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Monday, 27 November 2017

Merkel to protect Germans from Terrorists: what could possibly go wrong ?

Merkel Lego Bricks are decorating Christmas Markets all over Germany to reassure Germans and to protect them from terror attacks. How secure are these Merkel Anti-Terror-Concrete Barriers? The test in this video will show you......

Well, these Merkel Initiatives to give Germans back that feeling of security she has taken from them may not protect them from Terror attacks by faux Merkel-"Refugees", but at least they look cute, wrapped up in pretty wrapping paper. I have even seen them topped with Christmas Trees,  and painted in pretty colours. The male of the young couple in that short video below  says that they think it's bad that these blockades have to be erected, but they find it good that Cities do just that.  Ahhhhhh that German capacity of acceptance.....

And here are a few more of those pretty things.......

"More Colour" is written on this pretty blue Merkel Lego Brick

JHL, writer and translator at Gates of Vienna commented: 

Instead of these ridiculous blocks to protect the Christmas markets, how. about a flash mob of SPD, Green and Union members of Bundestag (*) singing “O, freue dich…”. The trucks wouldn’t dare run over their allies, would they?

@ JHL :) but the mobs you mention are too busy co-driving (metaphorically of course) these killer trucks as to have time for Song

(*) SPD = Socialists
Greens = Where whatever goes as Merkel's Heart resides 
Union = CDU/CSU = A formerly conservative Coalition,  turned left ever since Merkel parked her official derrière on their throne. 

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