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Sunday, 15 May 2016

ISIS at the Eurovision

I found this at the Blazingcatfur Blog and also on the Vladepesblog who commented: 

"The Israelis seem to be the only ones left on Earth capable or wiling to mock a clear and obvious evil enemy. Perhaps because they know better than most the cost of not doing so...."




  1. Thanks for the post. I just finished watching it in an e-mail from my daughter and was about to send it to you. A sense of humour marks you out as the kind of person you are and Jews have always been able to laugh at their circumstances no matter how dire they have been. I am what you would call a "classic movie" fanatic and in a 1943 movie called "Demi-Paradise" (a comedy about the English/Russian alliance) one of the main characters ends the film with the following words:

    "And that, that sense of humour, is perhaps the guiding factor of your lives. If you can laugh at life and at yourselves you can be tolerant. If you can laugh you must hate persecution, you must love decency. Above all, you must love freedom. For there is no laughter where there is no freedom."

    And that has never been truer than today.

    1. @ June: It is (among other factors) this wicked and often brilliantly intelligent sense of humour which made it easy for me to chose the side of the Jews any and every time over the side of those who want them dead and their apologists.

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    1. @ Dale Hurd: Put perfectly into a nutshell.