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Monday, 13 November 2017

France: Muslim Street Prayers call for "Killing of Jews"

Behind these so-called "prayers" in the streets of Clichy (in reality  really just a pretext for a virulent political and invasive occupation of public space)  are loud, violent and explicit calls to Jihad and to the murder of Jews. 

And it's not as if those calls get unanswered. Jewish people and children are being killed in France because they are Jews. People who know a minimum of history are aware that it often (if not always) starts with the Jews, but never ends with the Jews: First the Saturday Children, then the Sunday Children....

Here is the disturbing revelation from the mayor of Clichy: 

"Leaflets calling to kill the Jew circulate, I have the documents"

Typing error at Minute 0:42 - it should read Clichy (instead of Vichy)

The Républican  (conservative) Mayor  of Clichy, Rémi Muzeau, revealed on Friday to have in his possession leaflets calling to "kill the Jew."

He also revealed that there were sermons in Arabic, sermons that  called  for murder. 

"There were also documents that were put out on  the streets, which were recovered, with terrible sentences saying "if you meet a Jew, kill him", I have the documents. And that, as mayor I can not let pass"

he said in an TV interview on  LCI.

The Mayor  had organised a rally of elected officials  calling on the authorities to ban street prayers, which are illegal in France and which have blocked the Streets around the Town Hall of  Clichy (a Parisian suburb) every Friday for the last 8 - 9 months. 

The mayor of Clichy rejects any  general "stigmatisation" of Muslims, and says that those, who occupy the streets are mostly not locals but arrive by Metro and leave again after the provocations.  He called on the State to stop these street prayers.

President Emmanuel Macron and his Interior Minister Gérard Collomb 

Yet the silence from President Macron and his Interior Minister Collomb is - to use the cliché - DEAFENING !  Why ?  A plausible explanation was given yesterday by Résistance Républicaine. See the translation here. 

Source: Éric Hazan – © Le Monde Juif .info. and Résistance Républicaine


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