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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

"Last Night in Sweden..."

Text under photo reads: "We firmly believe that we, as is the norm in society, also have the greatest responsibility to fight injustice".

" ^  What the hell is THAT  ^ ?! " 

...you may well ask. Well these are alleged "men" from the Swedish Construction Workers Workers Union, indulging in their sexual fantasies by wearing "pussy hats" during the recent International "Women's Day". 

I found it on the excellent Gates of Vienna where The Baron wrote:

"Donald Trump doesn’t have to make Sweden into a laughingstock; the Swedes are quite capable of doing it themselves. The brief article below concerns the board of the Construction Workers’ Union and the wearing of pussy hats, the latest mandatory item of apparel for all self-respecting Progressives...."

Tania Groth translated the article from the Dissidenter.com:

Construction Workers’ Union
buys pussy hats with membership’s money

The Construction Workers’ Union really did it today. On International Women’s Day every union member will see their members of the board in “pussy hats”. Pussy hats became a trend during protests against Donald Trump in connection with the Soros-funded “Women’s March”, where known Islamists fooled the participants into taking part of a protest that was more about Islam than women’s rights.

The Construction Workers’ Union is therefore next on the list to make fools of themselves. On their Face book page all board members will be wearing a pussy hat. Take a close look, dear reader, notice that in the picture of the board, there is not a single woman as far as the eye can see.

As we have a feminist government where there is a decision on quotas for women on boards of government agencies, based on gender and not competence, it seems obvious that the Construction Workers’ Union are wearing pussy hats instead of maintaining the required gender quota of 50% of women in their union.

We have been in contact with the union, but they choose to keep a lid on it concerning the pussy hats. Our questions about how much of the member’s money has gone into the purchasing of the pussy hats and why they completely lack female representation on their board went unanswered.

This postcard from Sweden - H/T Vlad Tepes -  might explain quite a bit:  

I never liked Ikea or Volvo, but I have a weak spot for ABBA...

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