Incidentally, Theresa May has not finished yet with her Islamisation of the UK: just recently she appointed the first Muslim, Sajid Javid of Pakistani background  as Home Secretary. I think to remember that, traditionally,  "Home Secretary" is seen as a stepping stone to the position of the Prime Ministership. 

How far is Britain from having a Muslim PM ? 

Updates June 2018


Karim Ouchikh, Attorney-at-law at the Paris Bar , President of SIEL is organising a rally in support of Tommy Robinson, for Monday 4 June at 18:30, at the Jardin du Petit-Palais in Paris. 

He is outraged by the arbitrary arrest, under very opaque conditions, of this political figure. Together with the famous author, Renaud Camus, he intends to denounce the reprehensible practices that are currently taking place in Great Britain.

Caption reads:

"Never give up. Never. Never." 
Winston Churchill

Rally in Support of
organised by Renaud Camus and Karim Ouchikh
Monday, June 4 at 6:30 pm
Avenue Winston-Churchill (Paris 8e)
in front of the Winston Churchill statue
( Jardin du Petit-Palais)
Metro lines 1 and 13 - Champs-Elysés-Clemenceau

Responding to some question from the magazine Boulevard Voltaire he explained the reason behind the choice of place for the rally on 4. June 2018: 

"...The choice of the Churchill statue is obviously not innocuous...

We made the choice with Renaud Camus to retain this important site in our capital, two steps from the Petit Palace, Avenue du Président Winston Churchill. We have a beautiful statue representing this great British figure of resistance to German totalitarianism. It represents, from our point of view, that spirit of British resistance that is being undermined in Britain today. We wish to call on Winston Churchill's manes and his memory to denounce the absolutely reprehensible practices that are currently taking place in Great Britain..."

For updates on demonstrations in France see  also Riposte Laïque and Résitance Républicaine

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

GAZA+HAMAS: the Smelly Smoke Screen - Updated

Hamas and the "Fake Media" call it a "peaceful demonstration". Well that is when your understanding of "peaceful" goes something like this: 

Following the recent HAMAS violences, Pierre Rehov a very brave  film maker allows us a glimpse behind the smoke screen via this short film with this introduction:

"...From inside Gaza, the reality of the so called "peaceful demonstrations". Watch Hamas hate speeches. See how they build their propaganda at the expense of brainwashed, deceived and manipulated unfortunate people.

Understand why Israel has no choice but to protect itself using lethal force"  (my bolds)


I liked a comment from one of the  responders to Pierre Rehov's site, called "rebeccamaria63" who said:

"They even steal "next year in Jerusalem!"! Unfreakingbelievable! "

She is right, you can see it just shortly after Minute 4.  

...says Pamela Geller and I agree. 

Updated 23. May 2018

Pierre Rehov has now published Part II to his above film "Behind the Smokescreen" calling it "The Great Deception", (a title which I - gladly confessing to a definite lack of objectivity - think is the perfect description of this so-called  "Palestine" in a nutshell). 

His introduction of the film on twitter reads: 

" Behind The Smoke Screen, shared by hundreds of sites, has been watched more than 2 million times. A sequel was due. Here it is. Be the first to watch it... and share ( a lot of exclusive footage inside )

BEHIND THE SMOKESCREEN PART 2 ( THE GREAT DECEPTION ) is also available on Vimeo, to be downloaded and uploaded everywhere. Please, share, spread the truth."


Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Aussie Imam and the Jewish Ozraeli, ex IDF soldier

The video looks  raw, it seems unedited and it is authentic. 

These two men warm the cockles of my heart.  Find Imam Tawhidi  here and Avi Yemini here.    

I had some difficulties choosing a relevant piece of music here....so I went into "neutral".  This is a Swiss Yodel, telling  us that the flowers we may put on the graves are worth much much less than the smiles (and friendships) we can give each other while alive. Corny? YOU BET !!! ;)


The poster of this song writes: 

For those who don't know our language, I have a translation into written German which comes quite close to the original text and is therefore easier to translate into other languages.

Here it is: 

Man sieht viel trauriges wenn man durch das Leben geht, die Leute plagen einander und machen sich zu schaffen, wenn man dann im Sarg liegt am Lebensende, drücken sie einem noch schnell Blumen in die Hände. Es gibt manche die haben nichts zu lachen hier und es gibt viele die können das nicht verstehen, dann ist es gut wenn man darüber nachdenkt und merkt das man Blumen den Lebendigen schenkt. Ref. Darum bringe mir Blumen solange ich Freude daran haben kann und nicht erst dann, wenn ich zu Boden gehen muss und hat es im Leben halt nicht sollen sein, brauche ich auch keine Blumen wenn ich gestorben bin. Es braucht nur hier und dort ein freundliches Wort schon nur ein Lächeln, das hilft sofort und wenn du mir einmal Blumen gibst, schau dass es nicht erst auf dem Friedhof ist. Für das goldiges Kalb für die heilige Kuh, macht mancher alles und hat doch nie genug, er macht dabei den Andern das Leben schwer und kommt wenn es zu spät ist noch mit Blumen daher. Ref. 2x Darum bringe mir Blumen solange ich Freude daran haben kann und nicht erst dann, wenn ich zu Boden gehen muss und hat es im Leben halt nicht sollen sein, brauche ich auch keine Blumen wenn ich gestorben bin.

PS: just found this little gem, after posting: 

Some time ago I published a post, titling it: "An Australian Imam I could respect". Having followed this man's trajectory since, I will take out the conditional "could" !  


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Jerusalem, Capital of Israel v. HAMAS, Islamic Terrorist Group

Andrew Bolt, courageously swimming against the effluent emanating from the Left and assorted Jew Haters not only gets it, but he also shares it well, and only those of a Shoe-size IQ or of  ill intent will refuse to "understand". 

And here is Nikki Haley who, even in this vipers' nest of the UN always  remains elegant,  not only in appearance but also  intellectually and emotionally.  I could well see her as a future American President. 

The Palestinian Media Watch describes the "instructions" with which those "innocent and peaceful" Palestinian youth were sent on that so-called  "March of Return": 

"Bring a knife, dagger, or handgun," 
kidnap Israeli civilians,
and murder soldiers and settlers 


Update 1:

Robert Spencer reports:  

Hamas top dog admits Gaza protesters not “innocent civilians”: “If 62 people were martyred, 50 of them were Hamas”  

Continue reading the article at Jihadwatch

From about Minute 1:18 in this MEMRI video, you will see and hear "Ismail Haniyeh". On this picture below, he is the 3rd from the left. I dare say that their fortunes, made in the way of Allah?, have very much increased since the time of these photos.  

What I find 'interesting' in a galling way is, how this "brave, idealistic leader" of his poor, oppressed people  (all, according to him and much of the conformist Western Fake media  "victims of big bad Israel") can call for the destruction of Israel and the Jews, while shamelessly using Israel's hospitals for his whole clan and himself. 

Sometimes I wonder why Israel has not yet understood that  "no good deed shall go unpunished". 

Here is an extract from the Wikipedia article about this Ismail Hannieh: 

Haniyeh is married and has thirteen children.[32] In 2009, the family lived in Al-Shati refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip.[6] In 2010, Haniyeh purchased a 2,500 square metres (0.6 acres) parcel of land in Rimal, a Gaza City beachfront neighborhood.[32] Haniyeh registered the land in the name of his son-in-law.[32]

Subsequently, Haniyeh reportedly purchased additional homes and registered them under the names of his (13) children.[32] According to a 2014 Ynet article, Haniyeh is a millionaire, stemming from the 20% tax charged on all items entering though tunnels from Egypt to the Gaza Strip.[32] Haniyeh's eldest son was arrested by Egyptian authorities at the Rafah Border Crossing with a few million dollars, which he intended to take into Gaza.[32]

Haniyeh's sisters Kholidia, Laila and Sabah, are Israeli citizens and live in the Bedouin town of Tel as-Sabi in southern Israel.[33] Kholodia moved to Tel as-Sabi first and then her two sisters followed.[33] Kholidia's husband said "Our life is normal here and we want it to continue."[33] Laila and Sabah are both widowed but remain in Tel as-Sabi assumingly to retain their Israeli citizenship.[33] Some of the children of the three sisters have served in the Israel Defense Forces.[33]

In early 2012, Israeli authorities granted a request to travel to Haniyeh's sister, Suhila Abd el‑Salam Ahmed Haniyeh, and her critically ill husband for emergency heart treatment that could not be treated by hospitals in Gaza.[34] After successful treatment at the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva, Israel, the couple returned to Gaza.[34] Haniyeh's granddaughter was treated in an Israeli hospital in November 2013 and his mother in law was treated in an Israeli hospital in June 2014.[35]

In October 2014, a few months after the 2014 Israel–Gaza War, Haniyeh's daughter spent a week in an Israeli hospital in Tel Aviv for emergency treatment after she suffered complications from a routine procedure.[35]

I seem to remember that the grand daughter of Mahmoud Abbas was also treated in an Israeli Hospital during the last Intifada.  

Update 3

Update 4


Mother's Day

I found this little pearl on Vlad's Blog who introduced it with this apt comment: 

"The left has reached the level of self parody, and seems unable to actually notice"

Believe it, this ^^^ is not satire nor is it intended as parody. What some call the "Trump-Derangement-Syndrome" comes in all shapes and sizes, relentlessly !

And now: Quick !!! some sanity !!!! 

Monday, 14 May 2018

Speeches on Tommy Robinson's "Day For Freedom" (updated)

"Around 6,000 flocked to the heart of central London over the early May 2018 bank holiday to join a host of high-profile names including Milo, Tommy Robinson, Raheem Kassam, Anne Marie Waters, Gerard Batten and our very own Shazia Hobbs. They were outside Downing Street to demonstrate against a number of recent instances which suggest people's ability to speak freely is being curtailed."

writes AltNewsMedia, who also provided the transcript to the speech by Shazia Hobbs further down.  

Tommy Robinson writes: 

"PLEASE SHARE. Thank you to the Vets, DFLA and the thousands upon thousands of you that turned up to show Teresa May we have had enough of the establishment eroding our rights. Introducing hate speech laws are a ploy to close down and arrest anyone with an opinion that they do not agree with (That is fascism!) The complete media black out on the event just underlined how corrupt and detached the establishment and media are from the real people in this country. Thank you to all the speakers and also to my team who did an amazing job pulling this great day together. #DayforFreedom"

There were more speeches on this day in occupied London. I will publish them here, as they come to hand and not in chronological order, nor by personal preference. 

The next  speech comes with a "Language Warning", because MILO, as Tommy Robinson says in introducing him, "triggers" everyone at some stage. But don't be fooled by  his "blatant hubris", it is that charming self-deprecation which first attracted me to Milo's speeches - I could not believe his schutzpa, until I heard and saw more of him and understood that his camp superficiality hides some serious depth. I'm an unashamed fan. 

Shazia Hobbs, ex Muslim, born of a Scottish mother and a Pakistany father asks the islamist mayor of London, Sadiq Kahn, who among other pathologies suffers from a  hatred in direct inverse proportion to his height  (caused by a justified inferiority complex?) for President Donald Trump: 

“Stand down, you are not fit for office”

I second this request !


Thanks to Altnewsmedia for the Transcript

Sadiq Khan’s London is OPEN to returning jihadists – jihadists who have raped girls, women, men and probably animals. Jihadists who have watched or taken part in beheadings, floggings, stoning’s and amputations.

Sadiq Khan’s London is OPEN to Pakistani hate preachers – hate preachers who are banned from addressing large crowds in their homeland are welcome in London and allowed to tour mosques poisoning minds and encouraging a hatred for all things western.

Sadiq Khan’s London is OPEN to unmonitored mosques – mosques where children are beaten, sexually abused and raped. Mosques where children are raised to hate Jews, Christians and infidels, where children are taught that gays and apostates deserve to be killed.

Sadiq Khan’s London is OPEN to those who wish to practice FGM – mutilate your daughter’s vagina and the full force of the law will look the other way. Instead of punishing those guilty of this barbaric crime the police will organise conferences, campaigns, hashtags and initiate a zero-tolerance day that will mean nothing and result in no arrests. The message to those who force FGM onto their daughters is clear – carry on cutting in Sadiq Khan’s London.

Sadiq Khan’s London is OPEN to the oppression of Muslim women – Muslim women are not being allowed to speak English. Lefties say that encouraging or suggesting that these women learn the English language is racist. They would rather many Muslim women are discouraged from integrating, socialising, working knowing their rights and being able to ask for help. Go to many areas in London and you won’t hear any English being spoken.

Sadiq Khan’s London is OPEN to unlimited immigration – there is not enough houses or jobs to go around yet Sadiq Khan tells the world London is open and that everyone is welcome.

Sadiq Khan’s London is OPEN to knife crime – every other day we hear of another young life lost. The police have said it is social media that’s to blame for knife related crimes, no mention of the Somalian gangs and the machetes they carry and the tribal, sectarian conflicts they bring with them from their homelands. Instead, Khan’s office finds it easier to blame social media in an attempt to deflect attention away from the detrimental impact of importing these child migrants.

Sadiq Khan’s London is OPEN to police corruption – 73 police officers were charged in 2015 -2016 – drug dealers were selling class A on behalf of cops and cops were taking sexual favours from prostitutes in order to allow them to stay on the street corners.

Sadiq Khan’s London is OPEN to rape gangs – gangs whose preference is to rape young underage children, mainly white working-class girls with no fear of intervention from the law.

Sadiq Khan’s London is OPEN to grown men who pose as child refugees and who thereby deny a real child a chance at a new life.

Sadiq Khan’s London is NOT OPEN to any females who wear a dress size smaller than a 12 – thanks to the removal of body positive adverts on the underground – heaven forbid we body shame anyone by looking good ourselves and taking care of our bodies.

Sadiq Khan’s London is NOT OPEN to anyone who will help post Brexit Britain like Trump, our greatest friend and ally. Khan’s personal feelings are placed above the interests of the nation and his words are spoken outside of the role of his office. It is not Khan’s place to determine who does and does not enter the UK and he does not speak for the entire population of London.

Sadiq Khan’s London is NOT OPEN to anyone who wishes to tell the truth about Islam – people like Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and Lauren Southern are all banned from entering the UK.

Sadiq Khan’s London is CLOSING to people who identify as white British. White flight is a real thing and many people have left or are in the process of moving out of London. Have a look over the 2011 consensuses from every London council and borough. The facts speak for themselves. Imagine how bad the number will be when the next figures get released in 2021.

Sadiq Khan ACCUSED me of being a mean tweeter and hurting his delicate feelz, yet Khan and his office can’t even source the author of a tweet because they are so incompetent in spite of the fact they have set up a hate crime hub that is costing the public millions of pounds, to go after all of us free speakers. Mean tweets matter more than knife crime, drug gangs and acid attacks.

I am using my freedom of speech to tell Sadiq Khan you KHAN’T take care of business:

‘Stand down, you are not fit for office.’

To be updated.