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Saturday, 25 November 2017

An Australian Imam whom I could respect

A case of Monkey See Monkey do ?

The twitter post below by Imam Tawhidi reminded me that I had in my blog-post-pantry a couple of videos  I had  meant to post some time ago:

Here now is that video I had meant to post ever since I came across it:

An imam not only with outstanding - not to say Kamikaze - courage:

"....Palestine is Jewish Land ...."

but also with  a sense of humour

"...radical muslims believe that if you blow yourself up you go and have lunch with the Prophet Muhammad in Heaven...I didn't know my prophet was running a restaurant up there....  " 

On reflection: the good imam might have joked but......:

No wonder that after this speech  the Imam had to go into hiding, receiving real and dangerous death threats. 

And his advice to  the Australian Foreign Minister (Julie Bishop) was a good one too: 

The interview below  was recorded just after the massacre of the children in Manchester by a muslim.

I have always suspected that the good Dr. Jamal, Pet Muslim of the Main Media, dhimmy Politicians and assorted conformists from the Left was indulging in TaqjjiaWhen he intones the mantra of  "Islam FORBIDS to kill "innocent" life" - he practises a well worn but clever lie: In  Islam, only Muslims are  "innocent". The non-Muslim is never "innocent". He has the choice to either: live as a Dhimmi (pay extra taxes), convert (and so become relatively "innocent") , or be killed. Ergo, since these poor little girls had done neither, in the eyes of their killer they were NOT INNOCENT and the Allah-u-Akbarist did not kill ANY "innocents". 

But lets not  be "islamophobic" - huge progress is being made among the members of the UN Human Rights Council - they are going to let their women drive soon - WHAT NEXT !!!

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