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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Justice for Nikki Hurst & a tweet of the POTUS

A letter from Tommy Robinson from Rebel Media UK

In the early morning hours of October 31st, Nikki Hurst was walking in Batley, UK, when three Muslim men approached her and asked for a light. When she told them she didn’t have one, they launched into a tirade of verbal abuse, calling her a “gori slag” – a derogatory name often used by Muslims for white girls.

The three men then grabbed Nikki, smashed her face into a stone wall, and ran away. She regained consciousness alone, some 30 minutes later, with a large wound on her forehead. She suffered serious facial injuries that have left permanent scars.

But despite this all happening one month ago, Nikki says the police have still not taken her statement. Desperate for justice, Nikki posted photographs of her injuries on line – only for the police to advise her that she could potentially incite riots by publishing her story.

Batley’s Police Inspector Mohammed Rauf doesn’t appear to be planning to investigate this racist attack. Nikki knows the assailants go to a local school, and she can even tell the police what class they are in thanks to their school uniforms. But still, nothing has been done.

We demand justice. Tell Batley Police Inspector Mohammed Rauf that we want justice for Nikki, by signing our petition now.

Then we’ll go back to Batley, with Nikki, and personally deliver your signatures to Inspector Rauf. And we won’t stop fighting until these racist attackers are brought to justice.

Thank you,
Tommy Robinson

Please SIGN OUR PETITION: http://www.JusticeForNikki.com

I wonder if the more than disappointing British PM, Theresa May, cares at all ? 

Like the execrable German Chancellor and Islamophile, Angela Merkel, Theresa May too had a  father who  was a protestant clergyman - what is it  with the daughters of protestant churchmen, they seem even more submissive to Islam than the present Pope. Today, this fading English Rose was busy attacking President Donald Trump who had  re-tweeted some videos of muslims a) murdering a gay teenager by throwing him off a high building, b) destroying the statue of the Virgin Mary  and c) some "immigrant/refugee" beating up a Dutch boy on crutches. 

President Donald Trump had the whole Permanently-Outraged- Moral-Signalling Fake Media and the rest of the conformist herd  foaming at the mouth with this absolutely delectable response - on Twitter, of course: 

Touché, Mr. President, Touché !!! 



Monday, 27 November 2017

Katie Hopkins - Get Furious and Fight Back

This speech was presented at the annual David Horowitz Restoration Weekend 2017. Their speakers are usually outstanding, and I have not heard the others yet, but even among brilliant folk, Katie Hopkins of whom I'm an unashamed fan would have to be one of the best.   The video is nearly 25 minutes long but worth every second !


Merkel to protect Germans from Terrorists: what could possibly go wrong ?

Merkel Lego Bricks are decorating Christmas Markets all over Germany to reassure Germans and to protect them from terror attacks. How secure are these Merkel Anti-Terror-Concrete Barriers? The test in this video will show you......

Well, these Merkel Initiatives to give Germans back that feeling of security she has taken from them may not protect them from Terror attacks by faux Merkel-"Refugees", but at least they look cute, wrapped up in pretty wrapping paper. I have even seen them topped with Christmas Trees,  and painted in pretty colours. The male of the young couple in that short video below  says that they think it's bad that these blockades have to be erected, but they find it good that Cities do just that.  Ahhhhhh that German capacity of acceptance.....

And here are a few more of those pretty things.......

"More Colour" is written on this pretty blue Merkel Lego Brick

JHL, writer and translator at Gates of Vienna commented: 

Instead of these ridiculous blocks to protect the Christmas markets, how. about a flash mob of SPD, Green and Union members of Bundestag (*) singing “O, freue dich…”. The trucks wouldn’t dare run over their allies, would they?

@ JHL :) but the mobs you mention are too busy co-driving (metaphorically of course) these killer trucks as to have time for Song

(*) SPD = Socialists
Greens = Where whatever goes as Merkel's Heart resides 
Union = CDU/CSU = A formerly conservative Coalition,  turned left ever since Merkel parked her official derrière on their throne. 

Saturday, 25 November 2017

It's Sunday, it's Music time

There is in Paris, behind the town hall of the 15th Arrondissement,  a little  Russian Orthodox Church. It was built - I don't know when - around a tree. The trunk of the tree is still there, in the middle of the church, inside....I go there, each Easter I can.

P.S.: I like Vladimir Putin ! 


An Australian Imam whom I could respect

A case of Monkey See Monkey do ?

The twitter post below by Imam Tawhidi reminded me that I had in my blog-post-pantry a couple of videos  I had  meant to post some time ago:

Here now is that video I had meant to post ever since I came across it:

An imam not only with outstanding - not to say Kamikaze - courage:

"....Palestine is Jewish Land ...."

but also with  a sense of humour

"...radical muslims believe that if you blow yourself up you go and have lunch with the Prophet Muhammad in Heaven...I didn't know my prophet was running a restaurant up there....  " 

On reflection: the good imam might have joked but......:

No wonder that after this speech  the Imam had to go into hiding, receiving real and dangerous death threats. 

And his advice to  the Australian Foreign Minister (Julie Bishop) was a good one too: 

The interview below  was recorded just after the massacre of the children in Manchester by a muslim.

I have always suspected that the good Dr. Jamal, Pet Muslim of the Main Media, dhimmy Politicians and assorted conformists from the Left was indulging in TaqjjiaWhen he intones the mantra of  "Islam FORBIDS to kill "innocent" life" - he practises a well worn but clever lie: In  Islam, only Muslims are  "innocent". The non-Muslim is never "innocent". He has the choice to either: live as a Dhimmi (pay extra taxes), convert (and so become relatively "innocent") , or be killed. Ergo, since these poor little girls had done neither, in the eyes of their killer they were NOT INNOCENT and the Allah-u-Akbarist did not kill ANY "innocents". 

But lets not  be "islamophobic" - huge progress is being made among the members of the UN Human Rights Council - they are going to let their women drive soon - WHAT NEXT !!!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Everyone to Clichy (Paris) on Friday 24. 11. 2017 at à 12 h !

The French Patriots are calling you !


Pierre Cassen, founder of Riposte Laïque
Christine Tasin, Président of Résistance Républicaine 

The scandal has lasted for 8 months. Everything has been tried to stop the intolerable, the unacceptable. Even politicians with their tricolored sashes have tried to reason with the offenders who trample the Republic and its laws week after week, when there is already 1 mosque in Clichy, often half empty.
The elected officials were greeted by arrogant snickers: "we are here and we will not leave".
That's enough ! A "mediation" meeting between the Prefect, the Mayor and the Muslim representatives is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Thursday, November 16th.
We do not know what it will give, we are afraid that it will result in the capitulation of the Republic and the illegal granting of a room to the offenders, when the water cannons should have done their job for eight months, as in all forbidden demonstrations ... of patriots.
It is also possible that the mediation leads to nothing and that from Friday 17, Muslims want to impose their prayers again on all residents of Clichy. In this case, we call upon the prefect, who has been very complacent for eight months, to put an end to this aggression of our secular principles by force.
In the case that the street prayers should continue, we would call all the Parisians who can, to be present on  Friday, November 24 in Clichy, at noon, in front of the Mairie, 80, boulevard Jean Jaurès, to show their determination and their refusal to see the laws of the Republic flouted by singing the Marseillaise.
We call, without sectarianism, all parties and associations that share our determination, to prepare to mobilise their activists, against those who take advantage of the weaknesses of our leaders in order to impose sharia in our country.

Pierre Cassen
founder of Riposte Laïque
Christine Tasin
Président of Résistance Républicaine 

And before or after the Marseillaise, one could perhaps face the Alla-u-Akbarists with a loud and energetic rendition of something less alien than muslim street prayers to a country who once was called "La Fille Ainée de l'Eglise", and when they spoke of the traditional "Church" in France, they did not mean "Islam"........

See previous posts on the subject of illegal muslim "prayers" in the street:

Oh and have you heard the latest from the file "Only in France...and  Germany...and Sweden....and Holland.....and the UK.....and Spain....and Italy....and Greece....." ? 

These illegal Muslim "Prayers in the Street" have blocked Streets and traffic in Clichy (Greater Paris) for 8 months under the eyes of Macron's Police, until Elected Officials - including the Mayor of Clichy demonstrated against this by - in the words of the largely dhimmy French Media - "perturbing" these goings-on and singing the Marseillaise against the lifted derrières of the Mohamedans and the  loud-speaker-broadcasts of Allah-U-Akbar last Friday. 

Now, these Law-Breakers are actually taking the Elected French Officials to Court - and as things stand in France (especially with the totally politicised  French Judiciary) - they might actually get away with it. The mind of those who have one boggles.....

Monday, 13 November 2017

France: Muslim Street Prayers call for "Killing of Jews"

Behind these so-called "prayers" in the streets of Clichy (in reality  really just a pretext for a virulent political and invasive occupation of public space)  are loud, violent and explicit calls to Jihad and to the murder of Jews. 

And it's not as if those calls get unanswered. Jewish people and children are being killed in France because they are Jews. People who know a minimum of history are aware that it often (if not always) starts with the Jews, but never ends with the Jews: First the Saturday Children, then the Sunday Children....

Here is the disturbing revelation from the mayor of Clichy: 

"Leaflets calling to kill the Jew circulate, I have the documents"

Typing error at Minute 0:42 - it should read Clichy (instead of Vichy)

The Républican  (conservative) Mayor  of Clichy, Rémi Muzeau, revealed on Friday to have in his possession leaflets calling to "kill the Jew."

He also revealed that there were sermons in Arabic, sermons that  called  for murder. 

"There were also documents that were put out on  the streets, which were recovered, with terrible sentences saying "if you meet a Jew, kill him", I have the documents. And that, as mayor I can not let pass"

he said in an TV interview on  LCI.

The Mayor  had organised a rally of elected officials  calling on the authorities to ban street prayers, which are illegal in France and which have blocked the Streets around the Town Hall of  Clichy (a Parisian suburb) every Friday for the last 8 - 9 months. 

The mayor of Clichy rejects any  general "stigmatisation" of Muslims, and says that those, who occupy the streets are mostly not locals but arrive by Metro and leave again after the provocations.  He called on the State to stop these street prayers.

President Emmanuel Macron and his Interior Minister Gérard Collomb 

Yet the silence from President Macron and his Interior Minister Collomb is - to use the cliché - DEAFENING !  Why ?  A plausible explanation was given yesterday by Résistance Républicaine. See the translation here. 

Source: Éric Hazan – © Le Monde Juif .info. and Résistance Républicaine


Sunday, 12 November 2017

Does Macron use Muslims to divide and rule ?

Link to the previous post on Prayers in the streets of Paris. 

One of the better places I have been hanging around lately is the Gates of Vienna (highly recommended).  Among information and pearls galore you find many comments of the "food-for-thought" kind like this one: 

RonaldBon November 9, 2017 at 1:39 pm said:

“the cops stood back and let them…” 

I think the really degenerate government attempts to turn itself into a dictatorship or oligarchy through the systematic use of street gangs to dissolve civil society.

And someone with the name de plume of  "Gretel" asked in that delightfully Germanic logical and direct way, (when Germans still asked questions): 

Gretel on November 11, 2017 at 8:37 pm said:

Are public prayers illegal in France or not?
If yes, why no arrests?
If no, why the banner saying their praying is against the law?

Christine Tasin, one of the most courageous women in France today, Director of Resistance Republicaine who knows what she is talking about, has this answer for Gretel and many more of us, in an article she published yesterday: 

"The street prayers in Clichy are a scandal. A scandal that lasts. A scandal of the State.Why does Macron's State not end it? Easy, water cannons exist, right? (*)

I remember the Prefect of the Côtes d'Armor who had banned one of our demonstrations taking out the water cannons in case our people would not disperse.

Easy, when facing French citizens who respect the law. Unthinkable when facing Muslims who have trampled the law every week for 8 months. Unthinkable or rather ... Macron does not want to. Why ?

Just look at the pictures of what happened yesterday in Clichy to see the second scandal, the worst without a doubt. Certainly it's good to see these elected sing the Marseillaise against Muslims, but what we are witnessing is a frightful spectacle:

Muslims, foreigners probably for a large part - and mainly foreigners in Clichy, according to the mosque and the Mayor - perform, in an obscene and provocative way, their prayer under the eyes of all, in the public space, imperturbable, while a few meters away, French citizens are tearing themselves apart....

...And it is they who are the spectacle, they are the ones who interest the journalists. The Muslim problem no longer exists in Clichy, thanks to Macron, it has become a Franco-French problem, the leftists against the Fachos. Not the leftists against the patriots, no, against the fachos. Because what will remain of this video, it is the cry of the little useful idiot: fachos!

Macron lets the leftists and other antifas defend them (the muslims).

They do not even need to get their hands dirty.

Mélenchon's (Leader of the extreme Left faction in the French Parliament) militia do the job for them, attack the patriots, threaten them, insult them.

Why does Macron deliberately let the situation degenerate for months, if not for that? To generate popular reactions and play with them?

Elected officials came to support the Mayor of Clichy? Fachos! And there must be, among them, members of the FN, re-fachos! Doubly fachos!

One might think that Macron, not daring to send the troops to Clichy, lets the mayonnaise rise, is letting the French take on the problem and solve it, replacing the police and the army.

It is clear that Macron, sitting on a pressure cooker that threatens to explode every day now, seeks to let explode ... patriots, the resistance in order to have reasons to record, ban, imprison, convict them ...

In short, we get it: Muslims will be used more and more by Macron to justify an intense crackdown against opponents of Islam and immigration.

The guy wants to scare, wants to quash, wants to divert the river flowing between Muslims and non-Muslims, so that this river separates the leftists from patriots, so that, if there was to be a war, it would take place between French and French, a real good civil war because of the Muslims and which would benefit them, but for which they would not be considered responsible.

Clever. Nothing surprising for Monsieur Manipulations who is at the Elysée.

Will the French fall into the trap or will they rebound?"

This is French and this belongs in the Street of Paris !!! 


Saturday, 11 November 2017

When the Refugees came.....

Gates of Vienna posted this  today. It came from from their Polish correspondent, Green Infidel,  and I reproduce it here, unaltered, with many thanks. 

"Leftists are outraged about this “anti-Islam” writing that appeared in places in the wake of today’s National Day march:

Under the top photo:

A mother with a child after an acid attack… this picture says more about Islam than a thousand words

The text on the sheet below is called “When the refugees came…”:

When the refugees came, I didn’t protest — they were poor refugees.

When they established mosques, I didn’t protest — they have the right to pray.

When they introduced Halal food in schools I didn’t protest — they can only eat what the Koran allows them to.

When they carried out attacks I didn’t protest — it’s only a small group of radicals, which doesn’t represent true Islam.

When they raped women I didn’t protest — rapes occur in every culture and religion, and they have nothing to do with Islam.

When they demanded Sharia zones I didn’t protest — they need their own space, and we live in a free country.

When their MPs took their seats in parliament I didn’t protest — they’re almost half the population now and have a right to be represented.

When they introduced Sharia law, it was too late for me to protest.

There is still time… think!!!

A Pole is wise, before suffering. [Word-play on a Polish saying: “A Pole is wise, after suffering”] "

Merkel-Migrants setting Germans alight

Yet another attempted murder of a homeless person (in Germany)

Is that what 'Integration' looks like ?

This is the official  photo published by the Police Headquarters Munich. At the time of writing, police are still looking for the suspects who, after the attack fled.

Die beiden Täter mit dem späteren Opfer. Direkt neben dem schlafenden Obdachlosen sieht man die Plastiktüte, die in Brand gesetzt wurde. c Polizeipräsidium München.

The two perpetrators with their later victim. Right next to the sleeping homeless man one can  see the plastic bag, which was then set on fire. c Police Headquarters Munich.

Here is what the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) posted on their face book page:

+++Does integration look like this?+++

Once again, a homeless man became  the victim of an arson attack, and the Munich police are now looking for the perpetrators described as coming from the "Arab-North African area".

During the incident, both perpetrators demonstrated their disrespect and brutality - first they took several selfies with the sleeping homeless man, and then  set fire to his belongings. Because that did not work with a cigarette thrown in its plastic bag, they used a lighter before escaping on a S-Bahn. Passers-by rescued the man from his threatening situation.

Again and again, cases come to light in which adolescents with a migrant background use seemingly unprovoked  violence. Numerous such acts occur regularly in Germany. Passers-by are gratuitously attacked, mobbed, kicked or, like this homeless man, set on fire.

Not only that shows us that the propagated by the old parties integration does not work in the beginning. Where perpetrators threaten public safety, no group therapy helps: Here, the state must finally reach through with hard bandages.

This shows us yet again that the this "integration" praised so much by the  old parties does, in reality,  not work. Where perpetrators threaten public safety, no group therapy will help; here the State must finally crack down, and hard.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Paris is reclaiming her streets ! UPDATED

Updated at the bottom of this post with a new video, extracted from TV Libertés, my French TV Station of choice. 

1. The Invitation 

Stop the prayers in the Street !
We say "STOP" to the confiscation of our public SECULAR spaces
by Muslims for the organisation of prayers.


This week I sent you a Postcard from occupied Paris. You'll have to read it to understand this little video I just picked up from TV Libertés via Twitter:

Roughly translated, the  tweet reads:

Elected officials and citizens demonstrate in Clichy against the prayers in the streets that have taken place there for several months. Hash tag #PrièresDeRueÇaSuffit. (StreetPrayersIt'sEnough).

Facing the weekly muslim prayers....elected officials demonstrate and sing the Marseillaise.

I can actually hear (if I'm not mistaken) what I take to be a muslim speak about the "Prophet", but in FRENCH, not, as usual,  in Arabic. Perhaps the street invaders are getting some of the message  at last?

2. The solution

The elected officials you can hear sing the Marsaillaise against the illegal muslim "prayers" in the streets. 

Update Saturday 11. November  2017:

This is an extract from the daily News Bulletin at TV Libertés, broadcast on Friday, 10 November 2017.

I had a small Editing Mishap when subtitling this video:

Missing from the sub-titles at the start are 2 lines :

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening"
Elected Officials are facing up to the 'Prayers' in the Street.
A demonstration had been organised for this Friday...."

Now that hopefully some civilised ambience will return to France, and in case  you are not all "marseillaised-out" yet, her is another, version of it.......

Update 12 November 2017: 

See also the view from a French Patriot and Resistance Fighter here 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Kristallnacht Lest We Forget

9. November, 1938  -  9. November, 2017


To those who now sigh "oh not the Jews and the Nazis and the Holocaust again" I  say, YES, the Jews, the Nazis and the Holocaust again, because a modern version of what began during  the Kristallnacht is starting to happen yet again,  right now, right here; the virus of Jew Hatred may lay dormant for a short while but it mutates:

Daniel Greenfield wrote:

There was a time when Jewish children were hunted down and killed in France. What was then is now again. (But) the occupying army doesn't wear uniforms, it wears keffiyahs. It doesn't speak German, it speaks Arabic...”

He wrote that in March 2012 around the time when the Muslim Terrorist, Mohamed Merah massacred little children in their school because they were Jewish. Things have gotten worse for Jews in France since then, but Germany has by now caught up, if not even overtaken them. Have a look at the "guests" Merkel has invited into Germany by the million: "Tod den Juden" is the first sentence you can hear in this clip. In Germany ! Today !

And then there is this photo, taken in Melbourne Australia in 2009:

Muslim Girl 2009

Kristallnacht changed the nature of the persecution from economic, political, and social to physical with beatings, incarceration, and murder; the event is often referred to as the beginning of the Holocaust. In the words of historian Max Rein in 1988, "Kristallnacht came...and everything was changed."

While November 1938 predated the overt articulation of "the Final Solution", it foreshadowed the genocide to come. Around the time of Kristallnacht, the SS newspaper Das Schwarze Korps called for a "destruction by swords and flames." At a conference on the day after the pogrom, Hermann Göring said: "The Jewish problem will reach its solution if, in any time soon, we will be drawn into war beyond our border—then it is obvious that we will have to manage a final account with the Jews."

Jewish Girl 1938

I read somewhere that, "if we held 1 minute of silence for every victim of the Holocaust, then we would be silent for eleven and a half years"........How long did it take the Nazis to do what they did? Just about 12 years I think.....