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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Marine LePen loves the French Flag, Merkel loathes the German one

Et voilà:

Marine LePen, the next President of France ?

Yes, please ! 

I have not seen  Christine Tasin from Résistance Républicaine (one of the most courageous French patriots I know)  so happy and hopeful in a long while, as she was in the wake of this Rally held on 26 March in  Lille.  Seeing the huge success of this rally it is satisfyingly ironic that  the Mayor of this Northern city is Martine Aubry of the regressive  Left,  who is also the leader of the French Socialist Party. She became (in)famous for introducing special hours at the Municipal Swimming pools, exclusively reserved for Muslim Women.

Christine Tasin writes that from the very first seconds of this rally, they were "transported" - goosebumps all over at the refrain "Marine President" - French Flags flying - Marine's tribute to the country of coal miners and to the  Poilus who have left their lives there ... She calls it "magic": 

Dès les premières secondes, on est transporté, on frémit, la chair de poule s’installe sur tout notre corps, le refrain « Marine présidente », les drapeaux français qui s’agitent, l’hommage de Marine aux terres des Mineurs, aux poilus qui y ont laissé leur vie…  C’est magique.

But it is especially what Marine LePen said about the French Flag which moved Christine Tasin: 

«...Nous avons ramassé le drapeau qui était dans le caniveau » « Nous allons en faire l’étendard de la liberté, de la grandeur et du renouveau de la France... »

What a difference between these to leaders!  Can anyone who saw it  forget the obvious disgust and contempt with which Angela Merkel treated the German Flag after yet another Election Victory? (  pssst: I have as much contempt for this German Führer, as she has for the German Flag and the German people. )

Lets end this post on a high note: The inspiring closing minutes of Marine LePen's Lille Rally, which bring with them their own music: 


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