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Sunday, 15 May 2016

ISIS at the Eurovision

I found this at the Blazingcatfur Blog and also on the Vladepesblog who commented: 

"The Israelis seem to be the only ones left on Earth capable or wiling to mock a clear and obvious evil enemy. Perhaps because they know better than most the cost of not doing so...."



Friday, 13 May 2016

The Australian Election Campaign: 1.

Australia will vote on the 2nd July:

The Greens:

And therefore, this guy just might get my vote ;)

Thursday, 12 May 2016

OZ Logies 2016: and the Winner is:

Not being voyeristically masochistic enough to watch those incestuous circle onanisms that "Logies Awards Nights" usually are, I came across this only by accident  and am glad I did: This one really showcases what Australia is slowly losing to the PC police, the social warrior hash taggers, the faux compassionistas and their sponsors, the "Refugee" industrialists: sharp, irreverent, real wit and humour. 

The rest, I am told was the same old same old, and so I dedicate this, my favourite little un-pc ditty to the rest of the predictable "Winners and/or Losers"  of this circle-wank-celebration: 

Sadly this brilliant woman ^^^ 
died in April, aged 62, 
after a short battle with cancer. :(

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Goodbye London Hello Londonistan

"Extremist-Linked Sadiq Khan Elected London Mayor - Goodbye, London..." so says Paul Weston, chairman of Liberty GB, a man arrested for quoting what Churchill  had said about Muslims.

"...He took his oath on the Koran, so he puts Islam before his country..." 

This event is hotly discussed, including, of course in  France on  Riposte Laique where I found this funny-bone-tickling exchange among the comments:


depuis Waterloo j’aimai pas beaucoup les anglais ,mais là

………Since Waterloo I never liked the English very much, but this one (is going too far).....


Moi c’est viscéral depuis Jeanne d’ARC !! Ils passent leur temps à emmerder le monde et nous en particulier 

With me it's visceral since Joan of Arc !! They spend their time pissing off the world and especially us


depuis Médine j’aimai pas beaucoup les muzz , mais là … 

Since Medina I never like the mossies much, but this coup....


Depuis le coup de poignard (dans le dos) à la Rhodésie (21 Décembre 1979) je ne les apprécie plus du tout. 

Since the backstabbing of Rhodesia (21 December 1979) I don't appreciate them any longer at all 


depuis Mitterand j’aimais pas beaucoup les collabos, mais là…

Since Mitterand I have never liked the collaborators very much, but this coup.....

Your hair is showing, Your Majesty,
this just will not do any longer !

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2016

I am running late, but I have not forgotten (*) and nor should any member of any human and civilised society:

"As the sirens sound across their country each year on Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israelis unite in memory of those who perished.

Nowadays, as anti-Semitism returns with a vengeance in Europe and around the world, especially at the UN, it’s no longer just a matter of respecting the memory of the victims.

The Jewish state must remain strong in order to provide a safe haven for Jews the world over. Never again!..."

Watch the heavy traffic on an Israeli highway come to a complete stop as Israelis stop and leave their cars and stand in silence. This happens in all of Israel"

Jean Ferrat: 
"Nuit et Brouillard"

Ils étaient vingt et cent, ils étaient des milliers
Nus et maigres, tremblants, dans ces wagons plombés
Qui déchiraient la nuit de leurs ongles battants
Ils étaient des milliers, ils étaient vingt et cent

Ils se croyaient des hommes, n'étaient plus que des nombres
Depuis longtemps leurs dés avaient été jetés
Dès que la main retombe il ne reste qu'une ombre
Ils ne devaient jamais plus revoir un été

La fuite monotone et sans hâte du temps
Survivre encore un jour, une heure, obstinément
Combien de tours de roues, d'arrêts et de départs
Qui n'en finissent pas de distiller l'espoir

Ils s'appelaient Jean-Pierre, Natacha ou Samuel
Certains priaient Jésus, Jéhovah ou Vichnou
D'autres ne priaient pas, mais qu'importe le ciel
Ils voulaient simplement ne plus vivre à genoux

Ils n'arrivaient pas tous à la fin du voyage
Ceux qui sont revenus peuvent-ils être heureux
Ils essaient d'oublier, étonnés qu'à leur âge
Les veines de leurs bras soient devenues si bleues

Les Allemands guettaient du haut des miradors
La lune se taisait comme vous vous taisiez
En regardant au loin, en regardant dehors
Votre chair était tendre à leurs chiens policiers

On me dit à présent que ces mots n'ont plus cours
Qu'il vaut mieux ne chanter que des chansons d'amour
Que le sang sèche vite en entrant dans l'histoire
Et qu'il ne sert à rien de prendre une guitare

Mais qui donc est de taille à pouvoir m'arrêter ?
L'ombre s'est faite humaine, aujourd'hui c'est l'été
Je twisterais les mots s'il fallait les twister
Pour qu'un jour les enfants sachent qui vous étiez

Vous étiez vingt et cent, vous étiez des milliers
Nus et maigres, tremblants, dans ces wagons plombés
Qui déchiriez la nuit de vos ongles battants
Vous étiez des milliers, vous étiez vingt et cent


When I talk about  a  "civilised society", I do not include some members of the UN, especially their  hilariously mis-named "Human Rights Council". 

Honest Reporting on/about  the UN: 

(*) No, I am not Jewish: 

Someone on Twitter, with an accusatory if limited vocabulary called me "She's-just-a-Jew" the other day. I took that for an undeserved  compliment, but I identify myself, tongue only half in cheek, as a "Catholic Agnostic". 

Another Twit declared "she is a Shill for the Zionists" - I told him that there was no hiding  and that I am standing  fully and openly by Israel and the Jewish people. 

As to the increasing number of Jew-haters whose must-have fashion accessory is that  very see-through fig leaf "I don't hate Jews, I'm just against Ziiiooonism" I say: If Hitler was to come back today, he would call himself an "Anti-Zionist".  

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Political Correctness: ENOUGH ALREADY !

"Has political correctness gone too far?" 

A Feminist, a Jewish Gay Man and a Comedian walk into a gaggle of Social Justice Warriors, Gender Study Graduands and Islamophiles. You be the judge who wins. The video is 1.5 hours long but I enjoyed every minute, and you may too. 

H/T to Vladtepesblog

And here is a somewhat in-your-face-distillation of the above by Paul Joseph Watson, who presents, in his distinct style that is slowly growing on me, the NEW face of feminism and social justice.....