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Thursday, 12 May 2016

OZ Logies 2016: and the Winner is:

Not being voyeristically masochistic enough to watch those incestuous circle onanisms that "Logies Awards Nights" usually are, I came across this only by accident  and am glad I did: This one really showcases what Australia is slowly losing to the PC police, the social warrior hash taggers, the faux compassionistas and their sponsors, the "Refugee" industrialists: sharp, irreverent, real wit and humour. 

The rest, I am told was the same old same old, and so I dedicate this, my favourite little un-pc ditty to the rest of the predictable "Winners and/or Losers"  of this circle-wank-celebration: 

Sadly this brilliant woman ^^^ 
died in April, aged 62, 
after a short battle with cancer. :(

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