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Monday, 6 November 2017

German women are frightened

Remember what happened on that New Years Eve in Cologne? German Authorities were unable to hide it for longer than a few days,  despite their best efforts. We wrote about it then,  here and here

While the unholy trinity of politicians/media/judiciary seem to be falling over themselves to demonstrate how very very safe Germany still is,  and what an enrichment the 1.5 million+  Mostly-Male-Muslim-Merkel-Migrants have been for their country, thinking Germans are no longer taken in so easily  by elaborately staged shows of amassed security forces. 

Birgit Kelle,  author, publicist and mother is one of those who  no longer falls for the charade: 

Below is a commentary, written in response to this video:

"what a brave women thank you for the clip, you have the right to stand up for yourself i have cut my hair very short i wear wigs because if they grab me by my hair I'm Fxxxed but if they grab my wig i can still get away sadly I have been raped i was grabbed by my hair and had a knife to my neck in day light a officer told me i should cut my hair before i yelled at her she showed me her hair and said women's shoes and long hair just make you a easy target and we can't be everywhere i'm truly sorry, I have got out of 8 fights because of my short hair and i run everyday we can't always think we will be saved we have to save our self's just until the left woke up. I'm Sorry this should not happen but words can only get you so far..."


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