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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Postcard from Merkel's Germany


Thank you Rohe Daten, Vlad and Baron Boidissey


Message for Erdogan from Vienna

Caption reads: 
Get  your Turks and take them home

On 22.03.2017 activists of the Identitäre Movement in Vienna attached a banner to the Turkish Embassy showing the silhouette of Prince Eugene and the slogan "Erdogan - Collect your Turks and take them home!". They were responding to recent statements by the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that had been  very much like a declaration of war on Europe.

A few days previous to that he had claimed  that the Turks were the "future of Europe" and had asked them to have not just three but "five children". On Wednesday, Erdogan announced: "Soon, no European will be safe any longer on the streets". A few days earlier, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu predicted a "religious war" in Europe.

The Turks in Europe are increasingly acting as the fifth column to their president. The thousands of demonstrators on the streets throughout Europe after the putsch in Turkey or the riots in Rotterdam, after an election campaign by the Turkish family minister was banned, demonstrate this. 
In Austria itself almost 70 per cent of the so-called "Austrotürks" voted for the Erdogan (AKP) party. Many Turkish "passport Austrians" hold also, illegally, the Turkish citizenship. Immigration parties such as the SPÖ are elected by 60-80% of the Turks and thus conceal this undermining of our democracy via the ethnic vote, as  Philipp Huemer  explains  the problem. 

With their action the Identitäres want to draw the attention to the failed integration of many Turks in Austria and initiate a debate about it.

"Anyone who lives in Austria must be able to identify unconditionally with our country. Anyone who supports Erdogan or even has the Turkish citizenship illegally, has no place in Austria. We, the European youth, reject the Turkish colonisation plans and will defend ourselves against them."  

Huemer concludes that :

"...if the Turks in Austria see themselves as grandsons of the Ottoman conqueror Süleyman, we are the grandchildren of the defenders of Vienna and Europe"

This is why the Identitäres finally stress their demands for a Lead  Culture and Remigration. "Erdogan - take your Turks home!"

The article, image and video have been translated from the Face Book page of the Identitäre Bewegung of Austria.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Marine LePen loves the French Flag, Merkel loathes the German one

Et voilà:

Marine LePen, the next President of France ?

Yes, please ! 

I have not seen  Christine Tasin from Résistance Républicaine (one of the most courageous French patriots I know)  so happy and hopeful in a long while, as she was in the wake of this Rally held on 26 March in  Lille.  Seeing the huge success of this rally it is satisfyingly ironic that  the Mayor of this Northern city is Martine Aubry of the regressive  Left,  who is also the leader of the French Socialist Party. She became (in)famous for introducing special hours at the Municipal Swimming pools, exclusively reserved for Muslim Women.

Christine Tasin writes that from the very first seconds of this rally, they were "transported" - goosebumps all over at the refrain "Marine President" - French Flags flying - Marine's tribute to the country of coal miners and to the  Poilus who have left their lives there ... She calls it "magic": 

Dès les premières secondes, on est transporté, on frémit, la chair de poule s’installe sur tout notre corps, le refrain « Marine présidente », les drapeaux français qui s’agitent, l’hommage de Marine aux terres des Mineurs, aux poilus qui y ont laissé leur vie…  C’est magique.

But it is especially what Marine LePen said about the French Flag which moved Christine Tasin: 

«...Nous avons ramassé le drapeau qui était dans le caniveau » « Nous allons en faire l’étendard de la liberté, de la grandeur et du renouveau de la France... »

What a difference between these to leaders!  Can anyone who saw it  forget the obvious disgust and contempt with which Angela Merkel treated the German Flag after yet another Election Victory? (  pssst: I have as much contempt for this German Führer, as she has for the German Flag and the German people. )

Lets end this post on a high note: The inspiring closing minutes of Marine LePen's Lille Rally, which bring with them their own music: 


Saturday, 25 March 2017

The French Devolution

This publicity blurb shows you the inauguration on 20. 2. 2014 of a new French Hospital in Marseilles, France. Watching even only part of it, you  can see the  typical French chic and know-how without needing me to translate the usual clichés emitted by the "officials". I show you this first video to demonstrate the difference between Show Business and Reality, which you can see in the second video. 

The very same  hospital some  2  years later 

I found this video via twitter and don't know the person who recorded it, nor the exact date when it was taken, possibly in May 2016. So, this is speculation:  The content of the (supposed) dialogue makes me suspect that the French Lady is only pretending to speak with someone, in order to record the reality of present day France on her mobile. It looks to me like a discrete method of hidden camera. Something in her voice sounds to me like the fear of someone who feels like a stranger in her own country. 

Wondering: was  the first video clip a deliberately islamic-dress-free mise en scène, or did this devolution happen within just  2 years ? 

Personally, I have not been to Marseilles in many years, but I am told this picture below shows a quite typical present time street scape in this once great French city. 

A street scene in Marseilles France 2017

Quick, lets go  back to Show Business!


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Marine LePen 2017 Rally in Metz

The next President of France ?

Looking at the other candidates and the nasty and mighty  political/media/justice machine running against her, she is the only hope France has to recover and survive. If she does not win, the next election in 2022 will complete France's race to the bottom. 

(*) see links to whole video below

I just love that woman ! 

(*) The video above is the last part of a Rally in Metz streamed live on 18/03/2017 which you can see in its entirety here

- Follow Marine Le Pen on her site : https://www.marine2017.fr/
- on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MarineLePen/
- on Twitter : https://twitter.com/MLP_officiel
- on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/marine_lepen/
- on her blog : http://www.marine2017.fr/mescarnets

A Sharia Survivor burns her Hijab

This courageous ex Muslima, Sandra Solomon, born into Islam in Palestine and brought up in Saudi Arabia  (yes the one who is sitting on the UN Security Council) has sought freedom from Sharia in Canada. She calls herself a "Sharia Survivor". But in the Canada of Trudeau, there seems no safety from the deadly Sharia law - his government is just about to introduce the "Blasphemy Law" which will make it punishable to criticise Islam. And several Imams felt encouraged enough by this Show-pony Islamophile, to threaten Sandra Solomon with death. And not only her, but Jews, Christians and other non-muslims. 

The most biting irony, I think is that the Bra-Burners of yesteryear will not only NOT burn a Hijab on the suggested "International Burn Hijab Day", but, collaborating with the Islamisation of the West as these Left(-overs) do, they would probably applaud those who'd rather have Sandra Solomon  burn at the stake instead.  

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Welcome Dear Murderers to Total Tolerance

Thank you to Vlad Tepes and Baron Bodissey for the sub-titling. 

Ever since I first came across this video at the site of Raw Data I loved it. Of course, it caused "controversy" in Merkel's Germany as it would (guilt feelings anyone in the halls of power?) and so the Singer and Songwriter, H. R. Kunze, had to defend himself against accusations of Xenophobia etc. He came up with the explanation that his text was directed against the NSU, a German Neo Nazi Underground group. 

Hmmmmmm - up to you if the text reminds you (like it does me)  of another group such as, perhaps, the one described by  Daniel Greenfield, the Killer Pen.  

Willkommen liebe Mörder

Ist es jeder Vierte 

ist es jeder Dritte 

aber sie sind hier 

ganz in unsrer Mitte 

jeder kann es sein 

keinem kann man trauen 

manchmal sind es Männer 

ab und zu auch Frauen. 

Sie wollen uns zerstören 

sie wollen uns vernichten 

nichts wird sie dazu bringen 

darauf zu verzichten 

wir möchten das verdrängen 

und einfach ignorieren 

uns weiter davor drücken 

den großen Kampf zu führen. 

Willkommen liebe Mörder 

fühlt euch wie zuhause 

bedient euch macht es euch bequem 

kurze Atempause 

nichts nehmen wir euch übel 

Empörung nicht die Spur 

ihr habt halt eine andere 


Jeder sieht es kommen 

die Bedrohung steigen 

jeder ist beklommen 

keiner will es zeigen 

laßt uns das vertuschen 

nicht darüber reden 

alle gegen alle 

jeder gegen jeden. 

Sie pflegen fremde Bräuche 

so lautet das Gerücht 

Genaueres weiß keiner denn 

man erkennt sie nicht 

und wenn sie unter sich sind 

dann lachen sie uns aus 

nie würden sie behaupten 

mein Haus ist euer Haus. 

Willkommen liebe Mörder 

wir sind so tolerant 

die Dunkelheit bricht bald herein 

über dieses Land 

wir reichen euch die Kerzen 

damit ihr besser seht 

und euch das nächste Opfer nicht 

durch die Lappen geht. 

Willkommen liebe Mörder 

ein viel zu hartes Wort 

wir haben doch Verständnis 

ihr nennt das nicht mal Mord 

ihr tut’s aus Überzeugung 

und wenn man’s überlegt 

wir sind so schlaff und müde wir 

gehören weggefegt


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

"Last Night in Sweden..."

Text under photo reads: "We firmly believe that we, as is the norm in society, also have the greatest responsibility to fight injustice".

" ^  What the hell is THAT  ^ ?! " 

...you may well ask. Well these are alleged "men" from the Swedish Construction Workers Workers Union, indulging in their sexual fantasies by wearing "pussy hats" during the recent International "Women's Day". 

I found it on the excellent Gates of Vienna where The Baron wrote:

"Donald Trump doesn’t have to make Sweden into a laughingstock; the Swedes are quite capable of doing it themselves. The brief article below concerns the board of the Construction Workers’ Union and the wearing of pussy hats, the latest mandatory item of apparel for all self-respecting Progressives...."

Tania Groth translated the article from the Dissidenter.com:

Construction Workers’ Union
buys pussy hats with membership’s money

The Construction Workers’ Union really did it today. On International Women’s Day every union member will see their members of the board in “pussy hats”. Pussy hats became a trend during protests against Donald Trump in connection with the Soros-funded “Women’s March”, where known Islamists fooled the participants into taking part of a protest that was more about Islam than women’s rights.

The Construction Workers’ Union is therefore next on the list to make fools of themselves. On their Face book page all board members will be wearing a pussy hat. Take a close look, dear reader, notice that in the picture of the board, there is not a single woman as far as the eye can see.

As we have a feminist government where there is a decision on quotas for women on boards of government agencies, based on gender and not competence, it seems obvious that the Construction Workers’ Union are wearing pussy hats instead of maintaining the required gender quota of 50% of women in their union.

We have been in contact with the union, but they choose to keep a lid on it concerning the pussy hats. Our questions about how much of the member’s money has gone into the purchasing of the pussy hats and why they completely lack female representation on their board went unanswered.

This postcard from Sweden - H/T Vlad Tepes -  might explain quite a bit:  

I never liked Ikea or Volvo, but I have a weak spot for ABBA...

Sunday, 12 March 2017


Angela Merkel's (soon to be ex-?) boyfriend, (the one with Caliph ambitions) Adolf Erdogan has become  a little clumsy with his timing. While there are many millions of his jihadis already positioned in Europe, we have a few elections coming up where their islamic/left vote will not carry the day....yet. 

Therein may lay a solution against the islamisation of Europe: Hold elections every year in every European country, as elections seem to turn political leaders, by nature  just shivers in search of a spine, into vertebrae. 

We can see this now in the  Netherlands, where the next election is imminent and consequently, even the islamophile, cowardly leaders of the ruling parties are getting nervous and are playing the "strong men" by actually putting up some resistance to the Wannabe Caliph from Turkey.

This video from WrathOfKahn explains what happened in shorthand:

Angela Merkel, the dream-collaborator of the dark side will, of course, lay down before this assault on our democracies and continue to kiss Erdogan's derriere, but here is the unwaveringly courageous Geert Wilders, sending a message to the Turkish Mr. Schickelgruber in that clear language that he uses to such good effect. 

h/t Vlad

I wish we had a Geert Wilders in France, in Germany, and yes, after the latest developments even in Australia....

Vlad advises to "please examine this 2013 article by Daniel Greenfield in the torch light of Turkish riots across Europe this week.

For those who are time-poor, here is the essence of this article: 

“… Islam embodies expansionism. Its directives of male violence and female subjugation have no other end. They protect the tribal imperatives of endogamy and violence, of inbreeding and the feud. It has no ideas except to get bigger and that makes its followers into ideal military colonists.

Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knisch: one of my favourite writers !

Saturday, 11 March 2017

What they do to animals in Mecca

I found this short article by Jean Ducluzeau on 
Résistance Républicaine, (see my translation below)


On peut difficilement imaginer pire cruauté… Il s’agit du sacrifice exécuté lors du pèlerinage annuel de La Mecque, où chaque pèlerin paie un égorgeur à sa place (ce prix est compris dans le forfait au départ avec le billet d’avion et le séjour). Ce sacrifice est obligatoire pour tout musulman qui fait le haj. Ces Saoudiens sont de purs sauvages et l’islam une abomination !



Sensitive hearts please abstain: video of the sacriifice performed during the annual pilgrimage of Mecca

It is difficult to imagine a worse cruelty ... This is the sacrifice performed during the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, where each pilgrim pays a slaughterer in his place (the price is included in the package at the departure together with the air ticket and the stay). This sacrifice is obligatory for any Muslim who makes the 'haj'.These Saudis are pure savages and Islam is an abomination!

As bad as the quality of this ^^^ video is, I could not watch more than 30 seconds of this inhumanity  and seriously warn sensible viewers.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Postcard from Israel

My name is Rita and I approve of this message fully, totally,  
and then some !

As they say in those TV Cooking shows: here are a few things I have prepared earlier - a couple of years earlier in some cases: 

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Leonardo DiCaprio causes Global Warming

Act I

Leonardo DiCaprio is a Complete Idiot


Act II

Why you should listen to the Seasons


The arrogance of those who do not know that they don't know

Act IV

Wonderful  Winter 

"Africans control the German Girls, we're the Kings" - 'Refugees' brag

All that remains to do  for these German Welcome-Culturelettes and  little big Merkel-Helpers is to learn how to do  the African Ass Twerk . They've got the equipment and are obviously willing. 


Save us from rape and feminists

Pat Condell does not just pluck what he says out of thin (or thick) air. Find link to sources below the video, which he published on March 1. 2017. 

Germany’s migrant rape crisis. January 2017


Tunisians filmed gang raping Swedish woman. “They see it as something normal”


Sweden: 3 migrants arrested for live streaming a gang rape


Sweden: Migrant gets two months in prison for raping a 13 year-old girl


Austria: Family of nine Iraqis on trial for gang rape


One weekend in Germany. Two gang rapes by “southern types”


Belgium: Muslim gang rapists laugh in court


Afghan gang rapist gets to stay in Sweden


Afghan rapists claim they didn’t know rape was illegal


Sweden’s “feminist” government criticised for wearing headscarves in Iran


Anne Marie Waters, a real feminist


Half of German women feel unsafe in their own neighbourhood


Nearly half of Sweden’s women afraid to go out after dark


Migrants raped woman in wheelchair. Swedes have had enough.


Feminists and leftists respond to gang rape of woman in wheelchair with demonstration against racism


Female mayor of Cologne offers “code of conduct” to women assaulted and raped by Muslim migrants


Migrant rape fears across Europe. Women told not to go out at night alone


German minister: Critics of migrant rape are as bad as the rapists


Swedish woman raped for hours by migrant “children”


The truth about the “children” swarming into Sweden


Finland: Most “refugee children” are adults


Mass sexual assault in Sweden covered up by the media.


480,000 sex crimes against women in Sweden in one year. Nobody knows why. Complete mystery


Woman raped twice in an hour by different men. Police refuse to give a description.


1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped


You can download audio versions of all of Pat Condell's videos at


Well, I am not too optimistic about the vote of these feminists, "women against Trump" in Berlin:

This ^^^ video was published on on the 22. January 2017, on the  Blog "Face of a Dying Nation" who commented:

This clip from a "women's march" against Trump in Berlin shows feminists chanting and singing "Allahu Akbar" and "Pussy grabs back". They also held signs demanding an "end to white supremacy" and that "Donald Trump is not [their] president".
The protest was likely organized by a subsidiary of George Soros' Open Society foundation. These types of protesters in Germany, who call themselves "anti-fascists", receive hourly wages to wreak havoc and protest for globalist agendas. Indoctrinated college students follow whatever they are directed towards, hence feminism in Germany apparently now means chanting "Allahu Akbar" and makes young German girls cry tears of joy.

Usually I don't comment too much on the stories, but the irony of demanding Islam to replace "white supremacy" and praising Allah as a so-called "feminist" is just too good. They are also absolutely correct to assume that Donald Trump is not their president, since probably none of them are U.S. citizens.

Postcard from the Paris Metro

Here is a genuine snapshot of daily life in Paris, 2017: no Eiffel Tower, no soft lens, just a normal carriage in a normal Paris Metro. This one runs on Line 13. 

The photo below, judging by the fashion the commuters are wearing,  was taken some time ago. 

But I remember much more recent times, when I still took the Metro - (a method of public transport I avoid these days).  While the dress code was  not necessarily Beret, moustache and baguette under the arm,  the  "visuals" were very different.....more - dare I say it - ..... French. I liked it better then, much much better, and I felt much much safer. 

I do not believe that everyone, by just stepping onto the soil of France becomes French, nor do I hold it with the execrable Angela Merkel who, judging  by her words and acts seems to deeply loathe  traditional Germans,  has recently declared  that her Merkel-Muslims, once they have reached the by now  border less country of Goethe, Schiller and Heine, are "more German" than the natives. 

Not so long ago I came across yet another demonstration in Paris, the parole of that one was :  "Francais - dehors l'Afrique" (France get out of Africa).....under my breath I whispered as loud as I dared: "Afrique - dehors de la France" (Africa, get out of France) !