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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

German Interior Minister is a Security Risk

This one takes my breath away, and not in a way that I like to have taken my breath away ! 

Caption reads: 
Flagrant failure:
Government allows family reunification for Islamic endangerers!

The following  is a translation from a Face Book article by the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland). In Germany the official word for Islamic Terrorists seems to now be "Gefährder" which I translate literally as "endangerers". Not having lived in my native Germany for many years I welcome any translation that might be better.

++ Afflicted by mental derangement? Minister of the Interior (Horst) Seehofer presents security risk for his own population ++

In exceptional cases, the federal government wants to allow those who are classified as dangerous to have their families join them. This is the result of a cabinet proposal by Horst Seehofer, which is to be voted on today. According to this, radical Islamists should be allowed to catch up with relatives under certain conditions.

This is based on a passage from the cabinet proposal, which is available to the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND) and which considers family reunification of this clientele as permissible for "humanitarian reasons".

Humanitarian reasons for terrorists?

Is the damage caused in recent years by the grossly negligent Chancellor and her accomplices still not great enough?

The fact that of all people the Minister of the Interior, who is responsible for security, is now suggesting that the tense situation be exacerbated further by the family reunion of potential perpetrators of violence can hardly be surpassed in absurdity. Isn't it enough that even the most insignificant folk and street festivals now have to be protected from attacks by truck stops and policemen with sub machine guns? How many deaths and injuries among the locals are necessary for the politicians responsible finally to change their minds? 1,000,10,000 or 100,000?

The AfD fights for the immediate deportation of foreign Islamic prisoners -and is the only party in the German Bundestag to do so! "

Recently a big deal was made of Horst Seehover's comment that the "Islam does not belong in Germany".  This was naked electioneering for the impending regional elections in his native Bavaria and the  "rebuttal" that followed from his boss, Merkel who stated that "YES ! Islam does so belong to Germany" was a cheap and fake show business mud wrestle. Everyone with an IQ superior to his shoe size would have seen through it, however this Merkel Muslim still had a word of "warning" for Seehover whom some call Merkel's "Bettvorleger". 

PS: Apart from this ^^^ music which I love, I regard this video as a metaphor for what is happening in Europe. If you are time-poor, see what I mean from about Minute 2.50 . 

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