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Monday, 6 November 2017

Obama’s ‘cowardly betrayal’ of Israel ends

US Ambassador Haley vows to end Obama’s ‘cowardly betrayal’ of Israel

Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the UN, addressed the Israeli American Council (IAC) National Conference in Washington, DC and vowed that the “cowardly act” of allowing passage of Resolution 2334, which labelled Israel a violator of international law, was “an act of betrayal [that] would never happen again.”

"I'm glad that Israel remains committed to what can seem like a very lonely fight," Haley added. "I'm here to let the world know that Israel is not alone." Source:  World Israel News

And Michael Wilner writes on 5th November in The Jerusalem Post :

"...The former South Carolina governor championed her achievements in defending Israel since assuming her New York post, including her successful thwarting of a Palestinian appointment to a senior UN post, and the rejection of a UN report characterizing Israel as an apartheid state.

"I went to Israel to see firsthand the country the United Nations spends half its time on," Haley said, recounting her June visit. "Unfortunately, I'm not kidding– it's ridiculous. It seems like the rough breakdown at the UN is half the time on Israel and half the time on the other 192 countries."

Haley said that leaving UNESCO – which is "attempting to erase the history of the Jewish people," she charged – was an "easy call," and warned that similar action may occur at the Human Rights Council if it fails to "live up to its name." Israel believes this council is one of the greatest offenders of applying a double standard to the Jewish State within the UN apparatus.

The ambassador said she is "cautiously optimistic" that the US is slowly but surely "chipping away at the anti-Israel culture" that welcomed her when she first moved to New York. She vowed never to "betray" Israel as she characterized the actions of former President Barack Obama, when he facilitated the passage of a Security Council resolution condemning Israel's building in East Jerusalem as a violation of international law.

"It's no secret that the UN is a hostile place for Israel, but what I saw just before I became the US ambassador was a shameful period in which the United States became a part of that hostility," she said...."

"I'm here to let the world know that Israel is not alone." 

!!!    and so is little old me    !!!

Neighborhood Bully - Bob Dylan from Noehed on Vimeo.

Neighborhood Bully


Well, the neighborhood bully, he’s just one man

His enemies say he’s on their land

They got him outnumbered about a million to one

He got no place to escape to, no place to run

He’s the neighborhood bully

The neighborhood bully just lives to survive

He’s criticized and condemned for being alive

He’s not supposed to fight back, he’s supposed to have thick skin

He’s supposed to lay down and die when his door is kicked in

He’s the neighborhood bully

The neighborhood bully been driven out of every land

He’s wandered the earth an exiled man

Seen his family scattered, his people hounded and torn

He’s always on trial for just being born

He’s the neighborhood bully

Well, he knocked out a lynch mob, he was criticized

Old women condemned him, said he should apologize.

Then he destroyed a bomb factory, nobody was glad

The bombs were meant for him. He was supposed to feel bad

He’s the neighborhood bully

Well, the chances are against it and the odds are slim

That he’ll live by the rules that the world makes for him

’Cause there’s a noose at his neck and a gun at his back

And a license to kill him is given out to every maniac

He’s the neighborhood bully

He got no allies to really speak of

What he gets he must pay for, he don’t get it out of love

He buys obsolete weapons and he won’t be denied

But no one sends flesh and blood to fight by his side

He’s the neighborhood bully

Well, he’s surrounded by pacifists who all want peace

They pray for it nightly that the bloodshed must cease

Now, they wouldn’t hurt a fly. To hurt one they would weep

They lay and they wait for this bully to fall asleep

He’s the neighborhood bully

Every empire that’s enslaved him is gone

Egypt and Rome, even the great Babylon

He’s made a garden of paradise in the desert sand

In bed with nobody, under no one’s command

He’s the neighborhood bully

Now his holiest books have been trampled upon

No contract he signed was worth what it was written on

He took the crumbs of the world and he turned it into wealth

Took sickness and disease and he turned it into health

He’s the neighborhood bully

What’s anybody indebted to him for?

Nothin’, they say. He just likes to cause war

Pride and prejudice and superstition indeed

They wait for this bully like a dog waits to feed

He’s the neighborhood bully

What has he done to wear so many scars?

Does he change the course of rivers? Does he pollute the moon and stars?

Neighborhood bully, standing on the hill

Running out the clock, time standing still

Neighborhood bully 

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