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Saturday, 11 March 2017

What they do to animals in Mecca

I found this short article by Jean Ducluzeau on 
Résistance Républicaine, (see my translation below)


On peut difficilement imaginer pire cruauté… Il s’agit du sacrifice exécuté lors du pèlerinage annuel de La Mecque, où chaque pèlerin paie un égorgeur à sa place (ce prix est compris dans le forfait au départ avec le billet d’avion et le séjour). Ce sacrifice est obligatoire pour tout musulman qui fait le haj. Ces Saoudiens sont de purs sauvages et l’islam une abomination !



Sensitive hearts please abstain: video of the sacriifice performed during the annual pilgrimage of Mecca

It is difficult to imagine a worse cruelty ... This is the sacrifice performed during the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, where each pilgrim pays a slaughterer in his place (the price is included in the package at the departure together with the air ticket and the stay). This sacrifice is obligatory for any Muslim who makes the 'haj'.These Saudis are pure savages and Islam is an abomination!

As bad as the quality of this ^^^ video is, I could not watch more than 30 seconds of this inhumanity  and seriously warn sensible viewers.

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