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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A call from the French Resistance (updated)

was away for a while because of an  unexpected  stint in hospital. There I learnt that the fastest Karma you are ever likely to get is from the way you treat Nurses: good or bad. I'm lucky enough that, as somebody who faints at the mere sight of blood, including my own,  I simply melt in admiration before  people who do such a job and so the Karma was excellent  and "a good time was had by all" ;)

Normal posting will resume soon, but here just a quick translation of an urgent press release from  our friends at Riposte Laique and Resistance Republicain, in the wake of the two police officers, murdered yesterday in front of their 3 year old child. (And some  media reports say "the child survived UNHURT", after witnessing the massacre of his parents ??? ) Oh, and note  to Obama/Clinton/and assorted opportunists: not a gun in sight other than the ones used  to "neutralise" the muslim terrorist and so save the little orphan.

Press Release from Riposte Laique and Résistance Républicaine published on 14 June 2016 (Paris time):

Two police murdered by a known Islamist ! 

French People, lets take to the streets! Tribute to our murdered police! Out with this government!

We demand the Resignation of this government! 

A couple of police officers was killed in Magnanville (near Paris) in their home in front of their three year old child, by a Muslim "under surveillance for terrorism”, who was left in liberty by our socialist State as were tens of thousands of others.

This murder, perpetuated a few hours after the Orlando Killings, a few weeks after the massacre of Brussels, a few months after the slaughter at the Bataclan, and a year and a half after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, confirms that the Western world suffers a barbaric war, waged against it by Islam, on its own territories.

In our country, France, since January 7, 2015, our government has taken no effective measure to protect our compatriots. Instead it has multiplied the acts of allegiance to the religion of the killers. It did not shut down any mosques, has expelled not even apologist for jihadist terrorism, has taken no action against the proselytism of a dogma which, via the construction of mosques, the profusion of islamic veils and halal butchers, targets our country more and more agressively.

Worse still, this regime and his interior minister, [Bernard Cazeneuve] have imposed on France, since January 7, 2015, tens of thousands of newcomers, mostly Muslims, often aggressive against our police and our countrymen, as shown daily in Calais.

Even more damning, instead of devoting all the forces of the state apparatus to the fight against Muslim terrorists, this minister has dared to file complaints against the patriots who resist, and order his services to increase the persecution of the French who dare challenging his angelic vision of Islam. 

It is high time that the French react and take to the streets, wherever this can be organised. This interior minister must be dismissed urgently, and this entire government, unable to protect our compatriots, must resign.

We propose that this weekend of 17, 18 and 19 June, on the anniversary of General de Gaulle's call, wherever possible, be held rallies by patriots paying tribute to two murdered police officers, but also to all victims of Islam in France and worldwide.

We ask that these rallies take place in a united and unifying spirit. We will take our responsibilities particularly in Paris, with other political or associative forces, for a gathering to be held in a place and on a date to be specified in the coming hours.

Christine Tasin, President of Résistance Républicaine

Pierre Cassen, founder of Riposte Laïque


 Details of the Rally in Paris: 

In Hommage to the assassinated Police Officers

organised by 

Riposte Laique 
Résistance Républicaine

Friday, 17 June 2016 at 7 PM

Place du Trocadéro, Paris 16e 
(Metro Trocadéro)

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