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Friday, 10 November 2017

Paris is reclaiming her streets ! UPDATED

Updated at the bottom of this post with a new video, extracted from TV Libertés, my French TV Station of choice. 

1. The Invitation 

Stop the prayers in the Street !
We say "STOP" to the confiscation of our public SECULAR spaces
by Muslims for the organisation of prayers.


This week I sent you a Postcard from occupied Paris. You'll have to read it to understand this little video I just picked up from TV Libertés via Twitter:

Roughly translated, the  tweet reads:

Elected officials and citizens demonstrate in Clichy against the prayers in the streets that have taken place there for several months. Hash tag #PrièresDeRueÇaSuffit. (StreetPrayersIt'sEnough).

Facing the weekly muslim prayers....elected officials demonstrate and sing the Marseillaise.

I can actually hear (if I'm not mistaken) what I take to be a muslim speak about the "Prophet", but in FRENCH, not, as usual,  in Arabic. Perhaps the street invaders are getting some of the message  at last?

2. The solution

The elected officials you can hear sing the Marsaillaise against the illegal muslim "prayers" in the streets. 

Update Saturday 11. November  2017:

This is an extract from the daily News Bulletin at TV Libertés, broadcast on Friday, 10 November 2017.

I had a small Editing Mishap when subtitling this video:

Missing from the sub-titles at the start are 2 lines :

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening"
Elected Officials are facing up to the 'Prayers' in the Street.
A demonstration had been organised for this Friday...."

Now that hopefully some civilised ambience will return to France, and in case  you are not all "marseillaised-out" yet, her is another, version of it.......

Update 12 November 2017: 

See also the view from a French Patriot and Resistance Fighter here 

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