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Saturday, 25 March 2017

The French Devolution

This publicity blurb shows you the inauguration on 20. 2. 2014 of a new French Hospital in Marseilles, France. Watching even only part of it, you  can see the  typical French chic and know-how without needing me to translate the usual clichés emitted by the "officials". I show you this first video to demonstrate the difference between Show Business and Reality, which you can see in the second video. 

The very same  hospital some  2  years later 

I found this video via twitter and don't know the person who recorded it, nor the exact date when it was taken, possibly in May 2016. So, this is speculation:  The content of the (supposed) dialogue makes me suspect that the French Lady is only pretending to speak with someone, in order to record the reality of present day France on her mobile. It looks to me like a discrete method of hidden camera. Something in her voice sounds to me like the fear of someone who feels like a stranger in her own country. 

Wondering: was  the first video clip a deliberately islamic-dress-free mise en scène, or did this devolution happen within just  2 years ? 

Personally, I have not been to Marseilles in many years, but I am told this picture below shows a quite typical present time street scape in this once great French city. 

A street scene in Marseilles France 2017

Quick, lets go  back to Show Business!


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